Everything You Need To Know About The Gorgeous Ethiopian Brides

 Everything You Need To Know About The Gorgeous Ethiopian Brides

Ethiopia is one of the best-known countries on the African continent, but it’s safe to say that its image in the media has been polarizing. On the one hand, Ethiopia is a beautiful country with a fascinating history and lots of landmarks. On the other hand, life in Ethiopia is tough for the majority of its population. Today, however, we will focus on the one aspect of Ethiopia that makes it stand out among other African countries — the magnificent Ethiopian brides.

What makes Ethiopian women the best girlfriends and wives?

Until recently, you may have never considered Ethiopian brides to be a good option for your marriage goals, but they are becoming more and more popular on the foreign bride scene. So what exactly is it about Ethiopian women that makes them so coveted by men from around the world?

They look very attractive

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Call us shallow, but we cannot get enough of the beauty of Ethiopian brides. With their deep-caramel skin, curly hair, and piercing eyes, they have everything it takes to become your favorite women’s ethnicity. Ethiopian girls are not tall, but they have an athletic build with subtle curves, making them look great in any outfit. You will also find that Ethiopian take their appearance and style very seriously and put a lot of effort into always looking presentable.

They will do anything for love

If we could only say one thing about Ethiopian wives, we would say that they are hopeless romantics. From a very young age, they dream about love and marriage, imagining their future married life to be absolutely perfect. And when they grow up, this desire of love does not go anywhere and a woman from Ethiopia will not rest until she has found her ideal match.

They always look at the bright side of things

For ordinary Ethiopians, life in the country can be tough, but Ethiopian brides don’t allow those hardships to break them. In fact, there is an opposite effect: they become extremely resilient and can put up with any challenges. Moreover, they never lose their hope and can always cheer up everyone around them even when the situation looks dire.

Ethiopian wives are, perhaps, the biggest optimists you will ever encounter.

They are deeply loyal

Ethiopian women consider loyalty to be one of their main virtues. Even the thought of being with another man will never cross their mind when they are married. You can look forward to decades of faithfulness from Ethiopian brides, but only if you are prepared to offer the same unquestionable loyalty to them.

They make ideal wives and mothers

A brilliant career may not be the top priority for most Ethiopian wives, but they truly excel at their most traditional duties of a life partner and a mother. The more children an Ethiopian lady has, the happier she is, but of course, she will be sensible about it and will always listen to your arguments regarding the number of children you will have together.

Ethiopian brides are naturally caring and are prepared to do their best for the sake of their families.

Famous women from Ethiopia you should know about

famous ethiopian women

Ethiopia is the birthplace of numerous outstanding female personalities that are known in every field, from music to medicine. Here are just some of the most inspiring names in recent Ethiopian history.

  • Abebech Gobena, a famed Ethiopian humanitarian who founded one of the country’s longest-functioning orphanages and dedicated her life to saving the children in need.
  • Tirunesh Dibaba, an accomplished runner who comes from a dynasty of runners and has won multiple Olympic medals, as well as numerous championships.
  • Meaza Ashenafi, a successful lawyer who also became a leading advocate for women’s rights in Ethiopia after launching the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association and having provided over 100,000 women in dire situations with free legal advice.

Dating an Ethiopian woman: 5 essential tips

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Right now, you may be thinking that Ethiopian brides are too different from the women in your own country and you have no idea how to approach them and how to make the relationship successful. The good news is that you don’t need any intricate dating strategy when you are in a relationship with an Ethiopian lady, but here are the tips that will help you enjoy your relationship to the fullest.

  • Take the matters into your own hands. Ethiopian brides love powerful men who are not afraid to assume the initiative in the relationship. Of course, you should always listen to what your girlfriend has to say, but at the end of the day, you will be the one making the decisions.
  • Charm her family. Sooner or later, you will meet the parents, grandparents, and siblings of your future Ethiopian wife. Make sure to be on your best behavior and let them know that their daughter is in good hands with you.
  • Be generous. A typical Ethiopian lady doesn’t receive a lot of gifts from men or experience a lot of fine dining and other traditional things for Western couples. Show her this side of the relationship to win some extra points.
  • Get immersed in her culture. Ethiopian girls are extremely proud of their culture and consider it to be a major part of their identity. If you show a genuine interest, you will be rewarded with gratitude and lots of captivating stories.
  • Be honest about your intentions. If you are not ready for a serious relationship or marriage, the worst thing you can do is waste the time of your Ethiopian mail order bride, since she is firmly focused on marriage and won’t settle for anything less than that.

Why do Ethiopian women decide to marry foreigners?

With over 100 million people living in Ethiopia and a nearly equal ratio of men to women, there is clearly no shortage of men for Ethiopian brides to choose from. However, local men are not particularly known for their respectable treatment of women, and many of them believe a married woman is virtually her husband’s property. This is not something women in Ethiopia are willing to accept.

The search for better treatment is the number one reason why there are new Ethiopian brides appearing on foreign dating sites every week. However, there is also no denying the fact that Ethiopian ladies simply want to build a better life for themselves and the children they will have in the future. They believe they can achieve it all with a reliable foreign man while offering their unconditional love, care, and respect in return.

Ethiopian wedding traditions: the top 5

Ethiopian culture is mesmerizing, complex, and can take years for you to master. However, if things go well for you and your bride, soon you will be planning your own Ethiopian wedding, and these are the 5 most important Ethiopian wedding traditions to keep in mind.

  1. The Telosh ceremony. Two days before the wedding, the groom and his family will visit the bride and her family at their home to give the gifts to the bride and celebrate the upcoming nuptials.
  2. Unusual wedding structure. In Ethiopian wedding traditions, the official engagement takes place on the day of the wedding, which is why the wedding ceremony is divided into several sections that take place at different locations and on different days.
  3. The Melse ceremony. On the second day of the wedding, the bride and the groom will wear traditional Ethiopian clothes and will be joined by their loved ones in another celebration, which includes cutting of the bread and the bride’s mother giving her daughter a nickname.
  4. Lots of food. Food is an integral part of a traditional Ethiopian wedding and it will be present at every step of the wedding ceremony. The food at an Ethiopian wedding is usually served in the form of a buffet and features lots of meat, including raw beef, vegetables, and sourdough bread, as well as a beautiful wedding cake.
  5. The Kelekel ceremony. Kelekel takes place on the third wedding day. Unlike the previous ceremonies, which are designed only for the closest family members and friends, Kelekel is an opportunity for everyone in the extended family and social circle to celebrate with the newlyweds.

Where to meet Ethiopian brides?

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Ethiopia has enough attractions to place it high on your to-see list, but while you will undoubtedly have a great time in Ethiopia, traveling there to find your significant other is not the best idea for several reasons. First, spending weeks in Ethiopia can be financially challenging. Second, approaching local women as a stranger may be considered a threat by local men and therefore can be dangerous for you. Third, no Ethiopian brides will genuinely contemplate moving abroad for the many they’ve just met.

All things considered, there is no more effective, budget-friendly, and safe way to meet Ethiopian brides than to sign up for one of the many international dating websites. There you can find hundreds of brides from Ethiopia who not only possess all the attractive qualities of Ethiopian wives, but also made a conscious decision to get married to a foreigner and leave Ethiopia for good. Therefore, it will take you less time and effort to convince your bride to move to your country and you can concentrate on what really matters in a relationship.


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