European International Romance Tours — A Real Way To Find A Slavic Wife?

 European International Romance Tours — A Real Way To Find A Slavic Wife?

There are a lot of myths about Eastern European bride tours, and that is why we think it is crucially important to explain what exactly such tours are. So, Slavic romance tours are tours to one of the Eastern European countries (there are also tours to two post-Soviet countries, for example, Russian-Ukrainian trips). During these, men meet lots of women who can match them (or one woman, if they started a long-distance relationship on a dating website owned by an agency).

Simply put, these are the dates for single guys and single Eastern European women arranged in one of the Slavic countries. Is this everything you need to know? Of course, it’s not. So, let us talk about the phenomenon of such tours in more detail.

What services do agencies that arrange European dating tours usually provide? European International Romance Tours 3

You probably heard that Slavic dating tours (as well as all other similar trips, actually) are not so cheap. That is true — you cannot spend less than at least 2-3 thousand dollars on such a vacation. If you want to enjoy a high-end tour, you will pay up to 10-15 thousand dollars. So what exactly do you get for your money?

  • All-inclusive vacation. When you pay a certain amount, you can forget about the tickets, apartments, taxis, booking restaurants and nightclubs, and other things like that. What you get is the all-inclusive tour to one of the countries of Eastern Europe.
  • A great pool of women. If you are not visiting one of the Slavic countries to date your long-distance girlfriend you met on the dating site a certain time ago, you will still be able to find someone special. Men are introduced to a lot of women during the tours — there are dozens of hotties to choose from.
  • Translation services. No matter if you choose a solo or a group tour, a professional interpreter will accompany you at all meetings and events.
  • Legal advice. If you are lucky to meet your wife and if you decide to get married/move to your country/marry in her country, etc., you can get free legal advice — this service is often also included in the cost of a tour.

As you can see, trusted and quality agencies really do their best to provide all-inclusive services. The best of them start with providing online dating services and end with providing legal advice, so a client can worry about nothing and enjoy the changes in his life.

What are the best countries for Slavic marriage tours?

Where can a man meet Eastern European brides? The answer seems obvious, but single guys should also consider the fact that some of these countries are the absolute champions when it comes to romance tours, and some are the losers in this “competition.” So, let us take a glance at the states that are considered the best places to meet a marriage-minded girl for centuries:

  • Ukraine. Yes, this is the number one country, the most popular destination of European romance tours. Why? The reason is surprisingly simple: the percentage of absolutely beautiful and at the same time, kind and educated women is incredibly high in this European country.
  • Russia. Of course, we couldn’t help but add it to our list. There are so many wonderful places in this giant country, and even more beautiful girls. No wonder so many men come to this country for sightseeing and marriage.
  • Belarus. We are not going to deny that this is a kind of politically isolated community (it cooperates with many countries though, especially the post-Soviet ones), but there are so many hot girls! The result is absolutely worth the effort, and many men realize that.

Of course, there are other countries you can visit, but these three, especially Russia and Ukraine, undoubtedly are the most popular ones.

Final thoughts about Eastern European dating tours European International Romance Tours 2

That is all a single man needs to know about the Slavic bride tour, at least at the first stage. Please note that choosing the right provider is half the battle. That is why we recommend you check all the options carefully — the better the agency, the better your chance of meeting a wife.


How much do I need to spend on a European marriage tour?

In short, it depends. Different agencies set different prices, flights can be pricey or cheap, you can order a solo or a group tour, and so on. Prices in post-Soviet countries are not so high, but you will still need to spend a few (3-10, depending on the above mentioned and other things) thousands of dollars on a tour.

Do I need a visa to visit Eastern European countries?

In most cases, no you don’t, at least if you are from the US or from a Western European country. If you still need it (for example, if you are an Australian), apply for it online and obtain it in a few weeks.

Should I choose a group or a solo romance tour?

It depends on your needs, expectations, and budget. If you want to save 30%, choose a group tour. If you know a girl you are going to meet (if you met each other on a site and were dating online), choose solo. If you want to enjoy a high-end trip, a solo tour is what you need. If you are not afraid of competition, choose a group tour. In other words, consider your own wishes!

Where will I meet European women? Are there any special activities?

As we noted, it depends on the agency you choose. A good agency will arrange a lot of social events in clubs, restaurants, other cities, etc. Meetings can be arranged anywhere, in any great place from a conference hall to a beautiful public park, somewhere in a cafe.

What are the mistakes to avoid during a European romance tour?

Be nice, be polite, and do not act like it is a sex tour. If you choose a marriage tour, you should also consider that ladies expect you to be romantic and sweet, active, and friendly.