Dating Taiwanese Women: Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know

 Dating Taiwanese Women: Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know

When you think about Asian brides, Taiwan is hardly the first country that pops up, and it’s not surprising. By Asian standards, Taiwan is a small country, which means the overall number of Taiwanese mail order wives is not as big as the number of, for example, Chinese or Thai brides. Still, the women of Taiwan have a lot to offer to the man who makes one of them his wife. Here is what you can expect from your relationship with a Taiwanese woman.

Interesting facts about the women from Taiwan

Taiwanese girls have many reasons for standing out among their other Asian counterparts, but these three facts make them particularly interesting to Western men:

  • The women in Taiwan know a great deal of English. That is why you shouldn’t expect any significant language barrier and your communication with your date will be much easier than you thought.
  • Ladies from Taiwan are fond of a healthy lifestyle. They closely watch what they eat and prefer to do at least a couple of minutes of exercise every day. If you want to build a relationship with a local woman, you will also need to adopt her healthy way of living.
  • Compared to many other Asian nations, Taiwanese women have it easier. Taiwanese laws give women equal rights, and women in Taiwan can achieve the same career highs as men. As a result, the women of Taiwan are self-sufficient and independent.

Why are Taiwanese girls so popular among men?

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The best Taiwanese brides who sign up for international dating sites never stay single for a long time, so the popularity of Taiwanese ladies for marriage is not up for debate. It means there must be something about these women that makes men want to get a Taiwanese girlfriend fast. Here are the three qualities that makes Taiwanese singles so attractive to foreign men.

They have a delicate beauty

When you look at Taiwanese women, you are instantly reminded of the classic Asian standard of beauty. These women have delicate facial features, fair skin, and silky long, dark hair. Most Taiwanese girls have petite frames and fit bodies, which they achieve through their healthy diet habits and love for physical activity.

They are loyal and supportive

To a Taiwanese wife, marriage is not primarily about material things or even passion, which can both change over the course of a marriage.

To them, being married means always offering their loyalty and support to their husband. A Taiwanese spouse will stand by your side at every major step of the way.

They know their way around the kitchen

Taiwanese spouses are not your typical Asian brides who will assume every single house duty and never ask for your help. Taiwanese women prefer sharing chores with their partners, but the one duty they will never give up is cooking. Living with a woman from Taiwan means never wanting to order takeout or eating frozen dinners again.

What do Taiwanese women think about marriage and family?

Like most Asian brides, the women of Taiwan consider family to be their top priority. They are in no rush to get married, as they dedicate their late teens and early twenties to education and starting their career. However, by the time they reach 22-25 years of age, they are fully ready to get married. For a Taiwanese woman, a family can only be considered to be complete when there is at least one child.

At the same time, the girls from Taiwan are not ready to have more than two or three children. Many of them grew up in households with multiple children, and while they know how happy a home with lots of children can be, they also realize the strain it can have on the family’s resources. So it’s safe to say that the brides of Taiwan will always put the family on top of their priority list, but they also keep a rather practical attitude to it.

How to know if a Taiwanese woman is right for you?

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The choice of Asian mail order brides these days is so big that it’s not uncommon for men to get lost in their variety. If you want your future life partner and wife to:

  • Always look her best in any situation;
  • Be more independent than most Asian brides;
  • Be able to contribute to the family budget;
  • Always put her family first;
  • Support you no matter what you’re going through;

then you can definitely find happiness with a Taiwanese bride. You just need to be extra careful in your search to make sure the woman you find matches your expectations from your future partner.

What are the women from Taiwan looking for in men?

One of the greatest things about Taiwanese women for marriage is that they are not highly selective when looking for a future husband and listen to their heart rather than their mind. However, there are a few mandatory traits a man needs to have if he wants to charm a Taiwanese beauty. These are the 5 qualities Taiwanese girls are looking for in their dream men:

  • Ability to provide for the family;
  • Being able to express one’s feelings;
  • Willingness to share some of the house chores;
  • Love and lots of patience for children;
  • Loyalty and faithfulness.

Dating Taiwanese women: 3 most important rules

When you are in a relationship with a Taiwanese mail order bride, here is how to make your romance truly sparkle.

Make an effort to look presentable

Your Taiwanese girl will always invest a lot of time and effort into looking her best for you, so the least you can do is wearing neat and somewhat trendy clothes, and paying special attention to your hair and smell.

Ask a lot of questions

Taiwanese brides are great listeners and will always remember every little detail you tell them about yourself, but they also want to see your genuine interest in their personality and experiences.

Discuss your future together

Once you get past a certain stage in a relationship with your Taiwanese bride, it is time to discuss the major things in life: your views on marriage, children, career, family budget, etc.

Possible problems in a relationship with a Taiwanese lady

Typically, a relationship with a Taiwanese single is as unproblematic as possible because of her ability to adapt to your expectations and habits. We are confident that together you will successfully go through every challenge that may arise. The only common problem in a relationship with a Taiwanese lady is your different cultural background, but even if you don’t have a lot of common ground in the beginning, you will definitely enjoy exploring each other’s cultural views and tastes.

Why do women from Taiwan want to marry foreign men?

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If you look at the ratio of women to men in Taiwan, you will see that women slightly outnumber the men in the country. However, the shortage of men in Taiwan is not significant enough to make local women look for dating and marriage partners overseas. Plus, Taiwan is not Asia’s most economically and socially troubled country, so it’s not like Taiwanese girls are marrying foreigners just to escape the hardships of life in Taiwan.

The biggest and often only reason why so many women in Taiwan choose to become mail order brides is that they are simply attracted to Western men and the Western way of living. They love the way Western guys look, talk, behave with women, and provide for their families. Taiwanese women rightfully believe they deserve all of that and more, and in return, they can promise eternal loyalty, support, and undying affection.

Can you really buy a Taiwanese mail order bride?

Absolutely not! The expression “mail order bride” is just a relic from the past century, when it was completely normal to pick a bride from a catalogue, pay someone a hefty price, and marry the woman without asking her whether she actually wants to do it. These days, women willingly become mail order brides, but it doesn’t mean they can be bought.

The only thing it means is that you can see all Taiwanese brides in one place, but if you want to marry one of them, you will need to work for it, just like in a real relationship.

The cost of finding a mail order bride in Taiwan

It’s impossible to calculate the ultimate cost of finding your Taiwanese lady for marriage simply because the experience can be different for every man and the cost depends on numerous factors: which dating site you choose, how long it takes you to find your future bride, how frequently you will visit each other prior to the wedding, and more. For most men, finding a Taiwanese mail order bride online costs from $2,000 to $20,000. The one thing we can say with certainty is that looking for your bride online is still more budget-friendly than going to Taiwan for an undetermined period of time and conducting your search there.


Without a doubt, the women of Taiwan make fantastic life partners, brides, and wives. However, they are only a small part of the big phenomenon known as foreign mail order brides. If you agree that the good-looking girls from Taiwan are perfect for dating but want to explore your other options, you can find international brides, learn about their best qualities, and find out how to meet the ideal bride for you on our site.