Sweden Mail Order Brides — A Myth Or Reality?

 Sweden Mail Order Brides — A Myth Or Reality?

Those who’ve ever been to Sweden would be surprised to hear this question. Sweden? Mail order brides? How can these things be connected? It is not easy to answer it, but we aren’t saying it’s impossible. Today, we’ll talk about the phenomenon of “Swedish mail order brides,” stereotypes about women in Sweden, their qualities, character, and traits.

Sweden women for marriage — what are they really like?

First, let’s talk about things that make Sweden women special. What distinguishes them from other nations, particularly, from other peoples of Europe?

Beauty of Swedish wives or are they all blondes?

Europe is a dreamland for everyone who really appreciates female beauty. Moreover, some people believe that Russian girls, French women, and Italian ladies are not as gorgeous as Swedish brides because “Nordic beauty is still the best”.

Swedish teens do not look like American teen stars but don’t let this fact confuse you. Once a girl turns 15, she changes completely — she becomes an iconic Swedish lady with long legs, thin waist, and gorgeous curves. Generally speaking, she is likely to look like legendary Swedish stars, for example, Greta Garbo, Anita Ekberg, and modern stars like Frida Gustavsson or Helena Mattsson. And yes, all these ladies are blondes; however, some Swedish women prefer to dye blonde to brunette. This, however, doesn’t make them less beautiful.

In short, brides from Sweden are naturally beautiful. They don’t wear tons of makeup or Gucci shirts with a huge logo on them, probably, because they just don’t need this.

What about education in Sweden?

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It’s considered that school education is not the best one in Sweden. It was discussed by the government recently because some consider this to be one of the few weaknesses of the country. But is it really a weakness? Should Swedish girls learn chemistry and probability theory even despite the fact that they’ll hardly use this knowledge at least once after they graduate?

In fact, they shouldn’t. Here are two arguments to prove this. Firstly, Swedish brides learn everything they should learn in the universities, and not in school. This makes a lot of sense, especially considering that a student (unlike a child at school) can make a conscious choice. Secondly, Sweden is in the top 10 happiest countries, in the top 5 countries with the best standards of living, in the top 5 countries with the best reputation, and in the top 5 countries with the highest level of the purchasing power.

This could be hardly achieved by poorly educated people, right? By the way, women have a lot of influence in Sweden and occupy high positions in government, banking, judiciary, etc. That is why people call them some of the most successful and independent women in Europe and in the whole world.

Friendly and sociable or super-independent and indifferent?

The interesting fact is Swedish are very cheerful, vivacious people. They smile and laugh a lot, and their smiles are not those polite smiles you can see in the office, in grocery and in plenty of other places every single day — they smile when they are happy, and the country is in the top 5 of the happiest countries of the word. Simply put, the rumors about Swedish coldness are greatly exaggerated — most girls in this country are happy, sociable, and vivacious.

Sweden women follow the rules and care about the world

No, we aren’t saying that all girls in Sweden are like Ms. Greta Thunberg, but you need to consider that rules and the planet are not the empty words to them. Why did we mention these two things together? Because they’re often interconnected. Swedes know what’s right, and they don’t usually violate the rules, especially when it comes to a public good.

Traditions are really important to Swedish brides

Swedes are progressive, modern, and independent people, but it doesn’t mean that local women do not appreciate traditions and some traditional values.

Did you know that Swedish children buy sweets only on Saturdays? There was a time when Sweden was a poor country, and those Swedes who haven’t immigrated to the US experienced a lot of difficulties. People had no money to buy some necessary things, not to mention sweets. But parents, of course, tried to give something sweet to their kids at least from time to time, and they chose Saturday. And they still do it, despite the fact today Sweden is one of the richest countries in the world.

Myths about a Swedish mail order wife

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There are myths about every nation, and Swedish people, of course, are not an exception. So, what facts about Swedish girls for marriage turned out to be false? Let us take a look at the top 3 most common stereotypes:

  1. Ladies in Sweden are easy. Yes, these girls make friends easily. A Swedish girl can make the first move and even just tell a guy that she likes him. This, however, doesn’t mean that all the ladies there are just easy. In this country, a woman often chooses a man, and he must be “worthy.‘ We mean that though these ladies are free, independent, and open-minded, it doesn’t mean that they will agree to date (or especially to have sex with anyone a few hours after they met him.)
  2. They are cold-hearted and always discreet. If someone says that dating a Swedish bride is like dating an iceberg, there are two possible explanations. This might be “an isolated incident.” If he insists that he was dating a lot of Swedish women, the second explanation is likely to be true. He hardly dated anyone from Sweden. Note that there is a national character, but if we say that all Swedish ladies are cold-minded and cold-hearted, we generalize things in a bad way. These girls are very different, and a man has the same chance of meeting a calm, patient, and not too emotional lady as of meeting a girl that would be more passionate than all women you met before
  3. They just love ABBA. The last stereotype may seem a bit weird, but we mention it for a good reason. It is not just a band — it is the way many people show respect to another culture. And it’s not the best one, actually. Don’t think that you know everything about this country because you heard about ABBA and meatballs — this is rather annoying than pleasant. Be respectful — mentioning the group everyone heard about, IKEA and meatballs is the worst way to pay a good impression on a Sweden lady.

These are some basic things. Of course, there are more stereotypes and myths about Swedes, but if you remember these ones, you are likely to avoid the most common mistakes when dating Sweden brides online or offline.

Can you buy a Swedish mail order bride?

A lot of men worldwide look for a hot wife. We can understand them. A lot of them want to find a wife in Sweden, and considering all the things we said before, we understand this too. But can they just spend some money to marry a Swedish bride and actually succeed? No, they can’t.

So what exactly is going on on the “marriage market?” In short, open-minded girls in Sweden often use dating websites, including international platforms. The term ‘Swedish mail order brides costs’ is used to refer to the amount a man is likely to spend on a dating site that has Swedish female members, and that’s all. You can’t just pay and get a wife from Sweden. As we noted before, these girls are quite independent and open-minded, in a good way, of course, and the idea of buying a girl there can never be put into practice.

An image of a Swedish wife — final thoughts

Whatever people say, girls in Sweden remain some of the hottest, the most charming and gorgeous women in all of Europe.

Not all of them are tall blondes, but it is quite easy to understand that you are talking to a Swedish woman — she is strong, independent, naturally beautiful, doesn’t wear tons of makeup or fancy clothes, but knows how to use her unique charm. Today, anyone can meet a Sweden bride online (these girls don’t mind using the web to meet someone), but they are not “mail order brides,” at least at the accepted sense of this term — they are rather single and successful women who are not afraid to admit that they need a man in life.