Asian Mail Order Brides Tours — A Good Or A Bad Idea?

 Asian Mail Order Brides Tours — A Good Or A Bad Idea?

People say Asian girls are popular. But one can realize how popular they really are only after learning how many guys worldwide come to Asia for certain purposes. They do it to see some beautiful historic and culturally important places and also to meet wives and mothers of their future children. Just think about it: for decades, men are leaving their countries for quite a long time, spending it in Asia and coming back with life partners. What is so special about local women? Why are Asian bride tours still popular today and why are they expected to become even more viral in the following decades?

The answer is surprisingly simple: these ladies have a lot to offer to guys from the total absence of selfishness to wisdom and beauty. But how to distinguish real Asian romance tours from scams? What are the types of tours and why pay for them instead of the tour you can purchase at the travel agency? What is the best country to visit? All the answers can be found below!

What services do international dating agencies provide?

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International dating agencies, also known as dating platforms (most of them have their own sites,) provide a wide range of services, and only the largest and the most reputable ones arrange such kinds of tours. Why? Well, they need to invest a lot to get their profit. This business model pays for itself and makes a profit only if everyone and everything works great at every stage, from online communication to the organization of the event in Asia. Here are the services that are supposed to be more than just good to keep such companies afloat.

  • Collecting data, creating profiles. Men need to provide info about the women they like. Women need to do the same. Ladies need to provide photos and videos. Someone or something is supposed to sort all the profiles, data, and files — in most cases, the best algorithms are used to sort the data, and the best specialists work with clients helping them describe themselves and their matches.
  • Online communication. Well, it is relevant only if an agency has its dating site and wants its members to meet before arranging a solo tour, but still — they are really important for most agencies and their clients.
  • Arranging a tour. When a man is ready to buy a group or a solo tour to an Asian country, he doesn’t have to do anything except for paying for the services. Everything from buying tickets to booking hotels is done by the company.
  • Entertainment, meetings, translation services. The same can be said about everything that happens in Asia — men who buy marriage tours just have fun, do some sightseeing, meet ladies in clubs, restaurants, halls, and other places booked by a company.
  • Legal advice. Yes, that’s right. If you are lucky to find a great agency, you will get a full set of services, including legal advice. It is more than just useful for guys who succeed and met their soulmates during this trip.

As you can see, the client of a good agency can really get everything he needs to meet the right girl in Asia.

Best countries for Asian dating tours

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There are 48 countries in Asia, which are the best from the best when it comes to Asian marriage tours. Take a look at our top-6 ranking of the best destinations for single men on this magnificent continent.

  1. Philippines
  2. Vietnam
  3. Thailand
  4. China
  5. India
  6. Sri Lanka

Tours to the top-6 countries from our list can be found on almost any marriage tours site just because guys really can find love there.

Final thoughts about Asian marriage tours

So, you can find Asian mail brides right in Asia, and you don’t need to look for them among local bar girls. If you are looking for a two-in-one, a great vacation, during which you don’t need to worry about anything but meeting hot women, then this is a great chance to meet a soulmate — a dream girl who will meet all your criteria.


How much do I need to pay for an Asian romance tour?

It depends on a lot of different factors, the most important of which are the country you choose, the agency you cooperate with, the country where you live, and the type of tour you choose. The range of prices is pretty wide — costs vary from 2 to 10 thousand dollars.

How to find an agency that arranges romance tours?

You need to do your research, read the reviews (professional or written by the clients of the agency or a dating platform,) learn everything about terms and conditions, and if you are going to sign a contract or an agreement, read it carefully, including the fine print. If you don’t know where to start, check the options on our site — we bet we will the great company that will meet all your expectations.

How can I succeed in dating local women?

There are two most important tips we can give. Firstly, learn more about the culture and traditions of the country you are going to visit. Secondly, don’t act like it is a sex tour — these women are looking for romance, love, and marriage, and not one-night stands.

What should I do if I fall in love and want to marry a woman?

Propose! Please note that if you are American, your bride will need to apply for a K-1 fiance(e) visa, and this will take some time (about 6 months, to be exact.) Once she obtains it, she will be able to move to the US and get married to you.