Lithuanian Brides: How To Date Them? Why Are They Worth It?

 Lithuanian Brides: How To Date Them? Why Are They Worth It?

“Lithuanian mail order brides” is quite a rare phrase to hear these days — Lithuania, with all its advantages, is certainly not the country that comes to mind first when you think of mail brides. However, it’s impossible to say that Lithuania women are not worth dating or that they don’t make great wives — they are just not as popular as their counterparts from the other ex-USSR countries, such as Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. If you want to find a beautiful Lithuanian wife, congratulations — you are about to make a great choice! Here, we will tell you everything you want and need to know about the gorgeous women of Lithuania. Dating tips, pros and cons of dating Lithuanian women, step-by-step guide on how to find them — everything you need is already here!

Pros and cons of dating Lithuanian women

If you are going to marry a Lithuanian girl, you should first learn the pros and cons of these women. Why are they worth dating? And what problems should you expect? The answers are already here!

P.S. We won’t tell you anything about their beauty here. If you want to find the most beautiful mail order wife, a Lithuanian woman will be a great option for you because most of these women are just gorgeous. However, it’s also the most obvious thing we can say about them — and we want to focus your attention on some other traits of pretty Lithuanian girls. Let’s start with the positive ones.


  • They are hard-working, intelligent, and confident. We don’t talk about every Lithuanian woman here, of course. But most of them want to have a career, they want to be successful not only in the family but also in business, and they are smart and educated enough to reach their goals.
  • Lithuanian girls got the best of both worlds. They are not just hard-working and career-oriented, no — they also make great mothers and wives. It’s all about the Lithuanian women personality, their traditions, and their culture — they are raised to be good wives, while the culture of modern Lithuania makes them very much like Western women in regard to their attitude to work and education.
  • Lithuania women are very polite and well-mannered. Again, it’s all about their culture — if you’ve always wanted to date and marry a lady, Lithuanian girls are exactly what you’re looking for!


  • They don’t smile too much. That’s what we can safely say about the women from all the post-Soviet countries, and hot Lithuanian mail order wives are not an exception. That’s how “coconut cultures” work — unlike Americans and Japanese, people from Eastern Europe can look a bit cold and unfriendly when they meet you first, but when you develop relationships with them, they become really friendly.
  • Not all of them know English well. Unfortunately, that’s the real problem — according to the statistics, only 30.4% of Lithuanians speak English. However, it’s not that bad — because when it comes to youth, this number rises to around 80%.
  • Some beautiful Lithuanian women are too demanding. Well, there’s no surprise here — if you want to date or marry an extremely beautiful, smart, hard-working, and well-mannered woman, you have to fit in. It’s not that they want to date millionaires only — the fact that you are financially stable is usually enough to meet their requirements.

How to buy Lithuanian brides?

hot Lithuanian girl

It’s quite simple — first, you’ll have to sign up for a Lithuanian brides website. There are lots of such services, but you’ll have to choose the safest one if you don’t want to lose your money — reading a lot of reviews will help. After that, it’s very much like online dating in the US — you’ll chat with the girls, call them, arrange the dates, and meet them. The only difference is that not all of these girls are fluent in English, but don’t worry — almost all the mail bride platforms offer translation services (they are often free).

What’s even more important, some mail bride websites can help you with wedding planning, which is a very cool feature taking into account the fact that your wedding will most likely be held in Lithuania (it’s much cheaper there than in the United States).

Lithuanian mail order brides: Dating tips

  1. Always be punctual when it comes to dating Lithuanian women. If you don’t arrive on time on the first date with a Lithuanian girl, it will probably be a red flag for her — these women think that if a man is not punctual, he is not worth their time (not 100% of them, of course, but most of them).
  2. Being a gentleman will 100% work. For Eastern European women (and Lithuania borders Belarus, Poland, and Russia, so if it isn’t an Eastern European country than what is?) chivalry is still very important. Buy her a beautiful (but not too big) bouquet of flowers. Hold the door open so that she can pass through. Carry her bag if it’s needed. Pull her chair out. Don’t forget to pay for the restaurant — Lithuanian ladies are very Westernized, but they still think that it’s a man who must pay for the date.
  3. Some topics are not the best topics for the first date with a girl from Lithuania. Your previous girlfriends, sex, politics — these are the topics you should never discuss on the first date. But it doesn’t in any way mean that there should be that awkward silence stuff. Just choose another simple topic and keep the conversation flowing — and don’t forget that you should not just talk, but also listen.
  4. Dress your best. We don’t want to say that you have to wear the latest D&G clothes, of course. The only thing you need to do is wear neat and clean clothes — whether it’s casual, classy, or formal style, it will work great.

Why do Lithuanian mail order brides want to date foreign men?

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This is one of the most common questions American men ask — like, if these women are really that great, then what’s the point for them to search for foreigners? Why can’t all these hot and pretty Lithuanian ladies just find a decent man in their country?

The answer is pretty simple: Lithuanian men are just not as good as men from the United States! Americans are more financially stable — and let’s be honest, it’s very important for every modern girl, even if she is not a gold-digger. American guys are often more respectful and they usually treat their women better than men from Lithuania. After all, men from the United States are (often, but not always!) more handsome and stylish than the guys from Lithuania — and of course, this is also very important.