Mail Order Marriage Statistics: Do This Kind Of Relationship Work?

 Mail Order Marriage Statistics: Do This Kind Of Relationship Work?

Mail order bride sites claim that thousands of couples around the globe get united each year only thanks to one single reliable website. Besides, you can read loads of happy love stories of people who met online. A great part of them decides to marry and create a family.

So, what are the real numbers of successful mail order marriages? How high are the odds to come across your significant other on any of these platforms and keep this love for the whole life? We analyzed this quite thorny question to give you the most reliable information about it. Just go on reading and get the answers.

Mail order bride facts: what kind of relationship is the most common?

To understand whether the mail order marriages are really successful, we would like to dig into the main reasons why single men and women decide to look for their love from overseas and analyze mail order bride statistics . Usually, it’s supposed that ladies prefer their future partners to be from countries with a high level of development, with another cultural background, and a more modern mindset. Besides, in lots of countries, ladies suffer from a shortage of men (not saying about gentlemen), so the desire to marry a man from abroad is caused by the need to not only escape from their country, but also to start a new life in a totally different culture and society.

Men are eager to find traditional ladies with family values and a strong desire to take care of close people (what is becoming less common for Western women). Also, lots of them are interested in dating brides with other cultural backgrounds.

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Mail order marriage statistics: the importance of compatibility

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A choice of the right partner is the main determinant of the success of your relationships. It’s essential to find a decent lady who will truly love you but not try to hide her golden digger personality behind sweet words.

Also, at the side of a man, it’s essential to honestly define his dating goals. While women are more likely to look for serious relationships and marriage, males can be interested in casual dating, which can cause a huge misunderstanding if not properly discussed at the beginning of communication. Moreover, discussing your general preferences in the relationship can also help to build a proper family. Even if the majority of mail order brides come from countries where patriarchy is still strong, it doesn’t mean that their American dream is to become a housekeeper and fulfil themselves in the kitchen. Everyone, who actually joined the service, is looking for something special, and this special may differ a lot from person to person. That’s why apart from leaning on mail order bride facts, it’s essential to define clear dating goals and build relationships based on realistic expectations and respect.

Country statistics

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Many lonely ladies from various parts of the planet become mail order brides. The most popular countries are Thailand, Russia, China, Ukraine, Philippines, and Vietnam. The common age range for Vietnam ladies starts from 20 to 28 years.

According to the report from the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, mail-order brides constitute 10 percent of the matrimonies between young Filipino ladies and males from other countries, and 44 percent of them are U.S. citizens.

At least 2,000 lonely females from the Philippines find their ideal partners for the whole life each year with the help of such services, and 800 of them bind their lives with American guys. Based on published materials from dating sources, similar tendency works for ladies from Russia, Latin America, and other areas; i.e., 10 percent find their husbands, of whom 40 to 50 percent are guys from the USA.

Mail order success rate

Moving to the main answer, we gathered a lot of information and real mail order marriage statistics. How many mail order marriages end in divorce? For example, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services reports that marriages that appeared thanks to mail order bride agencies are less likely to end in divorce than for the general population of the developed world. About 80% of these relationships have lasted over the years. The source also reports mail-order bride agencies to unite from 4,000 to 6,000 couples between U.S. men and foreign brides each year.

mail order brides success rate
Mail-Order Brides Success Rate. Infographic by

The Tahirih Justice Center estimated 11,000 to 16,500 mail order brides, using 2007 immigration statistics. So, basing on real statistics of the USA (not taking a lot of other countries in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc.), it’s evident that the rate of united couples is actually high, which gives a lot of hope for potential members of international matchmaking agencies.

Dating apps and online services statistics

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A significant number of American guys consider mail order bride agencies and dating applications being acceptable and convenient way to find an ideal partner for a romantic affair and marriage. Almost half of online users from the US have met or know someone who has met a girlfriend or future mail order wife on a dating portal or app.

According to the results of a January 2019 survey, 49 percent of Internet users registered in various dating apps and found them a reliable place for searching for a romantic partner. A further 20 percent looked for non-exclusive girlfriends or boyfriends online, and 23 percent said that that they used dating platforms just for sexual partners.

Dating apps and online services statistics
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In addition, these sources are used mostly by men than females. According to survey, dating portals and mobile applications gained more popularity among the younger generation – 14 percent of American internet users aged 18 to 34 years choose this way for communication and flirting and a further 29 percent had done so earlier.

Final thoughts about mail order bride statistics

So, as well as the real dating, mail order bride platforms offer everyone the opportunity to find a soul mate. The same as real dating, there are no guarantees that the person you come across is a 100% perfect life partner. On the contrary, online dating sites allow looking for the person who will meet your preferences, and this process will not take so much time as in real life. Indeed, a lot of people take this chance and find their significant others. Besides, the mail order marriage statistics prove that the majority of relationship that ends in holy matrimony last long. So, why not give it a shot?