Costa Rican Mail Order Brides: The Most Useful Info About Them

 Costa Rican Mail Order Brides: The Most Useful Info About Them

Beautiful natural landscapes, volcanoes, amazing beaches — there are tens of reasons why you should visit Costa Rica. Mail order brides from Costa Rica are another reason to visit this beautiful country — there are thousands of hot girls here and they are certainly worth dating. Continue reading to know more about these girls and about Costa Rican dating sites!

Costa Rican brides: Dating tips

If you have never had a relationship with a foreign woman, here’s what you have to know: foreign women are… different. They have different dating etiquette, they were raised in a different cultural background, not to mention different customs and traditions. This is why we are going to tell you 5 useful tips that will help you have a successful date and a happy and healthy relationship.

  1. Good looks is as important as confidence when it comes to dating Costa Rican women for marriage. They are a little conservative so they are really into that traditional image of a strong, powerful, and confident man. Well, it does not apply only to Costa Rican girls, does it?
  2. Learn Spanish. 1 out of 10 adult Costa Ricans can speak English, so you should be ready to solve the language barrier problem. Of course, most Costa Rican mail order brides develop English fluency in 6-12 months after their relocation, but you can speed this process up and make it easier for both of you to understand each other at the beginning of your relationship. Just learn at least a few phrases in Spanish and you’ll deal with it.
  3. Be kind, thoughtful, and caring. If you are an old school gentleman or at least use those gentlemen “tricks” sometimes, it’s great. Costa Rican brides appreciate men being polite and attentive.
  4. Your serious intentions do really matter! The point is, the majority of beautiful Costa Rican girls who use brides services are focused on something more serious than a casual relationship. That’s why you will have quite high chances to win a Costa Rican bride’s heart if you show her that you are serious about her.
  5. Don’t be jealous! It’s very simple — these women do really hate it!

How do we choose the best Costa Rica mail order bride online platform?

costa rican mail order brides

If you want to find bride, you need to find a good dating service first. But don’t worry, you don’t need to waste your time — our experts have already done everything for you, so you only need to choose any of the sites on How do we filter out the sites and choose the best ones? It’s very simple — we pay attention to such factors as safety, number and quality of features, and reputation when we choose the best international online dating platforms.

Safety is the most important factor if the site doesn’t have proper security measures, it doesn’t deserve your time and attention. That’s why we always check out the validity of the SSL certificate of the site — if there is no SSL encryption, it’s unsafe to use such dating services (almost every modern platform has a 128-bit SSL encryption).

The number of features is extremely important, too — if there is no video chat or voice call service, you’ll be limited to texting only which is not too convenient, to be fair. The reputation is the last (but not least) thing to check, and it’s very simple to do it. We find real reviews (both expert and customer reviews) and read them to understand if the website is truly good or not.

How to distinguish a real Costa Rican bride from a scammer?

You should not be reckless. There are a lot of men who think that any 10/10 foreign girl will love them because of their blue passport or that they can buy Costa Rican brides online easily. That’s not true — if a girl who looks like a top model sends you messages and you haven’t even uploaded a profile picture, well, it’s probably a scammer. And if a girl looks great and behaves adequately, she rather wants to find a decent husband, not a daddy (though there are plenty of ladies who are interested in such kind of relationships, too).
A small tip to help you protect yourself from a scammer: always google the photo of the girl you chat with — if it’s a scammer, you’ll find this photo on stock sites or in plenty of profiles with different names on other dating platforms.

Pros and cons of dating a mail order bride from Costa Rica

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So, are these women worth marrying? Of course, they are! But are they really perfect? Of course, they aren’t — there are no perfect people and of course, Costa Rican mail order brides have some disadvantages, too. Here, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of dating these gorgeous girls. Let’s discuss the pros first!


  • They are passionate and feminine. They are confident, they are good kissers and dancers, they love physical contact, they are very emotional and sensitive.
  • Costa Rican girls make great wives — respectful, caring, and ready to do everything to make their husbands happy.
  • They are non-materialistic and not demanding. It’s not that they have very low standards, of course — they just believe that physical and emotional intimacy is more important in a relationship than materialistic things.


  • They are very religious. If you are a religious man yourself, it wouldn’t be a problem for you, but if you are looking for a casual relationship, Costa Rican women are probably not the best option.
  • Costa Rican women are opinionated and too talkative sometimes. Again, if you’re ok with that, you will not have any problems — but if you are a silent man, a talkative girl can be a pain in the neck for you.