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In case you are wondering who a mail order bride could actually be, this is the place to be. Let us try and find out all about them.

The meaning of the term mail order bride

mail order bride


The term mail order wife or bride essentially means a woman who gets herself enlisted with a website in order to find the perfect husband. She is looking for a partner who shares common interests and outlook, and her search is mainly focused on countries outside her own. She posts her pictures, her personal data, and her contact details on such websites.

What type of women actually are mail order wives

We now take a look at who are the women who choose to become a mail order wife.

  • Women of all ages and social status, from single to divorced.
  • Women who wish to explore foreign lands with a new companion.
  • Women who are ready to adapt to a new culture.
  • Those who are looking for love and intimacy.
  • Women who are open to have their personals in public.
  • Those women who wish to live the Western country dream.
  • Women with past experience.

Finding a mail order bride from websites

As one goes through websites in search of a suitable mail-order wife, we take a look at some of the advantages of such websites.

Targeted search

The fact is that people find exactly what they have been looking for. It is so much easier when there is a website which takes into account all your choices and filters information accordingly. The results delivered are thus already fulfilling their choices. It becomes just a case of getting in touch with the mail order brides shortlisted and making a final decision.

Large number of options

It is easier and quicker when one goes through these websites. At the click of a mouse, people now have access to a very large number of possible options. Naturally, this leads to increased chances of success.

Safe search

Online meetings with potential brides and increased interaction with them lends a certain safety to the whole process of finalizing one’s preferred mate. Once one gets to know someone reasonably well through chatting with them using the safety that the internet provides, one can choose to divulge more information and meeting them in person. That helps get the match going as well.

Cost effective

Most online websites that are in the business of dating and finding a mail order wife are free for singles. This makes the website option a much cheaper one. There are some websites offering attractive packages as well, making it way cheaper than actually having to take out prospective brides individually.

Some facts about mail order bride ventures

Let us look at some facts related to the mail-order bride business.

Free versus paid

Most of these websites provide free registration at no cost to the interested clients. Others may charge a small price for their services. However, over the years it has been found through various studies that it might be wiser to opt for a paid membership rather than go in for absolutely free sites. This is due to the hassles that online dating comes within the form of scammers and data thefts. After all, you are putting a large amount of your very personal data out there. It is essential that these as well as your financial data are protected from hackers and scammers.

Top countries dominating this trend

Russia is the topmost country if you are looking at mail order brides. It is followed closely by Thailand, China, Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, and Japan. Most people prefer to search for their future partners from a top country such as those mentioned.

To sum it up

This is a comprehensive coverage of who a mail order wife is and what she brings into a relationship. With website reviews and all of this information, you are now all set to find the partner of your dreams.

Last Updated: December 2019

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