Gorgeous Serbian Brides: How Are They Different From Other Women?

 Gorgeous Serbian Brides: How Are They Different From Other Women?

Serbia is one of the best places to look for a potential wife. This landlocked country in the Balkans is a crossroads of cultures, and therefore Serbian brides combine diverse and fascinating features, Once controlled by Turks, Serbia is now the heart of South Slavs, practicing Orthodox Christianity. The country’s location, cultural influences, and the gene pool have produced some of the most beautiful, traditional, and intriguing women.

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Why foreign men choose Serbian brides

If you ask any American man who visited Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, about what was the most memorable thing there, they will tell you – beautiful Serbian women. Because of the legendary beauty of Serbian women Belgrade is famous in southeastern Europe as a hub for romantic and dating tourism. Although overall hot Serbian women are open to dating foreigners, many of them reject one night stands as they look for serious relationships that would lead to marriage.

hot Serbian brides

In any case, foreign men are definitely like dating Serbian women – either for short or long term that ends up in a marriage. Why?

This explains well why foreign men choose Serbian brides:

  • Serbian women are outstanding in their beauty
  • They are excited about dating foreigners
  • Some are easy to get while others prefer traditional relationships and marriage
  • They follow conservative gender roles
  • Serbian women for marriage have all the necessary features for becoming ideal wives
  • They are «exotic» for Westerners due to their Balkan appearance and traditional views

Below we will look in detail at all unique features of Serbian belles that foreigners adore.

The beauty of Serbian women for marriage

The first thing that you might have understood already is that Serbian women are stunningly beautiful.

Some people may say that they are much more attractive than their Western European counterparts, others may say that they are cute but not as cute as Russian or Ukrainian girls.

We don’t want to decide who among women is better but rather will try to explain what makes Serbian ladies look great.


Serbian women are mostly of South Slavic ethnicity. This means that they look like Slavs (are white, tall or of average height), yet they look more «southern». This means that they usually have:

  1. darker hair (not black, but dark, like brown, dark blonde, etc. –– brunettes are very popular here)
  2. darker eyes (hazel, brown and green eyes are more popular here than shy-blue eyes)
  3. a bit tanned skin

But remember that other ethnicities, for example, Turks, Slovenians, and Hungarians have influenced the gene pool of Serbians, so it makes them even more interesting.


Lifestyle is another thing that can explain why Serbian women are so beautiful. Many of them work out, follow healthy diets, do various beauty procedures to look great. They also want to look like celebrities and like bright makeup.


Another feature that makes Serbian women attractive for foreign men is their sexy voice. For some reason, perhaps, because of how the Serbian language is, cultural expectations or smoking (which is super popular and normalized in Serbia), Serbian women have deep voices, sometimes a bit raspy. While many other Eastern European women like Russian may sound a bit infantile because of their voices, the voices of Serbian ladies make each of them a femme fatale.

The personality of pretty Serbian women

beautiful Serbian woman

It is very difficult to generalize as each woman is unique due to her background, but there are several features which are common for Serbian brides:

  • Kindness
  • Politeness
  • Respect towards the eldest, and parents in particular
  • Respect towards a man, especially a husband
  • Feistiness
  • Reliability
  • Diligence and hard work
  • Perfectionism

Serbian society is very patriarchal. Single Serbian women do their best to attract men. Even if they don’t like someone, they will never reject him straight away as they were taught to be nice, kind, and smile no matter what (although this is changing more nowadays).

Serbian women are tender and kind, hence they look for gentlemen who they can trust and rely on. They are expected to be good at everything, so they will work, do the chores, and raise kids at their best.

They can be feisty when they aren’t satisfied with something. Usually, they are appeasable, but once they are done, they will show their passionate side.

They aren’t as dramatic as their Latin counterparts but can be more feisty than Eastern European beauties. Nevertheless, Serbian women never make scenes in public – they will not put the reputation of their husband or partner at risk.

How are Serbian women like in marriage?

In marriage, Serbian women are known as caring wives. Caring in a Serbian way. They will cook, do the laundry, do cleaning and look after kids as they believe it’s their highest responsibility. In Serbian society, a man is seen as the head of the family and a woman is expected to obey him. A Serbian woman will select her partner carefully, but once she is sure he is the one, she will be by his side always.

In terms of habits, when you marry a Serbian woman, you:

  • will never be hungry
  • if you still are not a fan of coffee, will become one (Serbians are crazy about it)
  • may start eating more meat as it is the epicenter of most Serbian cuisine
  • will start listening to Serbian songs (they have very danceable music!)
  • will start cursing in Serbian (it’s not condemned in Serbia, you can hear people cursing even on Serbian TV)

But most importantly, in a marriage with a Serbian woman, you will get a reliable, tender, and loving partner.

Why do Serbian girls become Serbian mail order brides?

sexy Serbian girl

A woman looking for a man to marry 100% knows what she wants. A Serbian woman looking for a man to marry knows 1,000% what she wants. And this is:

  • a gentleman who isn’t afraid of his emotions, tender and caring
  • a guy who will listen to her and support her
  • someone who she can trust without a second thought
  • someone educated and who can provide her with a stable life (a Serbian woman expects a husband to earn more while she also works and takes care of the family)

Unfortunately, not all Serbian men are capable of this. Many Serbian women don’t like that Serbian men:

  • can be overly masculine (be like gangsters or machos)
  • may disregard all women’s efforts in taking care of the family and not be thankful
  • not pay enough attention to them and not be romantic
  • not being able to build deeper connections with women
  • can be too pushy and all over themselves

On top of that, there aren’t enough men in Serbia. In 2015, the male to female ratio in this country was 96.14 men per 100 women.

No wonder Serbian women started turning towards foreign men and now eagerly become Serbian mail order brides.

What are your chances of getting a Serbian wife?

In short, very high. Now, let’s dig deeper:

  1. Serbian women are generally open to dating and marrying foreigners as much as most women in Eastern European countries. That’s due to the influence of American culture – music, movies, and so on. They feel it’s cool and want to be part of the American dream.
  2. Serbian brides can choose American men for economic reasons. The USA is much richer than Serbia (20.54 trillion USD of the US vs. 50.6 billion USD in Serbia), and having a husband from such a country can provide a stable future for a beautiful Serbian lady.
  3. Serbian mail order brides speak English. It’s not that likely that a 40-year-old Serbian lady will speak fluent English (although it depends on her status and education), but young Serbian brides are easy to have a meaningful conversation with.

So yes, all odds are in your favor.

Does the Serbian government allow international marriage?

Yes, there are no restrictions in marrying a Serbian woman by a foreigner. The only thing that the Serbian government demands is that such a marriage is «contracted only before the competent foreign authorities».

You can marry your love in Serbia and then bring her as a Serbian wife to the US on a spouse visa. Or you can help her apply for a fiancée visa, then she will come to the US and you will get married within 90 days since her arrival.

A short guide on how to find Serbian brides

You can meet hot Serbian brides in many ways. You can even travel to Belgrade, try dating apps, or approach girls in cafes and restaurants if you aren’t afraid of being turned down many times. But here’s the most efficient thing you can do:

  1. Find a trustworthy Slavic, European or Serbian mail order bride site (read online expert and user reviews first)
  2. Register on some of them, create an attractive profile with a clear and nice photo so that Serbian brides online are sure that you are a real person
  3. Be active, talk to different Serbian girls (you can find them through a special search)
  4. If you meet a Serbian woman you like the most, send her gifts and flowers (Serbian ladies love chivalry)
  5. Visit her in her hometown or Belgrade

Dating Serbian women will require you to be direct and confident as that’s what Serbian ladies like.


Serbian brides are unique. They walk with their Balkan pride, charm men with their deep voices, hazel eyes, appeasable and kind nature. They dream of marrying foreigners and have happy families. Are you ready to start searching for your Serbian queen?