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Where to Find a Mail Order Wife?

With websites a dime a dozen and innumerable options thrown up on search engines, it might be confusing where one looks. Here is a guide.

Top mail-order bride websites

What do various the best sites look like that deal with mail order brides? Here we take a look at three such websites.

Victoria Hearts

Victoria Hearts website

Victoria Hearts website is very easy to navigate and is sectioned off very clearly. It offers a very wide range of choices in international dating. Added to that is the promise of complete safety and security on this website. Be it your personal information or your payment mode, they ensure encrypted operations for total safety. Many members have benefited from their site with successful relationships. They provide 24/7 back up and support. It is a technically sound website that is very responsive. Give it a try.

Love Swans

Love Swans website

Love Swans website provides a large number of options for single people out there looking for lasting relationships. The website has people registered with it across ages and nationalities, giving you a very large choice. The website is very concise and has links that provide a lot of information about the services. They promise to be very safe and secure when it comes to protecting personal information. In addition to providing contacts, they also promote relationships by arranging for gifts and flowers. You may order those with the website and it will be delivered to your chosen one. They have a robust refund policy too in certain cases at their discretion where it applies.

Asia Charm

Asia Charm review

Asia Charm website is very pleasing to the eye. In appearance and content it is very similar to the Victoria Hearts website. There is a large selection here as well of people who are single and want to get into a meaningful relationship. Registration on this site is free. There are lots of safety features built into the website to ensure safe and secure transactions. They take scamming and fraud very seriously and work 24/7 to ensure that everything goes well for their clients. You are sure to find the right partner of your choice here.

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How does one know which websites to visit?

Finding a compatible and beautiful partner is now easy thanks to dedicated websites that cater to the growing demand for mail order wives. These websites are multiple in numbers. Most of these are structured in a way that it is very easy to navigate and find one’s way through. There are many acclaimed websites for one to find a mail-order wife. One has to just type in the phrase ‘mail order brides’ into their search engine and voila, they will be presented with umpteen options to go through one by one. Usually, the ones that come up first are the most visited and most popular, and your search can begin in right earnest.

Word of mouth

In addition to a random search, one can also get recommendations from friends and family about particular websites that they might have benefited from or ones which provided better services. With so many websites offering similar services in this venture of finding mail order brides, it is but natural that there will be healthy competition amongst them, with each website trying to lure in potential clients with better deals and more attractive offers.

How do you go about your search after visiting a website?

Here is a step-by-step how-to find the best mail order bride website guide.

  • Register first
  • Fill in your details
  • Check out the safety and security policies.
  • Read the terms and conditions and refund policies.
  • Share photos and contact email ID.
  • Choose the specifications of mail order brides, by age, status, country, etc
  • You can proceed by order of top countries.

What are the costs involved in finding a mail order bride?

Let us find out what is the price involved.


Many of these websites are free for singles while other cost a certain amount for registration. The main cost is for online membership that can vary anywhere from 80-650 USD per month.

Dating and meeting

This cost is very relative and depends on where your bride is from, how much price her VISA fees entail, what kind of money you are willing to spend on dates, etc. It will vary from person to person but generally one is looking at 3500-7500 USD on this aspect.

Happy searching and happy beginnings

You now have all bases covered to help you find your perfect mail order bride. It is time you begin your search in right earnest and sure enough, with these guidelines as your reference points, you will find the one you were always looking for.

Last Updated: January 2020

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