How To Find A Foreign Girlfriend Online Or Offline

 How To Find A Foreign Girlfriend Online Or Offline

Only a few decades ago, we mostly had to look within our own social circle when looking for a girl to date or marry. However, the new century has significantly broadened our horizons. These days, you can meet a girlfriend from a different country and even marry a foreign woman. Here are the three most popular ways to do it, and here’s how to get a foreign girlfriend online or offline.

1. Tourism

Tourism for dating and marriage

What can be more thrilling than going to a foreign country and experiencing a different way of living for the first time? Western tourists often use a vacation as a way to meet and date foreign women. When you come back from your trip with a new girlfriend, you can consider your experience to be even more successful.

As a tourist, you can find a woman for any type of relationship. However, first, you will need to decide who exactly you want to meet.

Of course, there are men who are open to all kinds of dating opportunities, but if you don’t have a clear idea of who you want to see as your potential partner, you can end up feeling lost at the possibilities. That is why a definitive idea and determination are essential in meeting your girlfriend as a traveler. These are the biggest advantages and drawbacks of meeting foreign women while traveling.


  • New experiences. There are few things in the world that are as exciting as travel. You get to not only meet new people, but also experience a foreign culture, try foreign cuisine, and get a new perspective on life.
  • Endless variety of women. There are 195 countries in the world right now, and while you probably won’t go to the most remote or exotic locations, you’ll still have plenty of countries to visit and plenty of lovely foreign women to meet.
  • Communication in person. As a visitor to a foreign country, you get to talk to the women in person from the very first minute. You can not only hear their words, but also see their body language and reactions, which makes communication crystal clear.


  • Possible language barrier. English is only the third most commonly spoken language in the world. Many foreign women know English on a speaking level, but you can also run into beautiful women who only know a few words in English.
  • Traveling can be expensive. Going to a foreign country and staying there even for two weeks is rarely a budget-friendly experience. The more destinations you plan to visit, the more expensive your endeavor is going to be.
  • Not all women want to date tourists. Many foreign girls will gladly talk to a foreigner and show you around, but they are not ready to date a foreign man when they are not sure whether the relationship has a future.

2. Dating apps

Dating apps for dating and marriage

In the past decade, dating apps have taken the world by storm. Millions of people in the world are either currently using dating apps on their phones or have used them in the past. On a dating app, you have an opportunity to find a partner for any kind of relationship, from a one-night-stand to marriage.

Dating apps are also popular abroad, which means you have a chance to meet a foreign woman to date using an app.

At the same time, the situation with dating apps around the world is not universal. There are people who can’t live without these apps and have even achieved success with them, but there is also a significant part of dating app users who actively dislike them.

You probably need to get your own experience with a dating app to understand whether it’s right for you, but here are the top pros and cons of using dating apps to meet foreign girls.


  • Millions of girls to meet. Some of the most popular dating apps are represented in dozens of foreign countries and have millions of active users. It makes your dating opportunities nearly endless, especially if you don’t have a definitive idea of who you want to meet.
  • Communication available everywhere. One of the biggest perks of dating apps is that you can take the communication everywhere with you. Whether you are at home, at work, or commuting, you can spend the time chatting with beautiful foreign women.
  • Women are often as active as men. A dating app gives equal opportunities for men and women. A girl who wants to find a partner will often message men first and actively respond to your messages.


  • Not all girls are looking for a serious relationship. A dating app is not the first place you need to go if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. There are many women there who want something more casual, while your expectations can be different.
  • Messaging is often the only form of communication. Dating apps are designed for people to quickly get to know each other and then meet offline. This is why they don’t offer a lot of communication features, and you will mostly need to use the chat.
  • Possibility of fake profiles. Creating a profile on a dating app is free and very easy. Some people with bad intentions can create fake profiles with stolen photos, and you won’t know it’s not a real woman until you’ve already wasted your time.

3. International dating sites

International dating sites for dating and marriage

International dating sites appeared far earlier than dating apps and continue being popular all over the planet. Most people you know probably have at least some online dating experience, and for many of the users, it’s the primary way to meet new people. Almost 5% of the world’s population are now using dating sites.

This may not seem like a lot, but when you take into account that there are over 7.5 billion people living on our planet right now, 5% becomes a significant number.

There are dating sites that are available only in specific countries, but they definitely limit your dating options. You want a site with a big enough audience to have more opportunities to choose the right partner. If you don’t have a clear idea of who you want to meet, as well as a lot of flexibility and patience, your online dating experience can be very hit or miss. Here are the main pros and cons of international online dating to consider.


  • Meet the right kind of women. Like most men, you are probably looking for specific features in your future girlfriend. A dating site allows you to search for women by a number of parameters, from their appearance to their zodiac sign.
  • Girls want a serious partner. Women looking for a casual relationship or one-night-stand rarely go on international dating sites. Women you can find online are typically ready for a serious, committed, and fully exclusive relationship.
  • Variety of communication options. Communication on a dating website isn’t as immersive as communicating in person. However, popular dating websites offer a variety of features for effective communication, including chats, video calls, and phone calls.
  • Genuine profiles of women. Reputable dating sites have a system of profile validation. A woman can supply her ID and confirm that she’s the one running her profile. That way, you can know for sure that you’re communicating with a real woman.


  • Translation services are often needed. Depending on the country you go for, you can find that many foreign women know little to no English. Luckily, popular dating sites are taking care of their members and often translation services in chats, phone calls, and video calls.
  • Paid access to many sites. Most foreign dating websites make access free for the women, while men have to pay a monthly membership fee. Plus, many sites offer additional communication features on a paid basis, which can also run up your expenses.

Where to meet a foreign girlfriend online

A relationship with a foreign woman has lots of advantages, from the ability to experience a different culture to finally finding all the desirable qualities in one woman. The only question is where to find a foreign girlfriend. Online dating is now the most popular way for people to meet. In our experience, there have been hundreds of different online dating websites, but not all of them have proven to be good. This is our personal top of popular dating sites for every foreign country:

To sum up

Whether you want to simply date a beautiful woman or you are searching for someone you can marry, you can’t go wrong with foreign girls. Women from different countries have everything you want to see in a potential partner and you just need to know how to find a foreign girlfriend for you. With a practical approach and a trusted dating site, your search will be fast, effective, and satisfying.


Are foreign girls only interested in wealthy men?

Foreign ladies mostly don’t want to date unemployed men with no career prospects. However, you also don’t need to be a millionaire to charm a foreign girl.

Do foreign women want to move abroad permanently?

Foreign ladies mostly don’t want to date unemployed men with no career prospects. However, you also don’t need to be a millionaire to charm a foreign girl.

Why do foreign girls want to date men from other countries?

The reasons for dating foreign men can be very different for women. Some are physically attracted to a certain nationality, and others want better living standards.

How can I make sure that I’m talking to a real person?

The most important thing here is to pick a reliable dating website. They usually verify their members and remove any fake profiles from the site.