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In case you are wondering what is actually online dating or mail-order bride service, this is the place to find it out. Let us try and find out all about them.

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Difference between general online dating and mail-order brides services

Dating online is simple and suits many people, yet the final goals may differ. If you want casual interaction with no serious intentions like the wedding, then general online dating is your best choice.

General dating is all about simple things: you can message or call foreign girls, flirt, get to know each other better, and that is it. There is no serious purpose behind this communication, it is just a nice chance to have a girl overseas. Online dating sites serve well in this case: there you can find women from any country and any continent. You can make your relationship really exotic!

If you want something more promising, then you can turn to mail order bride services. These are the platforms where women for marriage register their accounts and look for potential husbands. Mail order brides are a wonderful opportunity to choose a lady who will suit you best as a life partner! The services help men and women make the perfect match and get together. Some of the mail of the mail order bride sites even offer assistance with visas and romance tours – real-life meetings!

The meaning of the term mail order bride

What is Mail Order Brides
What is mail order brides mean? – infographic by

The term mail order wife or bride essentially means a woman who gets herself enlisted with a website in order to find the perfect husband. She is looking for a partner who shares common interests and outlook, and her search is mainly focused on countries outside her own. She posts her pictures, her personal data, and her contact details on such websites.

Today society has changed. More and more people are not afraid of any borders or distance in their way of finding love, no matter where they live or which language they speak. That’s why mail order bride services are so popular today. Unfortunately, a lot of people have a wrong idea of what is mail order brides really. Different single ladies who want to become mail order brides, add their profiles in different catalogs which help to introduce men and women to each other and find the perfect match faster for the purpose of dating or even marriage.

Mail order bride is often associated with something outdated, but everything has changed. Nowadays, mail order bride sites are gaining their popularity, and a lot of people from different continents use them to find their true friend and loving partner for life. Mail order bride services and agencies open new opportunities for both women and men to find their love from other countries. And it would be foolish to neglect this opportunity. It’s not surprising that using such services to find a mail order bride takes some time and effort. But all this can definitely help you to create your own love story.

What type of women actually are mail order wives

We now take a look at who are the women who choose to become a mail order wife.

  • Women of all ages and social status, from single to divorced.
  • Women who wish to explore foreign lands with a new companion.
  • Women who are ready to adapt to a new culture.
  • Those who are looking for love and intimacy.
  • Women who are open to have their personals in public.
  • Those women who wish to live the Western country dream.
  • Women with past experience.

Why do mail order brides look for a man abroad?

Why do mail order brides look for a man abroad
Why do mail order brides look for a man abroad? – infographic by

The reasons are objective. First of all, the lack of men in their home countries and harsh conditions for living. These girls are ready to leave their home countries to stay near their partners. Moreover, a lot of women from different continents find Western men very attractive and use different dating services to find their perfect match. Girls from different parts of the world add their profiles to the catalog with the ads and photos of beautiful single women. This gives the opportunity for every man to connect with them and create serious relationships. Usually, this process goes in such steps: from the online introduction — acquaintance, correspondence, telephone conversations — to a personal meeting and marriage.

Finding a date from websites

As one goes through websites in search of love, we take a look at some of the advantages of online dating and mail-order brides websites.

Targeted search

The fact is that people find exactly what they have been looking for. It is so much easier when there is a website which takes into account all your choices and filters information accordingly. The results delivered are thus already fulfilling their choices. It becomes just a case of getting in touch with the women shortlisted and making a final decision.

Large number of options

It is easier and quicker when one goes through these websites. At the click of a mouse, people now have access to a very large number of possible options. Naturally, this leads to increased chances of success.

Convenient search

Online meetings with potential dates or brides and increased interaction with them lends a certain level of safety to the whole process of finalizing one’s preferred mate that is higher than usually on the online communication platforms. Once one gets to know someone reasonably well through chatting with them using the safety that the internet provides, one can choose to divulge more information and meeting them in person. That helps get the match going as well.

Cost effective

Most online websites that are in the business of dating and finding a woman are free for singles. This makes the website option a much cheaper one. There are some websites offering attractive packages as well, making it way cheaper than actually having to take out prospective matches individually.

Some facts about mail order bride ventures

Let us look at some facts related to the mail-order bride business.

Free versus paid

Most of these mail order brides websites provide free registration at no cost to the interested clients. Others may charge a small price for their services. However, over the years it has been found through various studies that it might be wiser to opt for a paid membership rather than go in for absolutely free sites. This is due to the hassles that online dating comes within the form of scammers and data thefts. After all, you are putting a large amount of your very personal data out there. It is essential that these as well as your financial data are protected from hackers and scammers.

Top countries dominating this trend

Russia is the topmost country if you are looking at mail order brides. It is followed closely by Thailand, China, Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, and Japan. Most people prefer to search for their future partners from a top country such as those mentioned.

To sum it up

If all of the singles were still using the tried and true methods of dating, all of them would be wasting a lot of time. However, with the help of modern dating, you can gain many advantages and, above all, save a lot of time. There are a lot of myths when it comes to what is mail order bride or different services and sites for international matchmaking. It is not as easy as it seems to be, but for many single people, it is the perfect way to find their love. So do not miss your chance and find your perfect match online today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Dating and Mail-Order Brides

Why is general online dating better than real dating?

Some may argue, but online dating has serious advantages over real dating. First, you don’t have to waste time or money on the women you don’t like! You have the perfect chance to know a lot about a girl by simply checking her profile. Second, you are not limited to your neighborhood, or city, or even country – your girlfriend may come from any part of the world. Third, it significantly changes your perception of a relationship all in all.

Who can I find on general online dating sites?

General online dating does not set any limits for its users. Hence, anybody who wants to chat online and find a friend, a soulmate, or a dating partner, can use general online dating. Women and men from all over the world connect online and run long-distance relationships.

In which case should I choose general online dating over mail order bride dating?

Generally, online dating suits absolutely anyone. Even if you don’t have an intention to marry right from the start, you never know how it may end up for you. Anyway, general online dating is a nice chance to get to know many people and spend some quality time online. What’s more, it is a lot cheaper and easier than mail order bride or real-life dating.

What is a mail order bride?

A mail-order bride is typically a young, attractive woman from European states, Central and Latin America, or South-East Asia. She is ambitious and smart, she wants to experience great things in life, but most of all, she wants to find a successful, loyal, and generous partner. These women resort to turning into mail order brides simply because they cannot find suitable husbands in their home countries. Check out our detailed guide to who mail order brides are and what compels them to look for foreign husbands.

Mail order brides – are they real?

Absolutely! These days, the term “mail order brides” refers to women who made an informed decision to search for a husband from overseas on international dating sites. These women usually have at least some negative romantic experience with local men and now they are aiming for better things in life. To find out more about the nature of mail order brides, check out our guide on whether mail order brides are legal on our blog.
Lots of men wonder if it is real to find a spouse online. In fact, mail order bride sites are services for international matchmaking. There are thousands of happy love stories and users that found their partners online. Dating services just make it easier to connect people from different continents, help them to meet and even marry.

How does a mail order bride work?

When a woman decides to try her luck as a mail-order bride, she signs up for an international dating site or goes to a local marriage agency and applies to become a mail-order bride. Then they post their profiles online and contact male members of the site they find interesting or wait for those men to contact them first.

What is the best country for mail order brides?

There can be no universal answer to this question simply because we all have different tastes in appearance and personality traits of our potential life partners. However, we can tell you that the 10 most popular mail order bride destinations are the Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, China, Brazil, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and India. Find out more about the peculiarities of mail order brides from different countries from our guide.

Why are mail order brides’ photos so pretty?

Women understand that the first impression foreign men get about a woman depends on the photos in their ad in the pretty women catalog. If the photo is of low quality, it’s often a reason why men do not write or contact the lady. If a girl is serious, she will go to the professional photographer and will spend some time and effort and take professional photos to show her best side. Later, the woman can send you her amateur photographs made by her friends. The agency usually recommends that mail order brides go to the photographer who takes perfect photos.

Can you really order a bride?

The important thing to understand here is that “mail order brides” is simply an outdated expression that stuck around but has completely changed its meaning. There is no opportunity to buy modern mail order brides and you will need to go through all the usual relationship stages if you want to build a family with a lady from overseas. Find out how to find yourself a mail order bride from our blog.

What are the best mail order brides sites?

Ultimately, the answer to this question really depends on your expectations from the site, your budget, and who exactly you want to see as your future mail order bride. Over the years, we have tried and tested numerous mail order brides sites and eventually concluded that Kiss Russian Beauty, Date Asian Woman, UkraineBride4you, LatamDate are most likely to fit the needs of our readers. Check out our rating of the most reputable and popular mail order brides sites to pick the one that fits your needs.

How much do I need to spend to get mail order brides?

On average, getting a mail order bride will cost you between $5.000 to $20.000, and it’s a reasonable price because it covers using dating websites, interpretation, visas, plane tickets, and the wedding celebration.
Read more about mail order brides’ pricing

How to become a mail order bride?

If you are a young woman who has chosen the path of a mail order bride, first you need to decide whether you want to sign up with an agency or will do your search for your perfect husband on your own. Then you will need to create and fill out your dating site personal profile, include several attractive photos, and use the site’s various features to make your search and communication more efficient. Here is a complete guide on how to become a mail order bride we have prepared specifically for our female readers.