Russian Romance Tours — What Do Male “Tourists” Get?

 Russian Romance Tours — What Do Male “Tourists” Get?

What are Russian romance tours? These are the trips arranged by dating agencies who have female members in Russia. The most important thing is these are not sex tours or affair tours: all participants have the same goal — they want to get married and start a family. So, what are the main types of Russian marriage tours? What cities in Russia can you visit? What exactly happens when you come to the Russian Federation? You can find all the answers below!

Group Russian dating tours Vs. solo tours

Group Russian dating tours Vs. solo tours

Generally speaking, there are two main types of Russian marriage tours: solo and group ones. How are they different?

As its name suggests, the group tour is a tour arranged for a group of men (usually, a few dozens men) of different ethnicities who have a similar goal. Yes, that is right. They all want to marry a Russian woman. It is just much easier to provide arrangements for a variety of social activities for a group, and yes, that is much cheaper. The only disadvantage of such tours is the competition between guys, for example, when they like the same girl. Still, you will meet so many girls, so this will hardly be a problem.

Solo tours are for those who want to meet girls alone, and that is easy to understand. Firstly, there is no mess. Secondly, there is no competition. Thirdly, you will hardly feel so special and exceptional in any other circumstances. Of course, it is more expensive (you are likely to pay 30% more than for a group tour,) but some men say that it is worth it. By the way, there is another type of solo tour. It is arranged for guys who have already met their dream girls on dating sites with Russian mail order brides and want finally meet in person. In this case, they meet only one girl, have dates, spend time together, and often this leads to engagement.

Most popular cities for Russian romance tours

popular cities for Russian romance tours

So, where do most men go to see the brides? Of course, the tours to the largest cities are the most popular, in part because they allow visiting the greatest historical places, galleries, museums, etc., in other words, visiting a place as a tourist, and of course, meeting many brides. Here are the places that are usually chosen as mail order bride destinations most frequently:

  1. Moscow. Should we say anything about the capital of the Russian Federation? This is a huge, magnificent, ancient and modern, and yes, a very crowded place that can give you not only a bride but also a lot of unforgettable impressions.
  2. Saint Petersburg. The second historical and cultural capital of Russian, Saint Petersburg, is in second place on our list. There is a kind of competition between Moscow, considered as the most modern and the most forward-looking city, and Saint Petersburg as the place where the amazing Russian culture is praised. It is also believed that girls in Moscow are more glamorous, and girls in Saint Petersburg are more “spiritual” persons. Who would you choose?
  3. Nizhniy Novgorod. Nizhniy Novgorod also has its own Kremlin, and it is definitely worth checking out. This is a beautiful historic city, which is also called a city of different religions. There, differences are accepted and even encouraged, so if you are looking for the friendliest, open Russian women, it may be the right place to visit.
  4. Samara. This is another great city to visit. People in Samara like football and festivals, and they do love foreigners, so forget about all those rumors you heard about grumpy Russians. This city can really surprise you, in a good sense, of course.
  5. Volgograd. Russians call it a hero city, one of the most beautiful cities in their huge country. There are so many truly amazing things you can see there, and yes, we mean gorgeous women of Volgograd, too.
  6. Ufa. It has fewer citizens than most of the above-mentioned cities, but it is also cleaner and more peaceful than all of them. If you want to see Russia, have a good trip, see a lot, and meet a lot of hot women, this may be your destination.

Besides, there are also Russian-Ukrainian dating tours. Though currently, these two countries have difficult relations, the borders are open, and they are really close, so it is not a problem to arrange an international dating tour for men who want to see both Russian and Ukrainian ladies. After all, visiting, for instance, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, Kyiv, and Odesa is better than seeing just Rostov and Moscow, right?

What exactly happens after men purchase dating tours? International Romance Tours Russia 2

As you can see, there are a lot of beautiful and promising cities to visit in Russia. But how exactly can you go there? What will happen after you arrive at the airport? Here are the main stages:

  1. Choosing a marriage tours site or agency
  2. Looking through girls’ profiles (if it is a dating site, it is also a stage of interaction with girls)
  3. Choosing the tour, making a purchase
  4. Coming to the country (tickets are bought, hotels are booked by the agencies)
  5. Visiting the events arranged by the agency
  6. Meeting women on the events, interacting with them
  7. Sightseeing, traveling to other cities, visiting other events
  8. Choosing a girl, dating her
  9. Developing a relationship there or online after you come back to your country
  10. Getting married

Yes, this is the best and at the same time, the most common scenario. This is also the reason why these tours are this popular — there is nothing extraordinary about them, but this “simplicity” really works.

Final thoughts about Russian bride tours

Is there a guarantee that the tour will work for you at the first attempt? No, there is no such guarantee. The dating agency considers your preferences and tastes, and on some sites, you can start a real relationship with a girl and then just meet her. You get everything you need: a great place to live, good restaurants to visit, good events with plenty of girls to meet and interact, and good translation services to understand them. International Romance Tours Russia 1

A lot of guys meet their love during the first tour, actually. Some come back to make a second attempt and succeed. A very low percentage of them fail to do it due to different circumstances. But you get a real chance to meet real women, see their smiles and hear their voices to make the decision you will never regret.


Are Russian brides tours expensive?

It depends on plenty of factors, from the agency and the tour (solo or group) to the place where you live (it affects the price of tickets.) However, you cannot pay less than a few thousand dollars — this will not even offset the costs for an agency. Usually, the price varies from $3,000 to $10,000.

I like a girl, can I date her and miss all further events?

In fact, agencies do not recommend you do it, but you have the right to do it, so it is up to you. However, you should ask yourself if you are really sure that she is the one, and if you really want to stop now.

Can I have sex with mail order brides I meet during my romance tour?

No one can stop you from doing it, but you need to consider that these women are not looking for one-night stands. Just do not expect them to agree to do anything you want to get married and move to your country. This experience is about starting a romantic relationship, but if there is a real passion between you, well, why not?

How should I choose an agency that arranges Russian bride tours?

Be careful and do not try to do it faster. Check all the options, analyze them carefully. Read the reviews: reviews published on reputable platforms (aggregators) as well as reviews written by men who have already bought such tours. You can also check our rankings and articles — we have already collected the best options for you.