Online Dating Questions To Ask Before Meeting In Person

 Online Dating Questions To Ask Before Meeting In Person

When you first sign up for a dating site, there may be dozens, if not hundreds of women who match your initial search criteria. Through browsing their profiles and communicating with them, you eventually narrow down the list of your potential matches to a couple of ladies or even just one of them.

The next natural step in the progress of an online relationship is a real-life meeting. There are numerous guides on how to make your first date successful, but there isn’t much information online about what to do before it. Here are 7 online dating questions you should ask before the first offline date plus 3 questions that you should never ask before meeting in person.

7 online dating questions to ask before the first real date

When you are only beginning your online communication, you already get to know the most important facts from the person’s life, including their age, marital status, location, and number of children. If you don’t know what to talk about when you first meet a woman online, our helpful guide will tell you everything on how do you start a conversation online dating. Before you arrange a real-life date, you need to ask more specific questions that will tell you whether this person is a good match for you. Here are those online dating questions.

1. What are you looking for in your personal life?

7 online dating questions to ask before the first real date

This is probably the question that should start it all. Ideally, two people meeting on a dating site and building a connection should look for the same things on a larger scale. If you have marriage on your mind and your online partner is only looking for a quick fling or a “friends with benefits” arrangement, asking this question and getting an honest answer can help you avoid the hurt and disappointment from the relationship failing to meet your expectations. And vice versa, if you are not looking for anything serious, you should always let the other person know so that they don’t get their hopes up.

2. What do you do for a living?

Some dating sites have an “Occupation” field in their user profiles, so you can already know where your potential match works before talking to them for the first time. However, this field won’t tell you a lot about the person’s exact position and duties. Normally, people love talking about their jobs and a conversation about work can be a great icebreaker if you don’t know what else to talk about. Just don’t forget to ask appropriate questions and make comments, so that the person’s story about their job doesn’t turn into a monologue.

3. What do you do for fun?

A conversation about work can tell you a lot about the woman’s professional side of the personality, but a discussion about hobbies and interests can get you closer to each other and help you find some common grounds to talk about on your first offline meeting. And even if you have completely different interests and hobbies, it doesn’t mean you are necessarily a bad match — there have been many situations when men and their real mail order brides bonded over their differences and enjoyed exploring each other’s worldview even more than they would have if their interests have been completely similar.

4. What can you tell me about your family and friends?

Most people, including women on international dating sites, have a close connection to their families and a tight social circle of friends. These people will tell you lots of stories about their family members and friends that will tell you that they are highly sociable and care for the people in their lives. There are also loners who only have one or two friends and don’t have a large family, and there is nothing wrong with that. The only red flag to look for here is if your online date expresses highly negative opinions about her family and friends or says she doesn’t need anyone at all — you can eventually get the same treatment.

5. What about my profile attracted you in the first place?

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From your perspective, this question may look like you are simply fishing for compliments. However, the information on what the lady found interesting about your profile can tell you more about your online date. Was she first attracted to your profile photos or did she like the introduction you wrote about yourself? She may be reluctant or shy to talk about it, so you can help by sharing what you found appealing about her profile first.

6. What do you have planned for your future?

Right now, you may be only planning your first date, but if everything goes well, soon you will need to think about the future. To make things work, you need to know your date has the same views on your potential future together as you do. How long to date before marriage, how many children is the ideal number of children, whether the woman should work or be a housewife, who should do the house chores or should they be equally split between the spouses are all essential online dating questions that you two should discuss before the first date.

7. What is your idea of a perfect first date?

This is probably the final question to ask before arranging a real-life date that you understandably want to go perfectly. Your date’s idea of a memorable first meeting may be different from yours, so it’s best to know in advance and plan accordingly. Surely, you probably won’t be able to accommodate something exotic like hot air balloon riding or going on a two-day hiking tour for the first date, but if it’s something like wine tasting, visiting a petting zoo, or attending a water park, your first date will not only be exciting for both of you, but also perfectly doable.

3 Online Dating Questions To Never Ask Before The Offline Date

Now that you know which 7 questions will increase your chances of a successful first date, it’s also time to find out which 3 online dating questions should be avoided while your communication still takes place in the online realm.

1. Why did your last relationship end?

Don't Ask These Online Dating Questions

Given the fact that your online partner is currently communicating on a dating site, you can guess that she’s single, but you don’t need to know why just yet. Whether her boyfriend or husband left her, she left him, or he passed away, this topic may be too personal if you have only have known each other for a few days or weeks. Don’t worry though — you will get a chance to find it out when your relationship becomes closer.

2. How much do you make?

This is just a tacky question to ask in the early relationship stages. You can get a pretty good understanding of the person’s wealth from her living conditions, hobbies, and travel experience, but there is no reason for you to know the exact amount of money she makes. On the other hand, if she asks you how much you make precisely, you should also consider it to be a red flag.

3. What are your political views?

Politics, religion, and gender issues are often very sensitive subjects and should not be discussed online. A difference in your views can ruin the chances of developing a beautiful relationship, but you can discuss those things later and find a common ground when you know each other better.


Now you know all the essential questions to ask and things to discuss before the meeting – and before falling for a lady online, too. Please, don’t hesitate to come here again to recall our tips; we will be glad to see you on our website again! Check out our other articles: we are sure that you will find something useful.