Asian Women vs. American Women: How Many Differences Are There?

 Asian Women vs. American Women: How Many Differences Are There?

When talking about foreign women, many of us instantly imagine the beautiful and lovable Asian girls. Asian brides make some of the most popular wives for Western men, and there are many reasons why this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Most importantly, it happens due to the many stark differences between Asian and American girls, and here is your definitive guide to Asian women vs. American women.

Asian brides vs. American women: Starting with the basics

If you compare an Asian girl to an American lady, you will likely discover that the Asian woman has a different look, upbringing, and views on life. It’s a direct result of the differences in the culture of those two regions. In many Asian countries, culture has been forming for centuries, which influences every aspect of life there.

How they look

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American women are naturally beautiful, but many of them don’t consider beauty or attractiveness to be the most important things in life. They prefer comfort over style and will never wear something beautiful but constrictive over something more casual yet not as fancy. US girls can easily go out without any makeup at all and with a messy bun for a hairstyle. When it comes to the aging process, many American women avoid taking any drastic measures and instead allow nature to take its course.

Asian women are a different story not only in terms of their genetics but also their attitude to self-presentation. There are currently 48 countries in Asia and Asian women can look very diverse, although most of them do share a few features like almond-shaped eyes and petite figures. Asian girls invest a lot of time and effort into their looks, especially when their goal is to impress a guy. Women in Asia are also famous for their slow aging, and most of them are able to maintain their original looks and figures for a long time with the right diet and beauty procedures.

How they behave

When talking about the typical behavior of American women, we can safely say that they are like an open book. You can instantly tell what your American date is thinking or feeling by the tone of her voice, the things she says, or even her facial expressions.

An American single will never hesitate to explain why she is upset and how you can make it better. At the same time, women in the US are not particularly known for their jealousy and they give their men enough freedom.

As soon as you begin talking to an Asian lady, you will quickly realize she is perhaps the most demure and reserved woman you have ever met. Asian singles rarely say directly what’s on their minds, at least when they are first getting to know someone. It will take you a lot of understanding and communication skills to make your Asian date open up to you.

However, Asian women are rather jealous and will not be very happy when you are going out alone.

How they are raised


Americans generally have a modern and casual view of upbringing and allow their children to form their own opinions instead of teaching them dogmas. However, the family statistics in the US are not particularly optimistic: 23% of children are living in a single-parent household with only 38% of kids living with both parents. Plus, living with older family members is not very common in America, which means American girls don’t get as much valuable insight from their elders as they could. At the same time, it’s worth noting that education is highly valued in the US: around 88% of citizens graduate from high school, and 36% of women then earn at least one degree.

In Asia, family ties are everything, and the upbringing in the family influences every aspect of the personality of an Asian woman. Over 80% of children in Asia are raised in two-parent households, and over 40% of them live with extended family members. This allows Asian girls not only to develop strong connections to their family but also to want the same for their adult life. Unfortunately, the situation with education in Asia is not at all ideal: millions of children don’t have access even to primary education, and tertiary education is only available to around 25% of women.

How does it feel to date Asian singles and American women?

In the past century, Western culture has spread all over the world and influenced life even in the most remote corners of Asia. But did it actually change the dating culture in Asia or does dating an Asian woman still feel very different to an American man?

Attitude to relationships

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You probably won’t be too surprised to learn that the dating culture in America is rather casual. Women typically begin dating while still at school and have plenty of dating experience by the time they get married. The majority of American girls are also not opposed to premarital sex, and hookup culture is a big part of the dating scene in the US. When it comes to planning a date and then paying for it, American women prefer an equal approach. Meeting the parents is not a mandatory procedure for US adults and many guys only see their bride’s family for the first time at their own wedding.

In Asia, dating is viewed much more seriously. Outside of the biggest cities in Asia, women don’t date around as much and it’s not uncommon for a young Asian woman to have little to no former partners by the time she gets married. Hookups are looked down upon by Asian society, and most women only date with the prospect of getting married. Asian girls expect the man to pick up the check after each date, and they will insist on you meeting their parents after you’ve been together for a while.

Views on family life

For American girls, marriage is not the ultimate goal in life, and they prefer to get enough dating experience and establish a career before tying the knot.

On average, American women get married at the age of 27. At the same time, the average age of the first childbirth in the US is 28, which means American women don’t wait for too long before having kids after getting married. Overall, American girls are not too anxious to start a family, but they can easily change their minds once they meet the right person. As for the household duties, American women prefer an equal distribution, especially when they are also working full-time.

The average age of marriage and childbirth in Asia differs from country to country, but it’s safe to say that it has risen significantly since the 20th century, especially in major Asian cities. The average marriage age for women ranges from 22 in India to 30 in South Korea. Women also tend to have their first children later than their predecessors. For example, in China, women now go through their first childbirth at the age of 27. Traditionally, Asian women are expected to perform most of the household duties even if they work as much as men, and modern Asian brides typically conform to those expectations.

Final thoughts

After finding out more about the differences and similarities between American and Asian women, your choice of a life partner will hopefully be an easy one. If you want to learn more about the different types of Asian brides and make the ultimate decision, take a look at our other guides to Asian women for marriage!