These Qualities Make A Slovenian Girl The Most Desirable Partner

 These Qualities Make A Slovenian Girl The Most Desirable Partner

Slovenia is a relatively small country in Eastern Europe, but it has numerous things that make it stand out. From the magnificent architecture of its centuries-old cities to the breathtaking nature, Slovenia is definitely worth a top spot on your list of travel destinations. However, we know at least one more reason why you should definitely pay a visit to Slovenia in the nearest future — the fabulous and beautiful Slovenian women. Before you embark on your first quest to find your ideal Slovenian lady, here is everything you need to know about them.

5 best things about Slovenian brides that make them irresistible to men

With a population of a little over 2 million citizens, Slovenia does not produce as many mail order brides as Russia, Ukraine, and other countries known for their brides. However, Slovenian girls are extremely popular on international dating sites among foreign bachelors, and here are just a few reasons for it.

  1. They look like fairytale princesses. A typical Slovenian woman, with her fair skin and dark hair, does not need any makeup to highlight her delicate features. The women in Slovenia have tall, athletic bodies that they maintain with the help of plenty of physical activity.
  2. They have romantic natures. Slovenia women may have different aspirations and goals, but at their hearts, all they want is to find love and eternal happiness with one man. However, they don’t usually date around and many of them have only one or two romantic partners in their lives.
  3. They can do it all. Most Slovenian brides cannot be satisfied with only the role of a wife and mother. They also have career aspirations, active social lives, and plenty of hobbies. Luckily, they have excellent time management skills and can fit everything into their schedule.
  4. They are 100% loyal. It is simply not in the nature of Slovenian girls to be unfaithful to their partners. After they have settled down with one man, they will never even consider getting close to another guy.
  5. They know their way around the kitchen. Slovenian women know everything about flavors, tasty food combinations, and comfort foods, and will impress you with their cooking skills as much as they will do with other aspects of their personalities.

Interesting facts about Slovenian women

Slovenian girls are not just known for making wonderful life partners — they are also fascinating and alluring in their own right. Slovenia is generally a unique European country, as it has one of the smallest populations in Europe and is yet a popular tourist and expat spot. Here is what you need to know about the women in Slovenia.

  • They prefer to lead an active lifestyle. You will hardly find a Slovenian girl that spends her weekends on the couch. With lots of attractions in the country and endless opportunities to have a good time, Slovenian ladies enjoy life to the fullest.
  • They have strong ties to their families. It’s not uncommon for a typical Slovenian woman to live with her parents even after she graduates and begins working, and it’s not due to their inability to live on their own — they simply love their families a lot and maintain a close connection to them after getting married and moving abroad.
  • They are big connoisseurs of wine. Slovenia is widely known for its number of wineries and amazing local wines. Slovenian women love and understand wine; they drink it for its rich and complex flavor, not just to get drunk. If you’ve never been a wine person yourself, a Slovenian girl will easily make you appreciate wine as much as she does.

What are Slovenian women looking for in men and why do they like foreigners so much?

Like every woman in the world, a Slovenian lady likes to imagine her future married life, and she knows exactly what she wants to see in her potential husband. Slovenian girls never focus on specific appearance features and instead focus on personality traits. A typical Slovenian woman dreams of a man who:

  • Is reliable and won’t abandon her at the first sign of trouble;
  • Knows how to be a gentleman but has modern views;
  • Is generous and ready to support the family financially;
  • Takes good care of the house and doesn’t rely on the woman for everything;
  • Is good with children and is prepared to be a father.

There are plenty of eligible bachelors in Slovenia and most Slovenian brides have some dating experience with local men prior to deciding to look for a foreign partner. However, this experience often proves to be disappointing, as men in Slovenia cannot or don’t want to do everything that is expected of them. That is why many Slovenian women eventually begin dating foreign men. They don’t do it out of material reasons or out of hopes to move to another country and build a better life for themselves there. They do it because foreign men are dependable, ready to settle down, and willing to treat their women like princesses.

Dating a Slovenian girl: 3 most important rules

Whether you already have a woman from Slovenia you want to date, or you only plan to embark on your Slovenian dating journey and want to be prepared, there is no need to stress out over the future. A Slovenian girl is famously easy to date and the experience is guaranteed to be a positive one for you. Here are the three easy ways to make your relationship even more successful.

1. Prepare to take the lead

The women in Slovenia are fairly independent and are used to making decisions on their own. However, when they are in a relationship, they prefer the man to take the reins, at least in the early stages of the romance. When you ask a Slovenian woman out on a date, she expects you to know exactly where you are going and what you will be doing during the date instead of relying on her for the answer.

2. Embrace the Slovenian culture

There is no faster way to a Slovenian lady’s heart than your genuine interest in Slovenian culture. This doesn’t just include the fascinating traditions and celebrations of Slovenia. You also need to make a real effort to learn some Slovenian, try and find out more about Slovenian culture, see as many beautiful parts of the country as possible, and, of course, immerse yourself in the delicious local cuisine.

3. Make sure you are on the same page

Dating for a while, falling in love, and then finding out that you have completely different views on the future is one of the most frustrating romantic experiences that can ever happen to a man. That is why it’s so important to discuss your views on family, dating, marriage, and other essential aspects of adult life early in the relationship. The best-case scenario is when you both want long-term romance and marriage — then you will get to enjoy not only the dating period, but also everything that comes afterwards.

Where to meet Slovenian women?

If you decide to travel to Ljubljana or other Slovenian locations to see all the historical and natural landmarks, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life and bring back a lot of memories to cherish forever. However, being a tourist in Slovenia is not the most effective way of meeting Slovenian women. Local ladies are very friendly and will eagerly maintain a conversation with you, but they will know you are a tourist and therefore will not consider you for a long-term relationship.

There is a much better chance of you meeting the love of your life on a Slovenian dating site. You will meet the most attractive and smart Slovenian bachelorettes who have firmly decided to find a foreign life partner.

They will not only welcome your advances, but may even make the first step to get to know you. Slovenian mail order brides have enough positive traits to make you the happiest man on the planet and you may be only a few clicks away from meeting your perfect match.

How much does Slovenian mail order brides cost?

The essential thing to understand here is that when we are talking about mail order Slovenian brides, we are not talking about women you can actually pay to become your wife. Mail order brides from Slovenia can be found on specialized international dating sites, and while your experience of searching for your ideal woman won’t be free, the money will only go towards your site membership, the use of different features, and the cost of traveling to Slovenia or inviting the woman to your home country. Overall, depending on how much time you spend on a dating site and how many women you talk to at once, you should expect to spend between $2,000 and $20,000 on your search.


The women of Slovenia are undeniably pretty, easy-going, and overall perfect both for serious relationships and marriage. However, they are only a small part of the huge phenomenon known as mail order brides. If you are determined to find a foreign wife but don’t know which country to use for your search, find all the information you need on our site!