9 Tips For Writing A Good Online Dating Profile

 9 Tips For Writing A Good Online Dating Profile

The search for a match via legit mail order brides sites has long been established as the fastest and easiest way for singles to meet new people. Since online, you meet people you might never have met in real life.

Questions that are heard again and again: “How successful is online dating?”, “How to write an effective profile for online dating?” or “What online dating can bring?”. Numerous success stories show that great love is sometimes just a click away. However, so that you really attract a princess, your own profile should be creative and appealing. A little effort is required here! By having a complete profile, the chances of being contacted are higher. Here are some suggestions so that your profile truly represents all that you have to offer.

1. Be authentic

Tell a story about yourself that will help women understand who you are and what you are looking for. Your profile is only the starting point, and by using a maximum of 50-100 words, you have to attract the attention of ladies. It is better to create curiosity and expectation as well as to make others want to ask you questions.

2. Choose a catchy profile name

Your profile name, along with your profile photo, are the two elements that will give a first impression of who you are. Your profile name must be original and attract attention because the objective is to make people want to read your profile. Don’t hesitate to add a touch of humour to it.

3. Write an original intro

The first line of your profile should make women want to read your description until the end. Avoid writing the same thing as everyone else (“My name is Steven, I’m 30 years old, and I live in NY”). You can, for example, write something like “Steven from NY on the way to a perfect bride.”

The first sentence is intriguing and raises a number of questions. Ladies want to keep reading to find the answer. If you have blank page syndrome, choose a phrase from a song, book, or movie you love.

4. Write a short online dating profile

The too-long online dating profile for a man can be boring and even tedious to read. On the other hand, if your profile is short, the other person will have more desire to read it in full. The idea is not to tell your whole life but to pique the women’s curiosity and make them willing to write to you to learn more about you.

5. Focus on what makes you unique

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To be noticed, check out several profiles before writing your own, see what people are saying, and don’t say the same thing! You will notice that almost everyone likes to travel or spend an evening with friends.

Put aside what you have in common with many other people to focus on what makes you YOU. Maybe you speak another language, have unusual interests or skills. Even the little things count; perhaps you are addicted to olives, or you love vintage clothes. This can intrigue others and give them ideas to get in touch with you.

6. Talk about your social activities

Don’t just talk about what you enjoy doing at home alone (reading, listening to music, etc.) but highlight the activities you do outdoors, with other people or in public (concerts, exhibitions, sport, etc.).

Women need to understand what type of activities they can share with you. If you are more of an introvert, do not hesitate to say it without mentioning only the activities that you enjoy doing alone.

7. Describe the person you are looking for in your own words

A single lady who reads and appreciates your profile will know if she could match you. When describing the ideal girl for you, say what you are looking for in her respectfully and realistically. Don’t be too difficult or demanding. For example, you can list the characteristics of the person you are looking for on a sheet of paper and then highlight the two or three that are most important to you and include only them in your profile.

8. Update the profile regularly

How to write an online dating profile that works? It will allow you to describe your true personality. Hence, it is advisable to update it regularly so that it faithfully represents your character. This will show other users that you are still active and really looking for a suitable person. Do not hesitate to complete your interests, and to reveal yourself, and this will surely attract the attention of more members. One of the keys to the success in online dating is to maintain your profile and complete it with honesty.

9. Choose the right photo

For each meeting, whether it takes place in real life or online, the first impression is essential. Do you want to know how to write an online dating profile for a woman or a man? A really effective profile for online dating must reflect a personality, and this also involves choosing the profile photo that must be as recent as possible.

The ideal is a profile photo that represents you faithfully and pleasantly. If possible, favor a portrait photo: these are more successful than the others. Also, the attractiveness of a photo increases if you look straight at the lens with a smile.

To go further, it is interesting to know the fact that an extroverted appearance increases the chances of a successful relationship. In addition, photos of men where they look serious are more successful among women. Men seem more attractive when they look sincere and outgoing.

Finally, if the profile is visited a good number of times, but the messages are not as numerous as expected, the profile photo may be the reason. In this case, it is best to change it and observe the results in order to identify the problem.

Final Thoughts

The success of your future relationships depends in part on the quality of your online dating profile. So be sure to complete it as honestly as possible, while showing off in the best possible light!


How do I make my online dating profile stand out?

If you wish to have a stellar online dating profile, you can provide other members with list hobbies you can do with others. Also, choose your profile photo carefully. Put yourself in the spotlight, but do not bend, just focus on the feature that you find most attractive about yourself. Don’t overdo it with filters! Always remember that you want to meet in reality.
Be creative, a little bit self-deprecating and humorous in your text. But be careful and don’t overdo it.

What should I put on my online dating profile?

In order to make your online dating profile attractive and interesting, you can give a snapshot of who you are and what you are looking for in the relationships. Don’t forget to describe yourself in detail, mentioning your interests, hobbies, and activities. And, of course, the profile photo is your visit card. Choose a fabulous one.

What kind of photos should I add to my profile?

The best thing is that you appear alone and that your face is clearly visible, better without glasses! Make sure the photos are recent and reflect on how you really are.