Mail Order Bride Scam Warning: The Truth About Fake Women

 Mail Order Bride Scam Warning: The Truth About Fake Women

Online dating sites provide excellent services to people who want to meet their love without leaving their homes. It is a valuable opportunity that can change one’s private life and help find a perfect woman. However, there are romance scammers that can gain a guy’s trust and make him spend money on a fake lady. People who became victims of this deception have lost millions of dollars because of frauds’ tricky schemes. In general, mail order bride scam means activities that aim to receive money from trusting men on dating platforms by pretending to be their potential romantic partners.

There are many reasons and ways that make and help fraudsters implement their plans in practice. One of the most popular ways is to create a profile on a dating platform or social media and post beautiful photos. After that, scammers write some persuasive background of a woman and initiate conversations with guys. Their main trick is using emotional triggers that will make guys want to buy presents, send money, and help with issues. Fraudsters start communicating with men, and if they see that one is an easy target, they start earning the trust. Scammers send lovely messages, emails, and try to show that “a woman” fancies you. As soon as a fake lady knows personal information and charms a man, she asks for money, explaining this need by different made-up reasons. These might be illnesses of their relatives, passport or visa expenses, or confirmation of a man’s feelings. After receiving money, they usually disappear, leaving guys with nothing but disappointment.

Does this profile look suspicious? Find out how to spot mail order bride scam

People prefer to make sure that they will make a good couple before getting into serious relationships. They chat a lot, spend months trying to get to know each other, and don’t rush. However, scammers usually make mistakes that lead them to failures. Fake women often start suggesting moving to the next stages of relations after a week or two, barely knowing men. They will also try to persuade you to chat on messenger or elsewhere, but not on a dating website. The reason is that they are afraid to get caught by the site’s managers or receive a complaint from the user who might suspect that they’re lying.

These women usually have photos on their profiles, and if a man decides to search them on Google, the results might be surprising. One picture is often used for several accounts of scammers. Also, there might be a personal page on social media, where the information about girls contradicts the one on the website. Another sign is when a lady sends you her email address in the first message. You can see the example down below:

mail order brides scam

Thus, a man has to keep in mind that there are many tricks used by scammers. He should use only legitimate mail order bride sites with many reviews and different and verified profiles. Also, there are common mail order bride scam warnings, knowing which will help you avoid fraudsters:

  • They avoid talking on the phone or video chat;
  • A man receives too many personal questions;
  • They forget previous conversations and don’t understand what you’re talking about
  • A woman’s profile is too perfect, for example, she looks like a model in photos and is educated, but her messages have many spelling mistakes.

Top 3 tips on avoiding mail-order bride scam

After facing a romance scam, a man might be wondering whether it is legal to mail order a bride. The answer to this question is positive because there are many dating platforms that are officially registered and aim to provide quality services to their customers. You can find out more on this topic reading the article is it legal to mail order a bride. There’s nothing wrong with paying professionals to receive help in managing your love life. However, there are many people whose actions are illegal because they are scammers who create fake identities to get money from other people by tricking them. Reasons for these actions are different, and the most common are:

  1. Taking money under false pretences;
  2. Mail order bride green card scam is popular because relationships with the citizens make it easier for fraudsters to go to the US;
  3. Making men pay off someone’s debts.
scam protection mail order brides

We have gathered useful tips that will help guys notice and avoid being subjected to fraud:

Tip 1. Don’t share contact details and personal information

A man shouldn’t tell his address, passwords, or many facts from his biography because scammers might steal not only his money but also his identity. Don’t let that fake woman fool you.

Tip 2. Find your lover’s social media profile

If your lady uses a dating site, she must have an account on social media. You might have difficulties finding her there, or the information and photos in her profile won’t match those on the website. If so, that’s a sign of a scammer.

Tip 3. Never transfer money

Don’t buy gift cards or wire money, nor don’t tell anybody your card security number. When knowing your bank accounts’ data, fraudsters can easily steal money from you.

Secrets to protecting yourself from mail order bride scam

man dating online with foreign women

Although one of the most popular stereotypes about mail order brides is that they all are scammers, it’s only partially true. The reason is that many real women want to meet their love online because local guys are not the ones they prefer. That’s why a man shouldn’t give up on using dating websites, but rather pick reliable ones. Nevertheless, it’s always better to be prepared for different challenges, and know how to protect oneself from romance scam.

In the early stages of the relationship, a guy has to suggest having a video call with his lover. If a woman keeps refusing, it might be a scam. You can conduct research and try to find her friends and photos that are not from professional photoshoots. Also, don’t send too personal pictures or videos because fraudsters can use them to blackmail you. In case of any problems, a man has to report the information about the fake lady to the website’s customer support. If a guy has shared financial data, he has to contact the bank and tell them about the situation.

Therefore, mail order bride scam is a popular phenomenon nowadays. However, if being aware of safety measures and common signs of illegal activities, men can use reliable dating platforms without worrying.