Norwegian Brides — Who They Are And What Is Important For Them?

 Norwegian Brides — Who They Are And What Is Important For Them?

They say Norway has a female face, and we could not but agree with them. The women there are just gorgeous: they are strong, independent, and, of course, beautiful. However, the interesting question is if there is such a term as “Norwegian mail order brides”? Most people would say that it’s nothing but nonsense or oxymoron, and well, we can understand them. Still, we’d like to pay more attention to this issue and discuss the phenomenon of Norwegian brides as well as the qualities of the female part of the population at large in more detail.

Norwegian brides in the society: roles & qualities

Norway is usually associated with generous pensions, oil, and fish. However, people worldwide start to talk about Norwegian women more and more often, too. What is so special about them? Why are they becoming a new symbol of the country? Let’s find out!

Norwegian girls are educated, strong & infuental

There is another thing people usually mention when hearing about Norway. It’s equality. Women in this country play a huge role in the country’s politics — over 40% of the officials are women. And it is not an accident — this is the new approach that is supported by the population. Norwegians believe that the well-being of the country depends on women, too, or on how actively they participate in social and political life, to be exact.

Balancing between new values & traditional gender roles in Norway

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It’d be emphasized that Norwegians know how to find the balance. In particular, they don’t believe that blurring the borders between male and female social roles is the right thing to do. They just believe that both men and women should have equal opportunities, social opportunities, but traditional values and roles should be the same.

Men are supposed to be “typical” men, breadwinners, and women should focus on family more. Of course, they couldn’t avoid excesses — currently, Norway is the leader in the top of the countries with the largest number of male “housewives”, but still, they control the process and look for equality, and not for reverse discrimination.

Norwegian brides are happy, friendly and sociable

According to numerous surveys, Scandinavians, including Norwegians, are the happiest people in the world.

They, however, note that this is not the right term — they are fully satisfied with their lives and opportunities for self-development, career opportunities, and social institutions they have. We’re not going to discuss happiness or any other terms used to indicate the level of people’s satisfaction, but there is no denying that Norwegian women face fewer problems and experience fewer difficulties that ladies in less developed countries.

Why is this important? Because this can give a clear understanding of what kinds of people you can meet there. They are calm, confident, they know what they want. There’s a Maslow hierarchy of needs, and Norwegian ladies do not experience any difficulties with the “lower layers” of this pyramid. Simply put, if a Norwegian bride is with you, this is not about meeting the basic needs — this is about feelings.

Stereotypes about Norway women for marriage

Now you know some interesting and important facts about women in this country, their social roles, and some qualities. However, there are some things that are attributed to them, but have nothing to do with reality. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common stereotypes about Norwegian marriage and Norwegian women.

Norwegian ladies are not as beautiful as Slavic/Latin/Asian girls

False. Marrying a Norwegian woman means marrying a natural beauty and having naturally beautiful kids, in most cases, of course. These ladies look hot and healthy, and a lot of guys, particularly, guys from Latin American countries note that Norway is a kind of dreamland to them. The reason is simple — there, they can meet a lot of girls with fair skin and hair.

It’d be a mistake to say that all Norwegian women look the same way. There are different girls among them, slim, short, tall, big & beautiful, but it’s really hard to find unattractive Norwegians.

Norwegian women are too straightforward and even rude

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The interesting fact is that tourists who come to Norway and other Scandinavian countries often note that locals are “too rude.” Well, that’s just cultural differences or even a misunderstanding. The thing is that polite Norwegians try not to bother someone with a conversation. Foreigners often think that this is because of rudeness, and not because of their wish to save a stranger’s time and energy. That’s why this stereotype is still present.

Women from Norway are not sophisticated

Norway is a beautiful country. Its beauty is in its simplicity. There are beautiful landscapes, nature, everything good people need to live happy and simple lives. Well, some argue that such a kind of environment has a certain impact on Norwegian girls and makes them “not as sophisticated” as people living in most western countries.

This is nothing but a myth. Not only farmers or fishers live in Norway. There you can meet a lot of sophisticated people who care about politics, economics, social trends, philosophy and plenty of other “sophisticated” things. They just don’t try to show everyone how intelligent and deep they are, and, in our opinion, this makes them more, not less attractive.

Marrying a Norwegian woman — final thoughts

You can’t buy a Norwegian bride, because they’re not for sale.

There is no cost of Norwegian women because they’re not looking for money — a man will hardly find an internet bride who’ll agree to marry him just because he’s wealthy. Still, dating a girl from Norway definitely makes sense. If you’re looking for a smart, independent, and strong woman who still appreciates and cares about old traditions, in particular, who doesn’t deny the importance of traditional male/female roles, Norway might be the right place to find a wife. If you aren’t going to move to this country in the near future, you can date Norwegian women online — there are a lot of singles looking for a spouse on international dating sites, so don’t miss your chance if this is what you really want.