Best Tips For International Dating

 Best Tips For International Dating

Thanks to increasing mobility and globalization, it is no longer a problem to get to know men and women from abroad quickly and easily. Other countries — other manners. And this also applies to flirt. If you like to travel and flirt or date a woman from another country, you should get some information about what is so common in the respective country and what is an absolute no-go. In this article, you will find online international dating tips for different countries.

Today, every man has a chance to meet his pretty lady from any other part of the world with the help of different dating apps and services, which help singles to get to know other people — worldwide. That is why, if you want to create your successful love story, it is important to know some simple rules and differences to avoid possible misunderstandings and barriers. If you want to find out more about online dating sites, you can read here about Best international dating sites.

International dating: pros and cons

Searching for a partner online has many advantages. The first thing that you should know is that you are not the only person using online dating to meet people. To make this process easier, it is important to learn dating online international tips. Trying out a dating app or dating site could be a great opportunity to meet people who are like you and share your passions and interests.


  • Get to know more people than ever before
  • A great option for the shy personalities
  • More chances to meet your perfect match
  • Meet people you might not have ever crossed paths with

Dating websites and apps allow you to meet many people outside of your circle of friends. Dating sites that offer international mail order brides become more and more popular today. A dating app will help you meet people you would otherwise never meet. Apps and websites allow you to find people to share experiences with.

dating online cons

Dating online is based on compatibility and personality. These services and sites are great for shy people. If you’re shy, it’s time to create a profile for yourself and express who you are through your photos and profile intro. You can communicate at your own pace and only when you are ready you can take the next step, for example by arranging a romantic date.


  • People lie in their profiles
  • Scammers and fakes
  • It’s not always safe
  • Risk of losing touch with a real world

Online dating also has drawbacks that you should consider. This is exactly why some people speak out against online dating. They are afraid of so-called catfishing or their safety. However, studies show that over 40 million Americans use dating sites and apps. It’s not a secret that some users lie about age in their profiles, others even use fake photos. Data shows that people lie the most about their age, appearance, and jobs. People try to show their better side and it is not uncommon for online dating users to try dishonesty to spice up their profile.

Online international dating tips

If you want to try out dating abroad, you have to be prepared for a lot, and here you can learn more about foreign women dating tips, especially in foreign cultures. You have to learn some international dating tips and customs and rules that will help you to get to know each other better and make your date the unforgettable experience for both of you.

International dating tips for Asia

International dating tips for Asia

Dating in Korea

Hugs or kisses in public are not very well-received in Korea, holding hands is just tolerated. Sometimes, Korean ladies seem to be too reserved and shy on a first date. That’s why it is important to be patient, and kind jokes will definitely help you to conquer her heart. On a date, it is not necessary for a man to pay. If you are a couple, you don’t celebrate the one-year-old or the two-year-old, but small units every 100 days.

Dating in Japan

In Japan, there are many rules and etiquette when it comes to dating. Anyone who arrives late on a date has already done everything wrong. Otherwise, getting to know each other is rather slow. Just like in Korea, the Japanese are very reserved in public.

Dating in China

Fewer and fewer Chinese ladies are interested in marriages. However, marriages between Chinese beauties and Western men are gaining popularity now. Don’t be surprised if she asks you about your job and financial opportunities on a first date.

International dating tips for Europe

International dating tips for Europe

Dating in Ukraine

There are more traditions in Ukraine — including dating. Without exception, the man pays on the first date. The best place for a first date with Ukrainian beauty is a romantic restaurant and do not forget to bring a bouquet of fresh flowers for your loved one (but remember the only odd number of flowers). Ukrainian women find good-mannered men very attractive, the small steps such as paying the bill, holding the door for her will help you to win her heart easily. The dress code for a date is also modern and casual.

Dating in Poland

Polish women are well-known for their natural beauty and grace. These ladies are very hard-working and loyal. The date with her will be a delight for both, they are good-mannered and simple in communicating. But remember, never be late on a date, Polish women are very punctual. If you are even 15 minutes late, you risk not seeing your chosen one. The women also attach great importance to charming manners, for example, a breathy greeting kiss, holding the door for her or paying the bill in the restaurant.

Dating in Spain

Femininity and passion are what distinguishes Spanish women from other European beauties. These ladies are very open-minded and friendly. They like to meet new people in their lives. The women from Spain love to receive compliments. They can’t get enough of that. This is also due to the fact that it is common in Spain to say nice words to each other. Therefore, this offers the ideal opportunity to get to know a Spanish woman better.

International dating tips for Latin America

International dating tips for Latin America

Dating in Brazil

It is not surprising if your Brazilian date introduces you to their family shortly after meeting and dating for the first time. This is by no means a marriage proposal, it simply shows that the family is extremely important to Brazilians. Also, all Latin women like small gifts, for example, sweets or chocolates for a date will be perfect.

Dating in Mexico

In beautiful Mexico, it is still important to observe traditional gender roles. That means: many men still behave rather macho, people whistle afterward and shout out what they can to beautiful ladies. Mexican beauties, on the other hand, always try to make their best to dress and look feminine, high heels, mini dresses or skirts are common in Mexico. In Mexico, man makes the first step, he asks for a date, and he pays the bill.

Dating in Cuba

Cuban ladies are very hot-tempered and feminine. The date with such a woman will be a pleasure for both. If you want to impress your date, learn some moves and a romantic dance will be perfect to get to know each other better. Cuban women appreciate a gentleman who is attentive, compliments, holds the door open for them, invites them to dinner, gives flowers, etc. Cuban women prefer a lovable man who is nice, respectful, and tactful and makes them laugh.

Final thoughts

Not that long ago, people resisted the idea of ​​looking for love on the internet. It has already helped thousands of people to find their love, no matter where they live or which language they speak. International dating and marriages are not uncommon today, it’s a chance for every person to find a perfect match and to create a happy family together. We hope our dating tips will help you find your soulmate.