Why Do American Men Marry Foreign Brides?

 Why Do American Men Marry Foreign Brides?

Although a lot was said about the phenomenon of mail order brides that still lives and goes stronger today, it is considered that it is still understudied. Many social researchers note that we should pay more attention to such marriages at least because Americans began to marry foreign girls a few centuries ago, and it is still trendy.

What are the reasons? Okay, we cannot also say that there is no information about American men’s motivation. We compared the information from various trusted sources and our own experienced, defined the main reasons why Americans still prefer to marry foreigners, and described them all below.

The opposite to American women’s selfishness?

It would be wrong to deny that foreign wives are this popular for one reason: they are the alternative to local American women. What is wrong about American girls? Well, middle-aged and older men view them are more career-minded and even selfish wives, especially if these men have already married Americans a few times and were more than disappointed. Does it mean that all girls in the US are really like that? Of course, it is not. It, however, does not also mean that foreign girls have nothing to offer to western guys.

For example, it was proved that American men prefer Latina women as wives because they are believed to take better care of their husbands and are more tender, warm, and dedicated to their home than are American women. In general, this is the main reason for marrying a girl from Asia or the former Soviet Union — they are more conservative when it comes to the institution of the family, more feminine and caring in daily life, and more caring, at least, according to men who were married as to Americans, as to foreign women.

Why people from different cultures have the same views on the family?

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So, why do American guys and ladies living thousands of miles away from the US (often on different continents) have similar views on the family roles? It seems pretty weird, right? We can explain this phenomenon. It is no secret that foreign ladies usually marry older guys. In most cases, men are 45+ years old. They were raised in other families that were not like modern American families. Here is what one of the men says:

American ladies were too interested in what I was worth [economically]. With women’s liberation in the country, I had ladies calling me, coming to my place. Before, the man called the woman when he wanted to date her; she was not the initiator. Now this is different from what I grew up with, so I decided that the best thing to do was to meet someone that can’t just come to my house.

It is obvious that American society has changed a lot, and frankly, not all men like those changes. Societies in most developing countries with the largest numbers of brides, however, have not changed this much. Consequently, modern foreign brides grew up in families of the same type as middle-aged American men did. They were not influenced by modern trends as much as ladies in developed western countries. That is why this is a sort of perfect match: people of different generations and living in different countries sometimes have more common than people who grew up in one social environment.

A hottie who would make all friends jealous

Of course, we could not but mention another reason why so many men are attracted to mail order brides. Most of them come from the countries where every one in two girls is absolutely beautiful, and the rest of them are just very pretty.

Russia, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and plenty of other places with brides dreaming of marrying an American have what to offer to guys who value women’s beauty. By the way, as we noted before, men are usually much older than their brides, and that is usually considered a benefit by both parties.

How many marriages end in divorce?

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What about the statistics? How many mail order marriages end in divorce? You might be surprised to know the answer. There are some really interesting statistics that show that such marriages work not worse (and often even better) than the interethnic marriages. For example, the National Academy of Sciences states that marriages created on the web were less likely to break up within the very 1st year, while spouses reported a higher degree of satisfaction.

Furthermore, the USCIS also notes that “marriages arranged through the MOB platforms would appear to have a much lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole, fully 80 % of such marriages having lasted over the many years.”

We would like to emphasize that statistic does not guarantee anything to anyone, but it is about chances, and the chance to live a happy life with a foreign bride, in part, due to the above-mentioned things, is pretty good.

Final thoughts

So, what else can be said about this, undoubtedly unique social phenomenon? It is very interesting to see how the world is developing in different ways and at different speeds. Currently, men of certain generations and women of the same generation experience problems because they have different views on the family due to the social changes. However, there is no big gap between American guys and foreign girls living in developing countries.

There is no denying the fact that this is the main reason why men in the US marry foreigners. They just have a lot to offer, they have what guys are looking for. In other words, men understand and expect that foreign brides will make their life better, and well, brides expect them to do the same, through love and care.