Pretty Slovakian Women: Who Are These Beauties & How To Date And Marry Them

 Pretty Slovakian Women: Who Are These Beauties & How To Date And Marry Them

Slovak women, who are often referred to in the U.S. as «Slovakian women» are famous for their tender beauty, a mix of femininity and independence, and their ability to make great wives and moms.

Here you will find everything about why foreign men are so interested in good-looking Slovakian women, how Slovakian women are like, how they look like, and why you should try dating one of them.

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Best Slovakian mail order brides: Slovakia is a great place to find a spouse

Slovakia is a small landlocked country in Central Europe (and not in Eastern Europe as many people may assume). It’s unique in its culture, language, and of course people. Slovaks are very proud of their heritage, language, cuisine, well, anything. And they are most proud of themselves. Slovakian women are part of that.

Many foreigners, especially from Western Europe, decide to settle in Slovakia just because they found perfect wives there. Pretty Slovakian women are legendary in this sense. They are well-educated, are very self-confident, have high moral standards, and are very kind all because of the environment Slovakia has for their upbringing.

Pros & Cons of dating Slovak women

hot Slovakian ladies


  1. Slovakian women are stunningly beautiful
  2. They know what they want
  3. They are charming and funny
  4. Slovakian girls seek serious relationships
  5. They are very faithful
  6. They aren’t gold-diggers
  7. They speak English well


  1. They may seem cold and you need to gain their trust
  2. They have high demands (e.g., you should look elegant and neat to attract them)

Why Slovakian brides are attractive?

Two main things attract foreigners and local men to hot Slovakian women – their natural beauty and delightful personality. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

Natural beauty and elegance

Slovaks are a West Slavic ethnic group, and therefore, Slovak women have all the most famous Slavic appearance features:

  • fair and blonde hair
  • blue, green, or gray eyes
  • oval faces with mall features
  • high cheekbones
  • fair complexion
  • medium height
  • slim and petite body-shape

Not only are Slovakian girls naturally beautiful but they also know how to take good care of themselves. They eat healthy food and sometimes work out. However, what truly makes them charming, is their dressing style.

You will never see a Slovak woman in her sweatpants and baggy T-shirt in a supermarket (unless she belongs to a certain subculture, but that’s rare). Slovakian girls always dress up elegantly.

Even casual clothes they can wear with charm as they care about accessories, nice hairstyle and so on. They are very feminine but would never overdress themselves as their counterparts from some other countries.

Sweet personality and high moral standards

Slovakian brides are some of the most desired women because they have nice personalities. They are kind, reliable, and tender.

Raised Catholic traditions (80% of Slovaks are devoted Catholics), these ladies have high moral standards. They treat elders with respect, are very faithful in marriage, lean on their husbands, prefer conversations to arguments. Young Slovakian women are still uncomfortable talking about sex and don’t look for hookups (though, some do).

They prefer serious long-term relationships that end in a marriage, yet, pre-marital sex is not a taboo in Slovakia anymore.

Besides being sweet and having dignity, beautiful Slovakian women are also very self-confident and independent. There’s not such a thing like buy a wife in Slovakia, no bride price, nothing like that. Slovak women do respect their parents but can make decisions for themselves, including those who to date and who to marry. And that’s even though they may continue living with parents for some time before marriage. Also, Slovak women love studying, are very educated, and know what they want in a career.

Altogether, a Slovak woman comprises everything a perfect wife needs.

Do Slovak girls marry foreigners? Yes!

dating Slovakian girl

Research shows that most Slovaks prefer finding partners among people from their country. However, 20% of Slovaks select partners from abroad, and these are usually Slovakian women interested in foreigners. Slovakian brides usually give preference to men from nearby countries or countries where people speak a similar language or follow Catholic Christianity, and so on.

In 2004, Slovakia joined the EU and since then Slovakian brides started becoming more open to dating and marrying foreigners. Many Slovak women marry men not only from neighboring Hungary, The Czech Republic, and Poland but also from Germany, France, Italy, the UK, etc.

With globalization, more Slovakian women have become open to dating and marrying Americans. Slovak women are still pretty conservative and give preference to those men who look like them, so Slovakian ladies would rather date white men who look like their fathers or brothers.

What are your chances?

In Slovakia, there are 94.52 men per 100 women, so it can be easily said that Slovak ladies are short of men. That’s one of the reasons they become Slovakian mail order brides and go for American men.

After all, young Slovakian women have good English thanks to their education, so it is never a problem for foreign guys to approach them and get to know them better.

You can find the best Slovakian women online

Many foreign men travel to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and meet girls either in restaurants or through dating apps. However, if you’re going to stay in Slovakia just for a couple of days, a Slovak girl may not take you seriously.

Most of them look up to the long-term commitment, so the best way to charm a Slovak girl is to get to know her online. Nowadays, there are a variety of European mail order bride sites, where you can find Slovakian women online who are 100% sure they want to marry a foreigner.

Read reviews of experts and users on these sites, select those that suit you the most, register there, and start flirting with pretty Slovak women.

DOs and DON’Ts of wooing Slovakian women

Slovakian women for marriage

You can talk to a Slovakian woman online for months, but one day for sure you will want to visit her in Bratislava or Košice. Here are DOs and DON’Ts of dating Slovak women.


  1. Pick up a few Slovak words. If a girl from some other country would consider it a cheesy move, Slovakian brides will respect you for this. They know they are a small country (often confused with Slovenia), so if a foreigner shows some knowledge on their culture and language will make their eyes spark. Remember that Slovaks is a very proud nation.
  2. Arrange a beautiful date. A tea or coffee invite is enough for a first date. Slovakian girls prefer calm and nice places where you can talk well and get to know each other. Reserve fancy dinners for the upcoming dates (note, Slovakian girls love Italian cuisine and you can find tons of luxurious Italian restaurants in Bratislava, so take advantage of that). Tea is the best option as Slovaks aren’t as crazy about coffee, for example, as much as Serbians. But they are huge fans of wine, and a glass of white or red wine could be perfect for a date (but again, not for the first date as a girl may think that you have bad plans like to make her drunk and won’t feel safe).
  3. Take the lead. Slovakian women like it when men are confident and straightforward. Help her put on a coat after you leave a cafe, open the doors for her, be initiative. She wants to see that you can make decisions. That’s why organizing a good date is on you. Also, the first kiss and marriage proposal will be on you too.


  1. Don’t try to speak Russian to Slovakian brides. Slovak and Russian have some similar words but these are still very different languages, and a Slovak woman may find it offensive if you use it assuming she’s supposed to understand or that it’s still «her» culture just because it’s somewhat Eastern or Central European. It’s not. It will make you look like a fool who didn’t bother to check some facts.
  2. Don’t bring flowers for the first date. Yes, Slovak girls love big gestures and chivalry, but they are not as conservative as their mothers, for example, or modern girls in Central Asia. The first date should be light and simple. Flowers matter a lot to them, but it’s better to keep it for more special occasions. And yes, better find out what flowers she likes first.
  3. Don’t show up on a date in old jeans and an unfresh T-shirt. Slovak women are very elegant and they expect men to match up. You don’t have to dress formally, but neat and stylish should be fine.
  4. Don’t give her expensive gifts at first. Small ones are fine. Gold-diggers are condemned in Slovakia and girls themselves don’t like it when guys shower them with luxurious presents. If you bring her one, she will rather tell an anecdote to her friends about you than get impressed by you.


Marriage with a Slovakian bride is one of the best things that may happen to you. These women make very loyal, faithful, and supportive wives. They are raised in Christian traditions and are taught to show respect to their parents and husband.

Yet, Slovak women are very independent, smart, and ambitious. They are both feminine and feminist, and that’s their advantage. It’s rare to meet gold-diggers in Slovakia. You are more likely to fall in love with a decent, pretty Slovak blonde who wants to be successful in her career and be a great mother.