Latin Women vs. American Women: How To Choose Your Ideal Girlfriend

 Latin Women vs. American Women: How To Choose Your Ideal Girlfriend

Every year, the number of American men pursuing Latin brides for relationships and marriage continues to grow. Men are attracted to the passionate character, curious nature, and open attitude to the world of Latin women. But are those qualities truly exclusive to Latin brides and can you find the same qualities in American women? Find out from our ultimate comparison of Latin women vs. American women.

The main differences between American women and Latin singles

You don’t need to spend a lot of time with a Latin woman to realize she has numerous significant differences from women in your own country. The appearance, upbringing, and outlook of Latin brides are unlike anything you have seen before, and here is what you should know about them.


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American women are very diverse in their appearance. Not only is every ethnicity represented in the US with a major influence on the look of the women, but American girls are also no strangers to altering their appearance with hair dye, makeup, and a complete change of style. American singles feel very relaxed about their looks and while they may make an effort to look perfectly presentable for a date, they value comfort and time-efficiency over anything else.

Latin brides are instantly recognizable thanks to their striking appearance. They have dark, luscious hair, caramel-colored skin, and beautiful facial features that they make stand out even more with a masterful use of makeup. Latin women have bombshell bodies with curves in all the right places, and they are not afraid to show them. These girls are big believers in the “dress to impress” motto and you will hardly ever catch them in sweatpants and a stretched-out top.


American girls are mostly brought up in a casual atmosphere where they are free to express their feelings and emotions. Talking to an American woman feels like you have known her for ages.

At the same time, American girls can be very reserved, especially if they are around a man they could potentially choose for a serious relationship or marriage.

In that case, an American woman will prefer to slowly unleash various sides of her personality to keep things interesting for the man.

Women in Latin America are well-mannered and polite, but they are also much more open, direct, and spontaneous than a typical American woman. Latin girls are never shy or intimidated by the presence of the man they like. They are always the ones to suggest some fun activities and show you an unforgettable time. Latin brides are also used to public displays of affection and enjoy physical contact — a Latin woman can hug you, kiss you, or even jokingly hit you when she is feeling emotional.

Traditions and heritage

Women in America are proud of their culture, but they don’t make a very big deal out of it.

They enjoy it when a man wants to know more about their family or heritage, but they are also open to any new ideas and can change their opinions on things several times throughout their lives. A typical American bride won’t insist too hard on you getting to know her family right away or participate in her family traditions and get-togethers as a boyfriend.

In Latin America, the attitude to family and cultural heritage is much more serious. There are 33 different countries in Latin America, and Latin brides have a heightened sense of national identity — for example, confusing a Brazilian woman with a Mexican girl won’t do you any favors. Latin women are very close to their families, and not just their parents and siblings, but also the members of their extended family. You will get an opportunity to meet them all early in the relationship and will be instantly welcomed into the family. A Latin woman will proudly show you her roots, her family traditions, and her passions, such as music and dancing.

What is it like to date Latin girls and American women?


As a grown-up American man, you probably have plenty of experience in dating women from your own country. But it may actually not prove to be very useful when you are about to date one of the beautiful Latina singles. Here is how the attitudes to relationships and marriage differ in those two parts of the world.


American women view dating as a regular part of life. Starting from school, American girls change multiple partners before they eventually settle down and get married. They have a rather casual approach to relationships and don’t expect to be wooed — an American woman can easily ask you out if she likes you or suggests splitting the check after dinner. One-night stands and hookups are an integral part of American dating culture, but it doesn’t mean that every woman engages in this kind of activity.

For Latin women, dating is much more serious. They rarely date a man they cannot see themselves marrying in the future. Hookups and casual sex are out of the question, but premarital sex is acceptable in society as long as it happens in a long-term, exclusive relationship.

The important thing to know about Latin dating culture is that women there want men to impress them with dates and overall generosity.

It’s also worth noting that women in Latin America are rather possessive and cannot stand even the thought of their man being unfaithful, but at the same time, they are very affectionate and will call you all kinds of cute names when they are in love.

Starting a family


Marriage is not the main life goal for American girls, and many of them don’t get married until they turn 27. Some American women prefer to not get married at all and instead prefer to form civil partnerships, and even the birth of children does not change their minds. In the US, one woman has only 1.7 childbirths on average in her lifetime, and many girls prefer to take their time before having kids.

In Latin America, the attitude to marriage and family differs from country to country. In some countries, such as Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, women get married at 20 or 21 years old. At the same time in Jamaica and Chile, where marriage isn’t viewed as particularly important, women are typically 32-33 years old by the time they tie the knot. Latin women are also more active when it comes to childbirth and the current rage in the region is 2.03 births per woman.

Gender roles

The majority of American women work and tend to continue working after getting married. Since both people in the household are working, American women believe it’s perfectly fair to equally distribute the cooking and cleaning duties. Some American brides are willing to do even less and instead want to use help from outside sources such as hiring cleaners or eating takeaway.

To a Latin woman, her home is a source of pride, and she takes great joy in seeing the family home transform under her influence. A Latin bride will never hesitate to leave work if her family needs her, and these women don’t treat cooking and cleaning as annoying chores.

To them, it’s another way to demonstrate their love and care for the family. Latin women agree with traditional gender roles and won’t challenge your leading position in the household as long as you treat her with the respect she deserves.

Do Latin singles like American men?


There are millions of eligible bachelors in Central and South America, but many Latin girls are incredibly attracted to American guys and can easily see themselves being married to a man from the US. There are many qualities that make American men attractive to Latin women, and here are the three most important ones.

  • American men treat women better. Perhaps, the biggest difference between American and Latin men for Latin brides is their treatment of women. It’s not uncommon in Latin America to view women as inferior creatures who are only good for household duties and fulfilling the orders of their men. US men treat women with much more respect and without any violence.
  • American men are successful and ambitious. A grown-up American man understands that his own well-being, as well as the well-being of his wife and children, is solely his responsibility. Latin women see the ambitious, hard-working nature of American guys and it instantly makes them even more attractive for marriage.
  • American men appreciate the women in their lives. When an American man is in love with the woman and decides to marry her, he will never take her for granted. He will notice every little thing she does for him and his family and will express his gratitude every way that he can.

Final thoughts

Latin women have numerous attractive qualities, but so do American girls, which means your choice between American and Latin brides is not going to be an easy one. Find out more about the different types of Latin girls, American brides, and why you should go for one or the other from our detailed guides!