Mail Order Bride Tours To Thailand: What Are They & How They Work

 Mail Order Bride Tours To Thailand: What Are They & How They Work

Through the years, more Thai women decide to marry foreigners, and it largely increases their quality of life. Thai women get stereotype-free love with foreigners, they can pursue education or their career while being great wives and mothers with foreigners. That’s why many Thai girls gladly become Thai mail order brides.

Western men, in their turn, are very much attracted to Thai women because of their inward and outward beauty. Thai women are humble, peaceful, and joyful at the same time. They make great spouses and are very caring and supportive. They are also very beautiful, petite, have stunning black silk hair, dark eyes and they age well.

Many Thai women and Western men meet each other on special dating platforms – Thai mail order bride sites. There’s another way in which these two groups of singles can meet each other – Thailand romance tours.

Here we will tell you what Thailand romance tours are and how to find a pretty Thai mail order bride.

What are Thai bride tours like?

Mail order bride tours to Thailand are trips, organized by international dating and marriage experts for single Western men. Usually, they are men from the States, Canada, Australia, and sometimes Europe. They go to Thailand to meet mail order brides in person.

They talk and flirt in an informal atmosphere, like at a restaurant or a club, exchange contacts, eat and dance together. It’s like a traditional dating event for singles, however, it is international.

Thai bride tours may be very short (one day lone) or quite long (up to a week or two). During this time, you will get a chance to talk to ladies at special events at restaurants or go with them on short trips, local excursions, concerts, etc.

Where are Thai romance tours held?

Thai romance, also known as marriage, bride, or dating tours are held in the largest cities of Thailand. For example, in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Nakhon Ratchasima.

What types of marriage tours to Thailand exist?

thai romance trips single vs group

There are two types of Thai marriage tours:

  1. Single romance tours
  2. Group romance tours

In single Thai romance tours, you visit Thailand alone and meet a limited number of Thai brides. In group tours, you will be at an event with many other foreign men and up to a hundred of Thai beauties. In both cases, everything is planned and facilitated by a marriage or bride agency.

You also can go to Thailand on your own. You can organize a solo-trip and meet a Thai mail order bride who you found online independently.

What are the Thailand dating tours benefits?

Thai dating tours are better than self-organized solo trips because:

  • All the planning and organization will be on the marriage agency and not you
  • You will 100% meet single Thai women and more than one
  • You don’t need to worry about translation services
  • It is much safer than going alone to a country you probably never visited before

How to find a pretty Thai bride on a romance tour?

You will see dozens of gorgeous Thai women during this tour. How to find a Thai woman for marriage and impress her?

  1. Don’t focus only on one girl. You may like one Thai girl the most but she may not like you back. Don’t be shy to approach several girls, tell them about yourself, and get to know them better.
  2. Don’t flirt with everyone. Thai girls will try their best to make you like them but keep your flirting skills for few ones who you really like. If you flirt with all of them, some of the proud Thai women will think you aren’t a serious guy.
  3. Ask them questions. Many foreign men make the same mistake on most Thai romance tours – they keep talking about themselves, their achievements, and their desires. The key to the heart of any woman is to show her you’re interested. Ask her questions to get to know a Thai woman better.
  4. Learn by heart a couple of lovely Thai phrases. Thai isn’t the easiest language on earth, but Thai women will be impressed if you put in some effort.
  5. Be a gentleman. Thai women, like most Asian brides, believe in everything they see in Hollywood movies. They expect men to be very romantic and behave like a true gentleman. You should try that too.

Once the Thailand romance tour is over, it’s good to stay in touch with a couple of ladies you liked the most. Who knows, maybe one day you will go on an offline date with one of them and marry her!


thai romance tour

Mail order bride tours to Thailand are relatively short trips for foreign men to meet single Thai women. Such a journey can be single or in a group – in both cases, it is organized by Thailand marriage tour agencies. If you still have questions, check out the FAQ section below.


How much will I have to pay for a Thai marriage tour?

The pricing for a Thai marriage tour varies from an agency to agency and depends on a range of factors:
1. Is it a single or group Thai bride tour?
2. Will it be in the capital or not?
3. How many Thai brides will attend?
4. Will there be only drinks or also food served?
5. Are any outings and excursions included?
6. How long will it last?
Nevertheless, on the whole, it will cost around 2,500-11,000 USD per tour.

Where can I find Thai romance tours?

You can find and book such tours on any Thai marriage tours site. To choose one, it’s better to read a few reviews, get in touch with the customer support, and ask them detailed questions and so on. A good Thai marriage tours site will show you clear pricing, contracts and provide evidence of previous tours organized.

What should I expect from a Thai bride tour?

An excellent Thai bride tour is always fun. It’s like a short romantic vacation – you can see local cities, talk and flirt with girls, meet new people, make friends, and hopefully meet your one and only. Save the contacts and talk to the girls you liked, maybe with one of them, you will get on a new level of dating.

If I decide to marry a Thai bride, what should I do?

If you met the one and only at a Thailand bride tour, you need to act. First, figure out if the girl has the same considerations for you. If yes, seek the marriage agency’s assistance – they can provide you with advice on how to facilitate the marriage between you as a foreign national and a Thai girl. Second, respect traditions and meet her parents. Third, brace for a lot of paperwork. If you’re an American citizen, you will have to apply for a fiancée (K-1) visa for your Thai bride to enter the USA and get married there. Other countries have similar types of visas, so research before taking any serious steps.