All About Vietnamese Dating Tours: Meet Vietnamese Girls Offline

 All About Vietnamese Dating Tours: Meet Vietnamese Girls Offline

For centuries, Vietnamese women have been involving themselves in international marriages, including during colonial times. Vietnamese beauties have been marrying overseas Vietnamese (Vietnamese men who migrated abroad), as well as Americans, Australians, French, South Koreans, and Taiwanese.

Since the 1990s, as international marriage flourished thanks to the Internet boom, Vietnamese women started marrying foreigners even more. On average, around 18,000 Vietnamese citizens register to marry foreigners annually.

The fact that Vietnamese women are very open-minded to international marriages as well as that they make perfect wives attract more and more foreign men to Vietnam. Not only do they «haunt» for Vietnamese brides online, but they also travel to Hanoi, the country’s capital, and other large cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, and Can Tho to meet beautiful Vietnamese women for marriage.

If you are interested in finding a Vietnamese bride and marrying her, this article is right for you. Here you will learn about what Vietnamese romantic tours are and how they can help you.

What are the Vietnamese dating tours?

You know that talking to a Vietnamese mail order bride online cannot last eternally. You should get on a new stage of courtship one day. For example, meet her in person on an offline date. There are two ways in which you can do this:

  1. Organize a solo-trip to Vietnam to see your Vietnamese love
  2. Sign up for a Vietnamese marriage tour

By the way, we could have also mentioned that you could invite the Vietnamese woman you like to your home country.

However, this is not a realistic scenario. No girl would agree to this due to safety and financial reasons. So let’s stick to the first two options.

Vietnamese bride tours vs. Solo trips to Hanoi


Vietnamese bride tours (also known as Vietnamese romance or marriage tours) are a group or single trips organized by marriage/bride agencies for single men and Vietnamese women. You can book them through a Vietnamese marriage tour site. What happens during these tours?

  • Marriage agency facilitates the transportation and arrival of men from the US, the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. to Vietnam, usually its capital Hanoi.
  • Marriage agency invites and transports Vietnamese women from all over the country to the final destination.
  • Foreign men and Vietnamese women meet each other at parties, usually in posh restaurants, go together on short trips, etc., to get to know each other.
  • Men and women communicate, flirt, dance, eat together. It’s something like a massive dating event.
  • Afterward, depending on the rules of the agency, men and women exchange personal contacts or ask the agency to facilitate one-on-one dates.

Here are the advantages of Vietnamese marriage tours:

  • You don’t have to worry about organizational issues like booking a hotel, planning food, entertainment, etc. (you may only need to take on visa issues).
  • You will meet up to a hundred beautiful Vietnamese women at once, so you can enhance your chances of meeting the right girl.
  • You can request translation services if some of the girls don’t speak English.
  • All these girls are Vietnamese mail order brides. You can later talk to all of them through special sites.


Vietnamese Dating Tours

Of course, you can go on a self-organized solo trip to Vietnam, without the involvement of a marriage agency. Let’s say, you met a Vietnamese girl on an Asian mail order bride sites and want to meet her in person. However, you may (or will) face such difficulties during a solo-trip:

  • Plan your itinerary, accommodation, food, etc. on your own (this can take a lot of your time and energy).
  • You will meet only one-three women, and there’s no guarantee that things will work out and you won’t waste your money.
  • There is no guarantee against scams.
  • The girl may change her mind and not show up at a date, etc.

If you want to be sure, you will not be duped, disappointed, if you simply don’t want to put all eggs in one basket, it’s better to rely on Vietnamese bride tours, planned and organized by professionals.

What to do during the Vietnamese romance tour

  1. Be yourself. You’re going to meet Vietnamese brides. Maybe one of them will be your wife in the future. Like at any date you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else but open up to ladies.
  2. Talk to as many ladies as you can. If you see that the conversation doesn’t go forward with a Vietnamese girl, politely retreat and talk to another lady. You never know who you’ll click with.
  3. Don’t brag about your money and property. Many foreign men do this at romance tours, thinking they will «catch» brides with these hooks. In reality, you will either hook gold-diggers and push away all decent girls, interested in serious relationships.
  4. Make the first step. Vietnamese girls are very traditional and they were taught that a man is a leader. Don’t wait for girls to approach you first, it’s your job to do so.
  5. Don’t be too pushy. Once again, Vietnamese girls are conservative, so it’s better not to talk about anything intimate during the first meeting. Instead, you can talk about your job, interests, relationship goals, etc.
  6. Exchange contacts if you can. If the marriage agency or Vietnam marriage tours site envisages this, you can exchange contacts with all Vietnamese girls you are interested in. Or else, in the end, you can turn to the agency to provide you with girls’ contacts.
  7. Stay in touch. If you liked a girl, send her a follow-up message and arrange an offline date one-on-one. If not possible, you can continue talking to her online.

Whatever happens next, depends only on you. You may keep talking to a Vietnamese bride, or you can move on to the next level — propose to her! Know that if you bring her to the US, you will need to apply for the K-1 visa for your bride.


Vietnamese Romance Tours

A Vietnamese romance tour is a great way to meet Vietnamese brides in person, get to know them better, and find a woman you may marry soon. Their main advantages are that you do not need to plan the whole itinerary, accommodation, food, and entertainment on your own. Most importantly, you will meet many diverse Vietnamese brides and not one or a couple of them if you go on a solo trip. If you want to order a Vietnamese bride tour, you need to turn to any Vietnam marriage tour site.


Who facilitates Vietnamese romance tours and where to find them?

Special Vietnamese marriage tour sites or marriage agencies organize such tours. Usually, they have their mail order bride sites or work independently. You can search for tours through Vietnamese mail order bride sites, platforms that review Asian bride websites, or through Vietnamese marriage tour sites. It’s good to read reviews about them online, both expert and user, and then reach out to their customer support. The latter would be helpful if you aren’t satisfied with general information and would like to know more details.

How much are Vietnamese marriage tours?

Their price depends on several factors:
– where you come from (for Australians, it might be cheaper than for Europeans or Americans);
– how many girls you expect to attend;
– if you want to use translation services;
– where the main dating will take place (a middle-level or posh restaurant);
– for how many days you want to participate;
– if you want some extra outings (group trips, going to clubs, excursions, etc.).
On average, prices for Vietnamese marriage tours vary between 2,000 USD and 10,000 USD.

Why are Vietnamese dating tours better than solo trips?

If you go on a solo trip, you will have to plan everything (your trip, expenses, accommodation, dates) on your own. During tours, you just have to pay and relax, everything will be done by the agency. Also, at this time, you can meet dozens of girls, while during solo trips you will manage to meet only a couple of them. Finally, Vietnam marriage tour agencies guarantee that you will meet girls interested in serious relationships.

I fell in love with a Vietnamese woman during the tour. What should I do next?

You have to stay in touch with her. Ask the agency for her contacts and keep talking to her. You can meet her for an offline date and even propose to her if she’s into you too. Meet her parents before marriage (this is very important in Vietnam) and start applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 in the US; immigration visa in Canada, etc.).