Greek Mail Order Brides: What Are They Like & Why Men Marry Them?

 Greek Mail Order Brides: What Are They Like & Why Men Marry Them?

A lot of people dream of visiting Greece — the unique country of gods, heroes, and sciences. This country seems to have it all — rich culture, beautiful nature, and, of course, good people who are happy to see you in their homeland, no matter where you are from. However, special attention should be paid to women in Greece. Are there Greek mail order brides among them? It is a more complicated question than you may think it is. Still, it doesn’t mean that we can’t answer it. So, let’s discuss this issue step by step.

What are Greek wives really like?

First, we’d like to emphasize that we fully recognize that describing any nation is a complex task or even a goal that can never be achieved. All we can say are just generalization, which, however, gives the understanding of who you can meet in Greece. We understand that all people are unique, and we don’t really like stereotypes. Moreover, we try to avoid them. Nevertheless, some things are true in most cases, and there are national qualities we just can ignore. So, what distinguishes an average Greek wife from a woman of any other ethnicity?

Greek brides are the best listeners ever

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There is a reason why Greek women are so popular abroad — they are the best listeners. It may seem a weird reason for marrying a Greek woman, but this is really important. It is always pleasant to know that someone is really attentive when you know that someone listens to you with all her body and soul. You always know if a Greek girl cares — women in this country don’t pretend that someone is important — honesty is one of their best qualities, too.

Are Latinos really the most sexual active people?

We don’t want to mention any stereotypes, and that’s why we’d like to provide some statistics. Durex has done its own research, and the results have shown that the rates of sexual activity in this country are higher than anywhere else in the world. Greek women and men are more sexually active than Brazilians, to be exact. A lot of these girls are quite kinky, in a good sense, of course, and this makes them much more attractive than, for example, most Asians that are still considered to be “too shy” (this is especially true for Japanese women.)

Who takes the lead?

Though people in Greece are pretty conservative, we mean, they appreciate traditions and traditional values, sometimes, local women take the lead.

Did you know that about 65% of all students in Greece are women? No wonder they occupy high positions in all the most important spheres from the judiciary to government. By the way, the ratio of men and women is not equal: there are about 55% women and just 45% men, and considering the facts about education, no wonder Greek brides often look for a husband in another country.

Is it a social norm to be emotional?

Greek girls are very honest and real, they cannot hide their emotions, and frankly, they don’t try hard to do it. That’s why so many tourists often say that Greeks are very emotional. However, though some of them are passionate and even a bit short-tempered, this doesn’t mean that these ladies are not polite or that they have bad manners, not at all. A Greek girlfriend won’t make you be ashamed of her — she knows when emotions are appropriate. But her laughter will be hearty, and her smile will be just irresistible. Of course, if she is unhappy with things you do or say, she will let you know, too.

Traditions and family in Greece are more than just important

The interesting fact that mothers are leaders, authorities in Greek families. If we say they are respected, it’ll be an understatement. Old traditions are respected, and ladies are treated like wise and beautiful goddesses, and not as servants or cooks. Sons in Greece visit their moms regularly, no matter if they are 20 or 50. Moms, however, are so respected not only because they are women — they really deserve this. Children in Greece are surrounded by love and care, but they are not spoiled or overly controlled by their parents.

Why do Greek mail order wives move to get married?

In fact, this is a complex question, too. In short, it has nothing to do with the crisis or anything like that. It seems that Greek wives find foreign husbands for plenty of reasons, often just because they are curious and adventurous. Some explain that they are tired of jealousy — it is completely normal for a Greek man to stare at a hot woman even if his girlfriend is right next to him. Some say that they want to escape from memories about the previous marriage/relationship, and some just believe that they can find a better match in the US or another western country. In other words, they have nothing to do with the stereotypical image of mail order bride who gets married to a man to get a better, a more financially stable life.

How to marry a Greek woman?

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As you probably guessed, we are trying to say that you cannot find a Greek mail order wife online in some catalog and order her. The system doesn’t work like that. So, is there another way to meet a Greek girl? Of course, there is, and you need to consider a few significant aspects to avoid mistakes and use it properly. Below, we provided a simple algorithm of men looking for a Greek bride should follow.

  1. Find a few trusted, reputable international dating websites.
  2. Make sure that all of them have at least a few thousand female members from Greece.
  3. Look through profiles, make sure that women look real.
  4. Compare the platforms’ billing & privacy policies and sets of features.
  5. Try to reach support on all the sites.
  6. Compare the options and choose the best one.
  7. Create an account (if you didn’t do this before).
  8. Upgrade your membership plan (if necessary.)
  9. Talk to ladies, send messages, like photos, etc.
  10. Establish connections with a few Greek ladies for marriage, choose the one you like most.
  11. Visit her in Greece and get married once both of you are ready.

And again, you cannot buy Greek wives. Dating Greek girls online is just dating — you meet each other, establish connections, and get closer until you decide that you want to meet in real life. There is no term “costs of Greek mail order brides,” but there is a term “cost of international dating services,” and we recommend you learning everything about it before you start your journey to the world of relationships people start and build online.

Final thoughts — should men look for a Greek bride?

It is pretty difficult to draw such a conclusion. No one can see Greece and Greek women through your eyes. No one can feel what you would feel when you visit the country, see and talk with local beauties. But if you’re interested, if you think that this country may be the right place to find a wife, why not give it a try? After all, there are a lot of ways to meet a Greek mail order wife online or offline, and the trick is to make the first move.