What Is A Mail Order Bride And How Does It Work?

 What Is A Mail Order Bride And How Does It Work?

Every year around 30,000 women enter the USA on a fiancée visa – thousands of them are mail order brides. As of 2018, most brides coming to America are from Asia (around 13,000 women), Europe (around 5,000 women), South America and Africa (around 2,500 women from each region).

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Who are these ladies and why do they marry Americans and other «Western» men? Here you will learn everything about mail order brides, get bride definition and find out how mail order brides work.

What are mail order brides?

What is a mail order bride? This term is used to point out women eager to marry foreigners. Such ladies usually turn to international bride agencies or independently register on mail order bride sites. They openly announce they are ripe for marriage and are «wife material» – they create attractive profiles on dating platforms with bright pictures and detailed personal descriptions and engage in communication with foreigners.

Mail order brides do not want to marry fellow citizens. Instead, they prefer foreign men, most likely American, British, Australian, German and other European men. But why?

  • Mail order brides can’t find soulmates in their own countries
  • They want adventures
  • They want to move to a different country and settle there
  • Mail order brides are more excited about foreign men
  • They see foreigners as successful men who respect women’s rights
  • Mail order brides do not want to stay in their home countries
  • They aren’t happy with men in their homeland
  • They want to have beautiful mixed children
  • They are open-minded to finding love anywhere

Mail order brides are single ladies with clear intentions – they do not want hookups or short romance. They do not want a typical marriage. They are looking for a husband abroad and are ready for an international long-term commitment. These are women of various ages, with different relationship experiences. They might even have children.

History of mail order brides

History of mail order brides

While it may seem to you that the phenomenon of mail order brides appeared not long ago, it dates back to the 17th-19th centuries. Yes, mail order brides did not arise with the creation of the Internet. In the 1800s men headed to the Western United States to work and make money. However, they were missing women.

Men had to write letters to the churches on the East Coast to request brides. Some of them were also publishing personals in newspapers. Women, in their turn, started doing the same and even sending their photos to men.

Because all their communication was going through mailing, women started being called «mail order brides».

In the 20th century, more women were searched via newspapers, and with the advent of the Internet mail order bride sites emerged. From then on, men did not have to mail women but simply find them online. Your question, instead, should be: «Do mail order brides still exist

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How do mail order brides work?

Women who wish to become mail order brides turn for help to international marriage or bride agencies. There they pass interviews, leave personal information, have photo sessions and get help with creating and maintaining their profiles on mail order bride sites. Some women, though, register on such websites independently.

Then they start their search and communicate with single men from all over the world. Once they find who they like, they first organize an online date (via a video call, for example), and then an offline date.

Single men register on mail order bride sites independently, and there they get access to thousands of girls.

Are mail order brides real?

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While there are many genuine mail order brides – single women who want to marry foreigners – there are also many scammers. How to know: is a mail order bride real or not?

  1. She has a verified profile on a mail order bride site
  2. She has many photos and doesn’t hide her face
  3. She has a detailed profile and well-written personal description
  4. She is available for texts, phone and video calls via a site

Mail order brides origins

In the old days, mail order brides were usually ladies from developing countries seeking husbands in developed states. Nowadays the spectrum of brides is much more diverse, as the research, based on what mail order bride sites offer, shows:

  • 48% of mail order brides come from the Russian Federation and Ukraine
  • 10% come from Thailand
  • About 7% are from the Philippines

The same research says that in 2001, around 500 marriage agency websites on the US mail order bride market were advertising 62,000 women from Russia. There were also thousands of other post-Soviet women listed on websites.

Globally, mail order brides come from:

  1. Post-Soviet countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc.)
  2. South Asia and Southeast Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, the Philippines)
  3. East Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Hong Kong)
  4. Latin America (Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico)
  5. Africa (Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya)
  6. Europe (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Portugal, Greece, Italy)

Now as you know what is mail order bride, you may still have some questions:


Why do women become mail order brides?

Each woman has a different reason to seek a husband abroad. She might have been unsuccessful in finding a compatible partner in her country, she may want to live and work abroad or she may simply want to find love no matter where it is.
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How much does a mail order bride cost?

First, you cannot buy a mail order bride – this industry is not about human trafficking but about finding a relationship partner. Second, it really depends – some men spend just $1,500 on finding a mail order bride, while others around $13,000-$15,000 as they love to give expensive gifts to women and prefer traveling to see them.
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Where to find a mail order bride?

You can find such a woman on a mail order bride site. There are free and paid websites. Latter provides a higher level of security, don’t have ads and have only real mail order brides profiles. You can find mail order bride sites via catalogs of such sites and with the help of reviews.
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Why do women would like to choose foreigners?

At the interview women often say that they would like to find wise men with their own preferences, hobbies, and own life vision. Of course, these ladies want to see well-off and wealthy men close. Due to hard work and permanent involvement in everyday issues, they don’t have time for searching for their love offline. Some just failed while looking for the potential husband among men in their home country. Such ladies believe that registering on the NewBrides.net website and seeking a partner there is the best decision in this case.

What are the advantages of marrying a foreign woman?

The first great thing about marrying a foreign girl is the ability to have beautiful children, especially if the representatives of different nationalities marry. On the other hand, you get a background for making the routine interesting due to the differences between you and your potential mate. Men in such marriage visit traditional events familiar to their women, taste exotic food cooked by their beloved ladies, and find out new facts about the things that have never even heard before creating this family.