Turkish Mail Order Brides: How Can Western Non-Muslims Marry Them?

 Turkish Mail Order Brides: How Can Western Non-Muslims Marry Them?

Do mail order brides live in Muslim countries? Yes, they do, but they are not exactly foreign brides, at least in the generally accepted sense of this word. So, how to explain the phenomenon of Turkish wives who choose foreigners? Find the answers below!

All you should know about women for marriage in Turkey

If you want to understand a woman from a particular country, you need to understand how her society works. That’s why it’s so important to take a closer look at some traditions and features of Turkish society and the qualities of Turkish women.

Are Turkish brides as conservative as one can think?

In short, it depends on plenty of factors from family to the city. A lot of Turkish women living in Turkish cities became more “westernized”, in a good sense. No, they are not spoiled or as “open-minded” like some western girls, but they build careers, visit nightclubs, have a few drinks, and wear short skirts if they want to. Though they want to have kids, they usually become mothers after they turn 30.

However, there is also another type of Turkish brides. They are raised in conservative families, wear hijab, obey their husbands, and do everything a Muslim woman is “expected” to do. Conservative ladies mostly live in small towns and provinces.

Turkish homes are just perfect

Turkish women are super tidy and super hospitable. A man who marries one of the brides in Turkey will get the most beautiful, the coziest home ever, no matter if he wants this or not.

There is one thing that distinguishes these girls from women of many other ethnicities — they love cooking, they love cleaning and decorating their home, they are ready to do everything to make every guest feel great, and most importantly, they do it not because they have to, but because they want to.

Beauty of Turkish women

beauty turkish woman

There are very handsome men in Turkey, but what about women? Well, this country has much to offer. Despite the fact that you cannot see how beautiful women wearing hijabs really are, you’re likely to be impressed by the beauty of ladies you see in the streets of bigger cities. They do not hesitate to show faces and bodies, which, of course, are absolutely gorgeous.

By the way, even women who wear traditional clothes don’t forget about makeup and jewelry. Mothers in rural areas visit hammams (Turkish bath) to find Turkish wives for their sons. In the bath, they can not only talk with potential daughters-in-law but also see their bodies, and this is equally important criteria. This shows us that Turkey is not a place where beauty isn’t appreciated — these Muslim women care about looks almost as much as females in the western world.

Jealousy is a common thing for Turkish ladies

We shouldn’t talk only about good qualities, right? So, dating a Turkish girl for marriage is dating her and no one but her — otherwise, be ready for the consequences. Yes, these ladies are pretty jealous, so consider this before you start looking for a girlfriend in this country. No, it doesn’t mean that they are jealous without a reason, always, anywhere — it just means that you’d better not give rise to conflicts, for example, by staring at other women in public or saying how beautiful and kind your new female colleague is.

How can one meet a Turkish mail order bride?

Of course, you can’t buy a Turkish bride or arrange the marriage with her parents (unless you are a really rich Muslim looking for a bride in a far village). There are no catalogs with Turkish brides online or something like that. So, do you need to move to Turkey to meet these women? Not really. There are no catalogs with girls for sale, but there are reputable international sites that have the best foreign brides including the Turkish ones.

Please note that not all platforms are reputable and trusted, and that’s why we recommend following these simple tips:

  1. Spend some extra time and check the platforms carefully — this will allow you to avoid problems in the future.
  2. Check the prices carefully — on suspicious platforms, bills can surprise you.
  3. Take a close look at the women’s profiles. Make sure that they look real and sound real.
  4. Always read the most boring parts of the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.
  5. Make a conscious choice and consider that you are dating women online, not buying one of them.

Basically, these are the most important things you need to know to meet real Turkish ladies, so if you are really interested in this, why not get started?

Dating Turkish women for marriage: the most useful tips

sexy turkish girl

No matter if you are dating one of the hot Turkish ladies online or offline, you need to consider that Turkey has its own rules, and yes, you need to follow them too, if you need to make a good impression on a woman. What are they? Let’s see.

  • Show a Turkish lady you respect her. Yes, this is the most important thing. It may seem that women in Muslim countries don’t really need men’s respect, but if you think it’s true, it means that you’ve never been to Turkey before. These women are proud, confident, and they know what self-respect is. They just would not date a man who doesn’t show respect to them, of course, if we are talking about secular and not too conservative Turkey.
  • You can’t be too serious when it comes to a relationship with a Turkish girl. If you want her to be serious about you, you need to show her that you are serious about her. If you like her a lot, tell her. If you think she is the one, tell her. Otherwise, she’ll think that you want an affair and that you’re not worth time.
  • Flowers and gifts are appreciated. Spoiling a girl is an indispensable condition for marrying a Turkish woman. No, it doesn’t mean that all these women are “material girls in a material world” — it’s just a part of courtship in Turkey, a kind of tradition all men dreaming of Turkish wife should follow.
  • Make a good impression on her parents. You need to try as hard as you can to make a good impression on her parents. This is probably the most important stage in your relationship. The good news is in most cases, grooms don’t have to do anything extraordinary to meet their goal — being nice, knowing the most common things about the culture, and showing that you really like their daughter is usually enough.

There is nothing a man can’t do, right? Fortunately, Turkish is a secular country that is impacted by the trends of the modern world, so marrying a girl there is not as difficult as before.

Final thoughts about Turkish mail order wives

As you can see, there is no such term as “Turkish bride cost” — there is a term “cost of dating services.” There is no religious Muslim country called Turkey — there is a diverse, modern, and secular country Turkey where people in rural areas appreciate old traditions more and people in cities choose modernity and the newest trends. Women in this country are not only girls in hijabs but also girls in short skirts. This is the country of contrasts, where everyone can find something or someone he’ll really like. We definitely recommend you to visit this exotic country even if now you can do it online only — who knows, maybe something or someone special is waiting for you.