Mail Order Bride Pricing: How Much Will You Spend Finding and Buy Foreign Wife?

 Mail Order Bride Pricing: How Much Will You Spend Finding and Buy Foreign Wife?

You never know where you will meet your love. Your soulmate might be living next door to you, or she might live across the ocean. Meeting the right woman for marriage indeed is a matter of luck. However, while some men prefer to stay idle, others choose to try their luck.

That’s why they start searching for a mail order bride. Since nothing in this world is free, how much will it cost to find love online? Here we will tell you everything about mail order bride pricing.

How much does a mail order bride cost?

The average cost of mail order bride depends on many factors, including:

  1. Where she lives;
  2. How much you are ready to spend for her;
  3. Which mail order brides website you are using;
  4. What kind of girl is she (the one who likes expensive gifts, for example, or not);
  5. If she wants to marry you and move to your country.

Below, you will find detailed explanations of all potential expenses and other details.

Can you buy a mail order bride?

This is the first question that comes to the mind of every man who thinks about mail order brides price. Here are a few things that you need to understand.

You cannot literally buy a mail order bride. This industry is not about human trafficking. It is about international dating and the free will of people who decide to date foreigners.

Mailorder bride cost is not the sum you will pay to «buy» a woman. It is the money you will pay to find a mail order bride and date her online, as well as help her relocate to your country to become your spouse.

Mail order brides cost: is it cheaper to date online?

Mail Order Brides Pricing

What is cheaper – to find a mail order bride or to go for a traditional relationship? It’s the next question every Western bachelor asks considering mail order brides pricing.

On average, an American man spends around 168 USD on traditional dating in a month, and that’s about 2,000 USD a year.

It may seem that you’ll spend more on a foreign girlfriend, while in traditional dating, you’ll pay only for cafes, ice-creams, and cinema.

But let’s think about it in a long-run perspective. If finding a mail order bride means finding the love of your life, it is actually a serious investment. It will pay you off with support, genuine feelings, and happiness.

Compare it with the following: you decide to date a woman within your country. You find someone you like but not someone who makes you go crazy. You do this because everyone dates. And you chose this particular woman because there was no better match. Also, it’s cheaper to take her on typical dates only. Would you be happy in the long run? Most likely, no.

So, is it worth finding a mail order bride? Definitely yes. Let’s find out how much it will cost you.

Site services

Some mail order sites are free, and others are paid. What’s the difference?

  • Paid sites provide a higher level of security
  • They have a larger number of active members
  • Their users are real people
  • No annoying ads
  • More additional services

On free sites, you can easily become a victim of scammers. That’s why it is better to pay for your safety. Moreover, paid mail order brides websites provide several other services that will make it easier for you to meet your one and only:

  1. Search and matchmaking tools
  2. Chat Rooms and emailing systems
  3. CamShare, phone, and video calls
  4. Gifts and flowers delivery and others

It will cost you from 10 USD to 400 USD a month to use a mail order bride site. The more services you use, the more you pay.

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Gifts and wooing

Mail Order Brides Pricing

How much you will spend on a mail order bride also depends on what kind of a girl you are dating. If she’s high maintenance, be ready to spend up to 2,000 USD a month on posh bouquets, jewellery, stuffed animals, and perfumes. However, you may also spend as little as 50 USD a month if your girl prefers an emotional connection rather than physical gifts.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that giving no gifts is a bad tone. In many cultures, they signify that the man values his relationship and has serious intentions regarding his woman. That’s why, when planning to get a mail order wife, also consider the budget for wooing expenses.

Offline dates

Meeting your dream mail order bride in person is a must, especially if you plan to bring her later to the US on a fiancée visa. But how much will it be? Let’s see what the expenses may be:

  • Visa expenses (check the entrance policies of your lady’s country regarding nationals of your state) – 100-250 USD
  • Flight tickets (this also depends on where both of you live and which class you prefer) – from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars
  • Accommodation (the price depends on the country and city where you are going to stay) – a few hundred dollars a week/month
  • Dates (here your fantasy will decide: would you rather go to a simple cafe or a fancy restaurant?)

Overall, you may spend from about 500 USD to 3,000-5,000 USD on a single offline visit of your mail order bride.

Cost of bring a mail order bride to your country

In some cultures, men are expected to give some money to the girl’s family before marrying her. So, if you want to marry a woman from abroad, be ready to pay a mail order bride price.

Also, include expenses related to obtaining a visa for her, booking flight tickets, and so on. In total, relocation expenses may cost you 5,000-10,000 USD.

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Conclusion: average cost of mail order brides

So, how much do mail order brides cost? As you have understood, mail order bride pricing depends on many factors. These include site services, type of a girl you want to date, her country, its marriage traditions, and the frequency of your offline dates.

In total, be ready to spend around 12,000-35,000 USD for finding and meeting your mail order bride.

It may sound like a huge sum, but does money really matter when love takes over?

Mail-order brides cost FAQ

Is there a constant price of a mail order bride?

Many circumstances affect the close price a man will need to pay the dating platform. It may vary from $500 to $5000, in accordance with the services you use, offline dates, a girl’s country of living, and your plans. A guy can figure that out only after creating an account on the dating website and finding a perfect lady there.

Does “mail order a bride” means buying a woman?

No, it doesn’t. This term is used for the arrangement that implies using the services of dating websites, finding a bride, and marrying her. The only things you actually buy are services of the professionals, and other additional expenses, but not the woman herself. It’s not about human smuggling as all the members freely register on the platform, aiming to date foreigners.

Is online dating more expensive than the real-life one?

It depends on what you expect from your dates and on the desires of your lady. Usually, real-life dates are more costly and time-consuming than online ones. Moreover, when communicating with your girl via dating agencies, you can be sure that she is your perfect match and only after that meet her. It’s a long-run investment that will surely bring you love and happiness, but not loneliness.
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Should I give my bride only expensive gifts?

Actions and genuine expression of feelings are more important than any gifts, no matter how much they cost. However, if you have decided to present something to your lovely woman, but she doesn’t like it because its price does not exceed $500, you should pause and reflect. When there are genuine emotions and love, the price tag doesn’t matter.

Does spending thousands of dollars on mail order brides worth it?

Every cent you spend on the mail order bride will pay off as soon as you meet her and feel the butterflies in the stomach. People say that you can’t buy happiness for money, but dating sites ruin this stereotype. If a man has an opportunity to pay to the professional matchmakers who will help him in love life, then why not use it?
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Does marriage affect the price?

As soon as you start planning a wedding with a person, you would want to bring her to your homeland. That means paying for additional expenses like accommodation, tickets, or visas. So, the initial prices might be significantly changed by these circumstances, but they will bring you confidence in the future with a lover.