Why Foreign Bride Tours To Colombia Will Make You Happier?

 Why Foreign Bride Tours To Colombia Will Make You Happier?

Colombia is famous because of its diverse and “mosaic” culture that consists of numerous traditions and beliefs of different nationalities that have combined and created a unique local color.

Amazingly beautiful nature, extremely diverse flora and fauna, majestic Andes, gorgeous beaches, and ruins of ancient Indian cities ‒ today Colombia is a unique place for those who love memorable and extraordinary vacations.

But have you ever been wondering about how to meet a Colombian woman and marry her? If so, a Colombian bride tour is your perfect choice. These tours (which are also called dating or marriage tours) offer Western men to see the most remarkable natural landscapes, ruin stereotypes about the country, and find brides who will become their true soulmates. In addition to amazingly beautiful ladies and sunny weather, Colombia attracts tourists with its unforgettable national holidays and distinctive flora and fauna. So, don’t hesitate: read this article and find out how to meet a lovely Colombian girl in person!

What is a Colombian dating tour? Where do such trips take place?

Colombian dating tours are events for single Western men who want to meet and marry charming Colombian mail order brides. Usually, such events are hosted by international marriage websites or agencies. It’s an excellent opportunity not only to meet dozens of Colombian ladies in person but also to find out more about their local culture and decide whether you’re really into these Latin beauties.

Bride tours to Colombia usually take place in the largest cities of the country: Bogota, Kali, and Medellin. You can visit one or all of them during your trip. But first, you should ask your agency whether they organize tours in several cities.

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What to remember while meeting Colombian brides?

Don’t forget about the basic rules of dating. Be polite, respectful, do not judge. You can drink with ladies, still, you should not get drunk. Colombian girls can be quite hot-tempered, but they do not like aggressive men. Actually, aggressive men are the main reason they become mail order brides: they believe that Americans are more gentlemen then their local guys.

Colombian singles will also appreciate your interest in their culture or personal life. But be sure not to ask dirty questions and respect their families.

Local ladies also love to have fun and party, so be ready to enjoy some dances which are deep-rooted in Colombian culture.

Documents you need to have when visiting Colombia and what services the price includes

An American citizen does not need to receive a visa to visit Colombia if he stays there for 90 days or fewer. Everything you need to have is a valid passport and a return ticket. A Colombian marriage tour site offers full support during the paperwork, so a man does not have to wait in lines or fill numerous blanks. The country’s infrastructure and tourism sector have developed rapidly over the last decade, so now it is a state with a great choice of hotels, low prices, and safe cities. Also, keep in mind this tip: don’t be afraid to speak to locals, and you will receive insider information about exclusive secret places that will make your trip even more eventful!

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Western men can marry Colombian mail order brides any time they want, but if they decide to visit Colombia to communicate with lovely ladies in person, these beauties will definitely appreciate such a step. Being a respected and reliable organization, a marriage tour agency offers high-quality services and guarantees safety to all clients. When American guys take Colombian dating tours, they receive a unique experience and are offered to pick top destinations they want to visit and choose housing in which they want to live. A night in a four stars and above hotel will cost $40-$90 depending on the time of the year and size of the room.

When flying to Colombia, a man will have to pay $700-$1900, as it also depends on the date of the flight. You will also have a private tour around the city, after which you will meet gorgeous Colombian singles. Moreover, the transfer will take you to the most spectacular historical places in the country so you can see life in different parts of Colombia. Colombia bride tours include services of professional interpreters and even cruises if you have such a wish. Altogether, your trip on the way to your dream will cost approximately $2500.

Concluding thoughts

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As you can see, Colombia is a country with kind and beautiful women and the most amazing sunsets and natural wonders. There, you can relax with your soul while drinking delicious coffee, breathing fresh air, and admiring your exotic ladies. So pack your bags, book a Colombian marriage tour, and have a good trip!


What does a Colombian romance tour include?

It depends on the agency you choose. Usually, Colombian bride tours include accommodation, meal, transfer, and all matchmaking events with Colombian singles. Some agencies also organize additional parties and sightseeing tours around the city.

What kinds of Colombian dating tours exist? 

There are only two types: single and group tours. Single trips mean that you will be the only man to meet Colombian mail order brides during this event. Group ones also include other men who signed up for the same romance tour as you. Some may think that this type will decrease your chances to meet your one and only. But the reality is there also will be more charming singles in one room, so don’t worry.

Will there be any problems while speaking to a Colombian girl?

Most Colombian ladies know English pretty well. Still, if your match doesn’t speak it, and you do not understand Spanish, you can always use a translation service provided by your agency.