Pakistani Mail Order Brides: Where And How To Date Them

 Pakistani Mail Order Brides: Where And How To Date Them

Does Pakistan come to your mind first when you think of mail order brides? We doubt it. This country, unfortunately, rarely comes to mind first when we think about South Asian brides — there are many countries in this region and they have millions of beautiful young girls who are searching for a foreign man. But does it mean that Pakistan is not worth your attention if you are looking for a bride? Of course, it doesn’t — there are thousands of extremely hot Pakistani women who see nothing wrong with dating and even marrying a foreign man.

Why are mail order brides websites the best place to find a Pakistani bride?

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Dating sites are the best place to find Pakistani women for marriage because… It is actually the only place where you can find them, except for Pakistan, of course. You see, when you want to date women in the United States, for example, you sign up for Tinder or another similar app, swipe right numerous times, get swiped right too, and start the conversation. Or you can approach the girl on a street if you’re really good at it, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that they do not use Tinder in Pakistan and it’s almost impossible to pick a girl up on the street in this country. Pakistan is a very traditional, patriarchal, and conservative state, which makes it impossible for a foreigner to pick up the girls either online or offline.

Luckily, there are lots of Pakistan mail order bride platforms where you can find a lot of cool girls. These platforms are full of single who are ready to date a foreign guy (however, “date” is probably not the right word here, they are more focused on serious relationships).

What’s even more interesting, these websites do usually offer a lot of cool features, like a video chat. The only problem here is that all these platforms are usually fee-based. There are many overseas brides free websites, yeah, but they usually don’t offer anything except live chat and emails, so if you want to use premium features, you’ll have to pay for them.

Pakistani brides for marriage: Dating rules

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If you think that dating a Pakistani woman is like dating a woman from a Western country, you are wrong — girls from Pakistan are different, and they were raised in a different cultural and religious background. This country has a different dating etiquette, so you will have to note the following rules to make everything right!

  1. Be respectful and polite (and don’t swear). The thing is, most of these women hate it when a man is rude and angry, so you will earn some brownie points if you use polite language with your Pakistan bride.
  2. Her family is extremely important for her, and you’ll have to respect that. All those beautiful brides of Pakistan have one thing in common: for all of them, the family is the highest priority.
  3. Don’t turn your date into an interview and don’t ask too many personal questions. That’s what you have to remember: you shouldn’t ask too many personal questions on the date, especially if it’s your very first date — because if you don’t know each other well, she might feel offended. It can work in the United States, but it will never work out in Pakistan.
  4. Maintain a physical distance (and no PDA, please). More than 95% of Pakistani women are Muslim, so you should forget about hugs and kisses, especially on the first dates. Public displays of affection are forbidden in this country.
  5. Don’t tell her that you had a lot of girlfriends, even if you have really had a lot of them. That’s not a Pakistan thing only — but if a Western girl might be only a little offended if you tell her that you’ve had many girlfriends, it will definitely be a red flag for a Pakistani mail order bride.
  6. Don’t think you can buy a Pakistani bride. Getting her gifts or covering any date-related costs doesn’t mean you own your woman. She dates you because she likes you (if you are not dating a pretty scammer, of course), and you should treat her – your foreign bride – like any other girl you’d date in your country.

What problems should you expect when dating a Pakistani bride?

  • Her father will probably be very skeptical of you. Pakistan mail order brides usually have very strict fathers (imagine an American strict father and multiply his emotions and attention to your relationship by 5 and you’ll get it). So, you will have to make her dad like you, which can be (and will be) quite difficult.
  • The language barrier is a huge problem. Not all Pakistani brides speak English, and not all of those who speak English are really fluent. However, the situation with English is much better in Pakistan than in some other Asian countries.
  • Casual relationships are not an option in this country. It’s “marriage, not dating” here, and no other options are available.
  • Most of these women are very religious. If you are a Muslim yourself, you will have no problems with it, but if you are a Christian or an atheist, you’ll probably have problems with this. However, it doesn’t prevent Pakistani girls from online dating and meeting foreign men to start serious relationships with them.