Belgian Mail Order Brides: All About Belgian Girls & Their Society

 Belgian Mail Order Brides: All About Belgian Girls & Their Society

First, let’s clarify one thing — in this country “mail order brides” are not Belgian girls for sale, not at all. They are just women who live in Belgium and marry guys from other countries. The number of girls who do it is pretty large. So, today, we’re going to talk about international marriages, Belgian society, qualities, dreams, and lifestyle of an average Belgian bride, and, of course, the way to meet one of them without visiting Brussels or another city in Belgium.

What is Belgian brides’ society like?

If you want to understand a woman, you should understand the society she lives in. So what about Belgian “mail order brides”? There are a few things you need to know about them.

Who’s in charge?

It’s a more complex question than it may seem. On the one hand, Belgians appreciate traditions, and a man is traditionally considered a breadwinner, the head of the family, but women in this country often take more responsibilities and more important decisions.

In general, it depends on spouses, but most ladies there adhere to traditional roles and attitudes.

Family of a Belgian girl

Belgian families are large and strong. Moreover, Belgians don’t even move far from their relatives, and even teens visit grandmothers and grandfathers voluntarily — family bonds are really close, and that’s normal. No wonder women from Belgium who move to other countries do their best to build such a family with their husbands in a new homeland.

Belgian children

For decades, the Belgian government encouraged families to have more children. The interesting fact is that every seventh son in a family became a king’s godson. In 1993, at the king’s funeral, there was no enough space for all the king’s godsons, and that’s why the ceremony was broadcasted on a huge screen in one of the central squares. Of course, today, people don’t have 10 children in Belgium, but still, having a few kids is considered completely normal. Belgian mothers raise calm, clever, and polite children. Parents don’t spoil kids in this country, and that’s actually the good news, too.

Belgium women & sex

There is nothing special to say about Belgians and sex — they are just okay with it. They’re definitely not Puritans. In general, sex is not something forbidden or not something widely discussed. Still, there is a better chance to meet a sexually active and open-minded woman in Belgium rather than in most Asian countries.

Middle class in Belgium

There is a simple class system in Belgium — there is only the middle class. This is not just the stratification, this is one of the core values of Belgian society. Of course, there are more or less wealthy families there, but due to democratic values and social mobility, Belgians do not care much about the hierarchy. By the way, this is one of the things that makes many foreigners start relationships with Belgian women for marriage. At least you know that your bride is with you not because you are rich and have high social status — it’s just contrary to her mindset.

Stereotypes about Belgium & Belgian women

sexy belgian girl

Of course, like any other nation, Belgians also hear things they don’t want to hear, and they’re mostly related to the national cuisine, languages, and weather. Let’s take a look at some of the most common stereotypes about Belgium — if you meet a woman from this country, this information will allow you not to feel awkward after saying something wrong about her homeland.

Men and women in Belgium are not so smart

This is the first and the most “dangerous” stereotype you should know about. It’s considered that men and women in this country are not so bright. However, this is just a myth, a stereotype that was spread by Belgians’ beloved neighbors, French and Dutch. Why do people, for example, in France, say that Belgians are not so smart?

Well, the thing is the language spoken in Belgium is not really the French language as it is. It is like an inferior version of French. The same can be said about Flemish. Thus, people from Belgium may sound not so smart to people in France and the Netherlands, but this is not about intelligence or education. After all, Belgium is one of the happiest and most successful European countries. How this could be reached by “not so bright” people?

Belgium and Belgians are boring

Another stereotype about the country and, in part, about its citizens is that the place, as well as people, are just boring. Of course, it’s not true. Belgium is friendly and safe, but this doesn’t mean there is no much to do there. Belgians, in turn, are very polite, calm and well-mannered, but they are also very active, open-minded, sociable, and tolerant. It is a good idea to make friends with a Belgian — you’ll get a friend who’ll listen to you and support you. And yes, you’ll also get a friend who knows how to have fun as at home as at the nightclub.

French fries and beer are the only options

The interesting fact is that one of the most annoying stereotypes is not about national qualities or something like that but about food. A lot of foreigners think that all Belgian women (as well as men) eat is french fries and waffles and all they drink is beer. Of course, it is not true, so all the fears about not too skinny Belgian wives are baseless (at least, in most cases.) Belgians produce more top-quality beverages than just beer, and their cuisine is much more diverse.

How can one meet a Belgian bride?

meet a Belgian bride

Of course, the most obvious answer is “In Belgium, in Brussels or another big city.” This might work, but you also need to consider that Belgium isn’t a Thailand, and you will hardly meet tons of girls who would be happy to date you just because you are a foreigner in a random bar. It means that you will need to come for a year or at least half to find someone and build a relationship with this woman. Still, even this depends on luck.

That is why most people choose the online dating industry. We mean, if you are looking for international brides, an international dating site is the best place to meet them, right? Women in Belgium use dating websites too, so if you choose the right platform, you’ll meet a lot of singles from this country easily.

However, it is not the simplest task. That’s why you’ll need these tips — follow them, and you’ll avoid the most common problems and unpleasant surprises.

  1. Choose the dating site really carefully. There are good sites, and there are scam platforms. Learn everything about a website to make a conscious choice.
  2. Consider the prices. Compare the offers and always look for hidden costs. The fair, reasonable pricing policy is one of the things that indicate a good platform.
  3. Use various tools to communicate. Texting, video chatting, exchanging messages and letters, as well as virtual and real gifts, all this is available on the best platforms.
  4. You can’t be too careful when you’re dating someone online. Don’t send money and share personal information with anyone — this might have bad consequences.
  5. Don’t act like you are a customer in the local store. Dating sites are not the catalogs, and you can’t just pick any girl. Treat women with respect, and remember that Belgian girls are not for sale, and dating Belgian ladies is like dating women in your city. They also expect you to be respectful.

Belgium is a wonderful country with millions of wonderful women. If you really want to meet one of them, and if you are ready to spend some time on choosing the site and building a relationship online, this way to settle down and get married can really work for you.