European Girls vs. American Girls: How Different Are They?

 European Girls vs. American Girls: How Different Are They?

Most of us have a certain image of American girls and European girls in our heads, but we don’t usually think about their differences until we face the need to choose a woman to spend the rest of our lives with. Since you can easily communicate with women living thousands of miles away from you, you don’t need to limit yourself only to women from your own country. Europe continues to be one of the most popular destinations for single US men looking for brides, and here are the main features they share, as well as the biggest differences between European and American girls.

Why Western men want to date European women

Millions of US guys find happiness with American women every year, but there is a growing number of Western men who become enamored with European brides so much that they cannot be stopped by long distance, language barrier, or other factors. Here are just some of the things that make European women so attractive to US men:

  • European women are very diverse. There are 44 countries in Europe, and a woman in Eastern Europe can be very different from a typical Western European native.
  • European girls share the values of US men. With more American women looking for different things in life than US guys, European women become a better option.
  • European brides love American men. For several reasons, European women are undeniably attractive to US guys, which makes the task of charming a European bride much easier.

Similarities between American women and European singles

American Women vs european Women

The United States and Europe are probably the two closest parts of the world in terms of economics, social development, and other factors. That is why it’s not surprising that European and American women share more similarities than possibly any two other groups of women on the planet. Here are the three most noticeable similarities between American and European girls.

  • Self-confidence. Both US and European women know their self-worth and want to meet a man who matches their needs and expectations instead of settling for someone just for the sake of not being alone.
  • Ambitions. Women in the US and Europe want better things in life no matter how much or how little they have when growing up. They never stop dreaming and working towards achieving what they want.
  • Partnership. Unlike many other brides around the world, both American and European women are not looking for a man to depend on. Their ideal type of relationship is a partnership where both partners are equals in every aspect of dating.

European girls vs. American girls: The main differences

There are clearly some similarities between American and European women, but it’s also impossible to ignore the differences between those two amazing types of brides. These are the differences you will likely notice while getting to know US and European women better.


The first thing you notice about the appearance of American brides is that it is incredibly diverse and comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Women of every ethnicity are represented in the US and you can easily find your favorite features when looking at US girls on a dating site or meeting them in person. At the same time, American singles tend to be much more relaxed about their looks and prefer comfort over style, which is particularly apparent in the way US girls dress.

European singles are much more similar in their appearances. There may be some differences in the hair color or the tint of their skin, but overall, women from one European country won’t look too different from girls from another state.

Women in Europe also care about the way they look and love wearing well-fitting outfits to showcase not only their fashion sense but also their figures.


Even before you begin dating an American girl, you can already tell that she is open about her emotions and feelings. It means both good and bad things for your relationship. The bad thing about it is that your American woman will openly confront you every time she is unhappy about something.

On the plus side, US girls are not afraid to show their true selves and tell you how they feel about you.

Women in Europe are well-mannered and polite. They are not shy or too reserved, but they feel like demonstrating their true emotions is not always appropriate. If you are in a public location and you upset your European bride, she will wait until you are alone to discuss it. The good news is that European women have no problem with reaching out to the man they like and even inviting him on a date.


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For US women, romantic relationships are a significant part of their lives. Before an American girl is ready to commit to one man and get married, she typically has several serious partners and even more casual relationships or flings. US girls are also no strangers to premarital sex, and they don’t need a serious relationship to get intimate with the man they like.

European singles also tend to date before marriage and usually have at least one or two former partners by the time they meet their future husband. Sex before marriage is also fairly common among European girls, but they usually need to date for some time before they are ready to move on to this step. When it comes to meeting men, girls in Europe prefer the guys to reach out to them first and win them over.


Tertiary education is widely accessible in Europe, which is why millions of European women graduate from universities every year. Out of millions of European graduates, 54% are women. Overall, 45% of European women have at least one degree by the time they are 30.

It means that European brides are highly educated and have great career prospects, which, in turn, influences their financial situation and lack of dependence on men.

While higher education in the US is famously expensive, the number of US women earning degrees continues to grow every year. Over 36% of women in the US have completed at least 4 years in college. Still, that number is lower than the number of European women with a degree, and while US women have come a long way since the 20th century in terms of education, degrees among women in the US are still not as common.

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Only 51% of American women are married according to the 2019 statistics with a divorce rate of 2.9 per 1,000 women in the US. Marriage is now far from the only option for US girls — partnerships and living together without getting married are also very popular. Many US women are also not particularly eager to have lots of children with around 7% of ladies identifying as child-free and only 1.7 births per 1,000 women on average (Source).

In Europe, women view marriages and family more favorably. Over 55% of women over 20 in Europe are married, and an additional 15% of girls between 20 and 29 live in a consensual union. There are also fewer divorces: only 2 people per 1,000 European citizens are divorced. The birth rate in Europe is approximately 1.5 births per 1,000 women, but with fewer women who consider themselves to be child-free, it’s safe to assume that many European brides simply haven’t met a man to have children with yet.

Do European women like US men?

It’s much less common for European girls to actively seek US men: in most cases, marriages between European brides and American men happen after they meet at schools, work, or on vacations. There are also situations where they meet through mutual friends or when US men reach out to European women on dating sites, which is lately becoming the norm.

It’s worth noting that the decision to abandon their lives at home and move to the US doesn’t come easy to European girls. Sometimes they even prefer to have the American man come to live in their home country. However, when the attraction between a US man and a European bride is strong, she will have no problem with moving to the US permanently and establishing a new life with the man she loves.

Final thoughts

We can only offer you some arguments in the “European women vs. American women” debate, but we cannot make the choice for you — it all depends on the qualities you want to see in your potential bride and how far you are willing to go to meet the woman who fits your needs. If you want to find out more about European women for marriage or learn about the peculiarities of brides from different European countries, we have lots of resources for your research.