Russian Women vs. American Women: Are They Really Different?

 Russian Women vs. American Women: Are They Really Different?

The relationship between the US and the USSR at first and Russia since the early 1990s has been tumultuous at best. However, throughout all this time, American men have been very attracted to Russian girls to the point that Russian women are now among the most popular foreign women for US men to marry. Here are the main points in the eternal “Russian women vs. American women” debate.

Russian singles and American men: why do they like each other?

There are lots of reasons why US men want to see Russian women as their girlfriends and wives, but many guys are wondering: does it also work vice versa, and are Russian brides actually attracted to American men? The answer to this question is absolutely positive and Russian brides view US guys as great marriage material for several reasons: they are reliable, ambitious, loyal, successful, and treat women with respect.

So when you are planning to marry a Russian lady, you don’t need to doubt her intentions.

How are Russian women different from US women?

It’s not difficult to find a few similarities between Russian and American girls. However, there are significantly more differences between the two, and those differences are often deal-breakers for US men. Here are the main disparities between American and Russian brides.


American Women Russian Women

The key feature of the appearance of US women is diversity. Whichever skin color, hair color, body type, or makeup habits you are looking for in women, you can find it all in American singles. It’s also worth noting that American women value their comfort and will often choose casual, convenient clothes over something that highlights their beauty but is far less comfortable to wear. Some US women also follow the body positivity movement and feel very confident in their figures, no matter how imperfect they may be.

Russian women are not as diverse-looking, but they are renowned for their feminine and beautiful appearance. More importantly, Russian girls are perfectly aware of their strongest sides and the effect they have on men. They wear tight-fitting clothes and can spend hours in front of a mirror when preparing for a date.

Russian women still conform to the same beauty standards that they did decades ago and you will hardly find a Russian bride who is overweight and doesn’t seem to care.


American women are fun, sociable, and great to be around. At the same time, the feminist movement made US women resemble men in many situations, both in and out of the workplace. You can spend hours talking to an American girl, but there isn’t a lot of femininity about her. American women typically drink alcohol, can party all night long, and generally have no reservations about having as much fun as the men in their social circle.

Russian women are brought up in a completely different environment. Femininity and socially acceptable behavior are two of the biggest virtues a Russian girl can have. It’s simply not in their nature to drink like men, make crude jokes, or use foul language while talking to a man they like. You can safely take your Russian woman to any important event and fully expect her to impress everyone she meets.

Education and religious beliefs


Attitude towards education varies from one US family to another. Most American girls graduate from high school, but only 35% of them go on to graduate from colleges and universities. This happens due to a number of reasons, including a relatively high threshold for college applicants and high education costs for students who don’t qualify for any scholarships or other programs.

The situation with education in Russia is very different from the US and is one of the few good things to have come out of the USSR. First, secondary school education is not only mandatory for all children but is also known for its outstanding quality, so even women straight out of school are already highly educated. Moreover, tertiary education is widely available and often free for the best-performing students, which leads to 56% of the population having at least one degree.

Religion is an important part of life in Russia with Orthodox Christianity being the most common religion in the country.

However, the younger generation of women tends to be non-religious or consider themselves to be Christians but don’t follow any religious customs or form their opinions based on religion.

The religious makeup of the USA is slightly more diverse, but young American women tend to be less and less religious, just like their Russian counterparts.


American women have worked hard to win the right to participate in the labor force, and now they are often as ambitious and successful in the workplace as men. Today, over 57% of women work in various capacities, and this number is only expected to grow.

Back in the USSR, women worked hard and occupied prestigious positions. With time, however, Russian women gradually lost a lot of their career ambitions. These days, over 54% of Russian women work, but most of them merely treat it as a way to support themselves financially. When a Russian woman gets married and doesn’t necessarily have to work, she will likely use this opportunity to become a stay-at-home mother and wife.

Attitude to family life

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Only half of the American women are currently married, but a significant part of the remaining girls live in partnerships. The divorce rate in the US is 2.9 per 1,000 citizens, and there are 1.73 childbirths per 1,000 US women. On average, American women get married at the age of 27 (Source), which is slightly above average internationally.

Some of the family and children data in Russia doesn’t look too different: women there tend to get married when they are around 25 years old. Around 6.1 women per 1,000 citizens are married, but there is an alarmingly high divorce rate with 4 divorces per every 1,000 marriages. Childbirth rates are only slightly higher with 12.4 births per 1,000 Russian citizens.

Russian girls vs. American girls: What to expect while dating?

Dating culture in the US and Russia is probably one of the biggest social differences between the two countries. While you likely have substantial experience in dating local women, you need to be well-prepared for your dating experience with a Russian woman. Here is how dating a Russian woman is different from dating a US lady.

  • A Russian girl will never reach out to you first. Unlike an American girl, who has no problem with contacting the man she likes, a Russian lady may only give you signals with her eyes or body language instead of actually striking a conversation first.
  • Russian women expect you to take the lead. An American woman typically has some great date ideas that she is willing to share with you. Russian women, on the other hand, fully expect the man to arrange the date from start to finish.
  • On a date with a Russian girl, you need to cover all the costs. It probably goes without saying, but a Russian woman can actually be offended if you suggest splitting the check, whereas a US woman will often insist on going Dutch with the bill.
  • Russian women prefer to be wooed. When a Russian girl shows up to a date, she expects the man to take the active role while the woman simply enjoys herself and the compliments you give her. American girls take much more active participation in a date.
  • Don’t expect to be invited home by your Russian date. In Russia, hookup culture is still in its early stages and if the woman seriously considers you for a relationship or marriage, she will make you wait until becoming intimate. To many US girls, it’s not a big deal and they can easily invite home the man they like on the first date.

The bottom line

Russian women and American men make some of the happiest and well-balanced pairings, but there are lots of things you need to learn about Russian singles before you can confidently choose them over American brides. Find out more about Russian ladies and the best things about them on our site!