What Are Chinese Romance Tours About: Cute Girls & Endless Flirting

 What Are Chinese Romance Tours About: Cute Girls & Endless Flirting

As you may know, the male to female ratio in China is very distorted. Simply speaking, there are more grooms than brides in the country, and this affects how marriages and relationships work between Chinese. Despite a huge choice of grooms, Chinese women still prefer dating foreigners. Why?

Foreign men are free of Chinese stereotypes about marriage (like that ladies 27+ are no longer “marriage material”), they can increase the social status of the entire Chinese family and can help Chinese women achieve their dreams. Thus, Chinese girls gladly become Chinese mail order brides and meet foreign bachelors at special Chinese bride tours.

What are these bride tours? Why do foreigners decide to go there? And which benefits do these tours provide? What makes distinguishable Chinese dating tours and do they really help to find Chinese mail order brides? We will address these and many other questions here, so read on!

What are the Chinese bride tours?

Chinese bride tours, also known as Chinese romance, marriage, or dating tours, are unique events, hosted by a marriage tour site or marriage/bride agency. During these events, dozens of single foreign men (could be from the USA, the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, South Korea, etc.) meet Chinese mail order brides.

They last from one day to a couple of days or even a week and may include:

  1. A «massive dating event» in a restaurant
  2. Special outings (going to clubs, pubs in groups)
  3. City excursions, and other types of entertainment

During these events, foreigners and Chinese brides have a chance to talk to each other, find the person they really like, flirt, exchange contacts, etc. Not all Chinese girls speak English, so marriage agencies provide translators for such events.

Why are Chinese dating tours better than single trips?

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As experience tells, Chinese dating tours are much more beneficial than solo trips because:

  • You don’t need to plan and organize everything starting from your itinerary and ending with what you will eat on a date with a Chinese girl
  • You don’t need to know peculiarities of a Chinese city you are visiting (like where to exchange money and in which districts better not to book a hotel, all is prepared by the agency)
  • You will meet dozens of single Chinese girls and can try hitting on several of them (if you plan a solo trip, you can maximum meet a couple of girls)
  • You have guarantees that all Chinese brides present at a tour are interested in a serious relationship
  • You know that girls will come to the event (by contrast, if it’s a self-organized solo trip, you don’t have guarantees that the girl you invited won’t change her mind and vanish)
  • You will understand all Chinese girls because translators/interpreters will be provided
  • You will have a great experience in China and will remember it as a romantic vacation

In brief, Chinese dating tours are safer and more effective for finding the woman of your dreams than solo-trips to China.

Where do Chinese romance tours take place?

China dating tours are usually organized in the Chinese most populated cities. You can check out Beijing China dating tours, as well as Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Chengdu China dating tours. Marriage tours to Hong Kong are also possible.

It’s better to sign up for dating tours in the largest cities or capitals as it is more likely that there you will meet the most diverse Chinese girls from all over the country.

How to find a Chinese bride during a romance tour?

It may seem difficult for you, but in reality, it is not. The easiest way to find a China bride tour is via a Chinese marriage tours site or a site of a marriage/bride agency. Usually, these establishments have connections with Asian mail order bride or dating platforms, as well as Asian mail order bride review sites. Check out these websites, contact their customer support service, read reviews, both expert and user, and you will easily detect reliable organizers of Chinese bride tours.

What to do during the Chinese romance tour?

Once you have joined a Chinese romance tour, you might be puzzled: what to do to attract Chinese girls? Of course, you won’t be the only foreign man there, you may not be the richest or the most handsome there (unless you ordered a single romance tour to China). What to do to stand out from the crowd of foreign grooms?

  1. Talk to as many girls as you can. This will enhance your chances of meeting a Chinese woman you may click with.
  2. Don’t flirt with everyone. Chinese girls aren’t like, let’s say, Latin brides, and flirting for them may mean that you are interested in them more than others. If you flirt with every Chinese girl in the hall, they may get the impression that you aren’t a serious guy and will stay away from you.
  3. Ensure that you can provide for the family. Chinese ladies are pretty straightforward and may ask you questions like what exactly you do at your job and how much you earn. Don’t be scared by such questions, a Chinese woman just wants to know if you will be able to take on the role of a breadwinner in their family. Anyway, her parents will ask you the same questions sooner or later. At the same time, it’s good not to show off with your money and property, so patiently wait for the questions rather than boast.
  4. Exchange contacts. If a marriage agency allows this at the event, you can save the contacts of the girls you liked and go on one-on-one dates with Chinese ladies afterward. If a marriage agency has a different policy, ask them to put you in touch with girls that you liked. They will facilitate your further communication.

Finally, be yourself. You are on a date. And the best thing to do on a date is to behave naturally. After the tour, make sure to stay in touch with the girls you liked the most. You may even consider marriage in the future, but that’s a different story.

The bottom line

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Chinese marriage tours are an excellent and effective way to meet a Chinese woman of your dreams. Organized by professionals in international dating and marriage, these tours have all you need for smooth communication and flirting with Chinese girls.

Safe, warm, and friendly atmosphere, availability of translators, great drinks, and food can make it easy to approach any Chinese bride. The best part of it is that you don’t need to worry about planning and organization at all. Check out available tours on Chinese marriage tours sites and get ready for an exciting romantic vacation.


How much do Chinese dating tours usually cost?

On average, China romance tours may cost around 3,000-12,000 USD, but it depends on many factors, including:
– Where you will arrive from to meet the ladies;
– Are you going on a single or group tour;
– In which city the tour will be held;
– How long the tour will last;
– How many girls will attend;
– Which kind of entertainment is included in the trip, etc.

Where to book a Chinese bride tour?

You can book a Chinese bride tour at special China marriage tour sites. Do the research and read reviews on them to find out if certain organizers are better than others. You can also reach out to the support team and ask them more detailed questions about how they organize Chinese romance tours and what exactly you will be paying for.

What not to do during Chinese bride tours?

If you don’t want to make a negative first impression on Chinese brides, do not get drunk, do not ignore their questions about your financial status, do not show off, do not flirt with all girls at once, and do not talk about sex and other intimate things. Chinese girls are pretty conservative and would like you to take the lead. But they also expect you to behave like a gentleman.

What do I do after the Chinese romance tour ends?

You should make up your mind about which Chinese bride you liked the most. Ask the marriage agency to share her contacts (if you haven’t asked her directly yet) and stay in touch with her. If possible, go on an offline date, visit her later in her city again, and maybe even plan the marriage. Note that foreign brides would need a special fiancée visa to enter your country (for example, K-1 in the USA).