The Best Country For Mail Order Brides: What Are The Options?

 The Best Country For Mail Order Brides: What Are The Options?

What is the best place to find a wife? Where should you search for women willing to start a family and raise children?

The short answer is that there is no single best country to meet a wife. Everything depends on what kind of women you like, what you expect from your potential spouse, which kind of mindset she should have, and so on. The extended answer: check out the most popular countries to meet a woman and decide what’s best for you!

The best place to find a wife

According to the Immigration and Human Rights Law Review, regions where most US fiancée visas were given in 2018 are:

  1. Asia: 6,317 from the Philippines, 1,785 from Vietnam, 837 from China, and 517 from India
  2. Eastern Europe: 751 from Ukraine and 465 from Russia
  3. Latin America: 1392 from Mexico, 869 from Colombia, and 723 from Brazil
  4. Africa: 613 from Nigeria and 198 from Ethiopia

The US fiancée visas do not show the exact number of mail order brides coming from each region and country. But their statistics give some understanding on which countries are most popular for finding spouses. Below we will look at each region in detail and see what makes them the best mail order bride countries.

popular mail order brides countries

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Eastern Europe

Mail order brides Eastern Europe

Women from this region make perfect wives. They are known as caring and loving mothers, great cooks and housewives, and, of course, seductive lovers. Learn more about each country in the region to find your love.


Russian women are very traditional when it comes to marriage. They expect men to be breadwinners while they are ready to take on all household chores and raising children. At the same time, Russian women are naturally beautiful and spend a lot of time on looking great. They love wearing attractive makeup and dressing up for fun. They are diverse – in Russia, you can find many Slavic blondes, Tatar or Kyrgyz brunettes, and so on. Who would not want such a beautiful wife? Russia is definitely one of the best places to meet women.


Ukrainian women are similar to those in Russia. However, they are associated more with Europe because of their values and worldview. Ukrainian brides are known to be extremely beautiful. They always invest in their appearance, stay healthy, and cook well. Ukrainian women often become heads of families as they have excellent management and planning skills. And they also know how to spend money wisely.


Belarus is another best country to find a wife. Women here are Slavic beauties with blonde and fair brown hair, blue, brown, and gray eyes. These women are smart and responsible. They are also good at cooking: potato and buckwheat are among the most popular foods in Belarus. A true Belarusian woman will be able to make a hundred dishes using these two simple ingredients. You will never stay hungry or bored with a Belarusian wife.


Mail order brides asia

Asia is gigantic. So is the choice of Asian mail order brides there. The most popular destinations to meet a wife in this region are East, Central, and South Asia. Let’s take a closer look at countries there.

The Philippines

Filipino women are the most caring and supportive wives on earth. These women grow in families with strong traditional values. Parents also teach children to care about the needs of loved ones more than of their own. No wonder Filipinas take so many caregiving jobs. If you marry a Philippine woman, you will never lack attention, love, and, of course, food.


Vietnamese women also have strong traditional values. Family is everything for them. Even if a Vietnamese girl travels abroad to study or work, she will be more than glad to return to her family. This is a sign that Vietnamese women are great at creating strong and loving families themselves. Also, they are extremely beautiful. With porcelain skin, plump lips, and jet-black hair, they make some of the most attractive females in the world. Vietnam is indeed one of the best places to find an Asian wife.


Men usually go to Thailand for fun – indeed, it’s a great place to spend vacations. However, you should consider Thailand if you want to find a perfect woman for marriage. Thai ladies are sexy, beautiful, kind, and warm-hearted. They can be shy in public but wild in the bedroom – marry a Thai woman if that’s your type.


China is another best country to meet a wife. Chinese women are eager to marry foreigners as the so-called cult of a white person is very strong in their society. Chinese women are demanding mothers and great partners. Of course, it might be challenging to adjust to somebody else’s culture. But it will be a great experience if you are an open-minded man who goes crazy about Asian beauty.


Honey-hued skin, jet-black hair, and a sparkle in the dark, intense eyes – that’s a description of Indian beauty. India is a huge country with a vast variety of women – there are many more brides than you think. In the past, it was difficult to find an Indian mail order bride: local parents usually arranged marriages for their children. Nowadays, you can easily marry an Indian girl, so don’t waste your chance!


This country in Central Asia is full of mesmerizing women with dark hair and Asian faces. Yet, the mentality of these ladies is more Slavic. Women in Kazakhstan speak Russian. They are stunning, well-educated, and, most importantly, eager to become wives and mothers. This is one of the countries whose mail order brides you should definitely check.

Latin America

mail order brides latin america

Another best place to find a wife? It’s definitely Latin America. Women in this region are passionate and fantastic lovers and exclusively great spouses. Let’s see what Latin America can offer for brides-seekers.


Mexican women are like no other Latin beauties. Having sun-kissed skin, black curls or straight hair, snow-white smiles, and savory figures, they are some of the most attractive Latinas. Mexican women are very hospitable and open-hearted. If you marry a Mexican woman, you will never feel bored.


Colombia is indeed one of the best countries for a foreign wife. Girls from Bogota, Medellin, and Cali are known to be very affectionate and playful, but they are also suitable for family life. Colombian mail order brides are hot, fun, and caring. Want to have a wife like Shakira? Look for her in Colombia.


Argentinian women are bombshells. They are very diverse – here, you can find voluptuous mulattos and European-like beauties. Argentinian mail order brides aren’t easy things. They love playing hot-and-cold games, testing men, and selecting the best of them for marriage. If you like challenges, look for a bride in Argentina.


Do you speak Portuguese? It’s a great bonus for you when looking for a wife in Brazil. Many women here speak English (and have that hot and cute accent). But it will be easier to conquer these hot brunettes if you can say at least a few words in their seductive language. Brazilian women are the best wives and caring mothers, but they will never be boring. Moreover, you will never guess the age of a Brazilian woman – they become only sexier with aging.


mail order brides africa

Africa is another popular destination to find a wife. Why? Because the women there are very beautiful and have strong family values. Choose the African country to start your searches.


Nigerian women are gorgeous. They are smart, beautiful, and very practical. If you want a practical wife – marry a Nigerian woman. She knows how to cook a lot and well, how to spend money and raise children. Nigerian women are very traditional and religious. Many Igbo and Yoruba ladies go to protestant churches. So if you are that kind of man – marrying a Nigerian mail order bride is the best option for you.

South Africa

South African beauties are diverse. Here, you can find women with dark, honey-hued, and white skin. Women with sultry bodies and slim figures. Women who are ready for a long-term commitment and starting their own family. South African ladies are wise and kind. They are open-minded to marrying foreigners, so do not miss your opportunity.

What is the best country for mail order brides?

Have you made your choice? Do you like Asian, Latin American, Eastern European, or African women? If yes, that’s great as half of the job is done! Now you need to find a suitable mail order bride website that focuses on a certain type of women. For example:

  • Asian mail order bride websites (have women from China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, as well as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh)
  • Slavic or Russian mail order bride websites (have a high number of women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other post-Soviet countries like Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.)
  • Latin mail order bride websites (here you can find women from Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Peru, and Panama)
  • African mail order bride sites (they are rarer, yet you can find many brides from Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Kongo, Egypt, and other African states)

There’s no single best country to find a wife. You only need to decide what kind of women attract you the most and what you want from this relationship. This is where you start your searches. Good luck! There’re many mail order brides from different countries waiting for someone like you!


Are there any dating websites where I can meet ladies from certain countries?

Yes, there are international dating websites where you can find girlfriend or brides who come from the desired country. The Internet offers many possibilities, and it is your call. A man can easily find a girl from Sweden, Ukraine, or China, as well as meet Indian, African, and Mexican beauties. Love has no borders, so international dating is a powerful tool.

Are mail order brides legal all over the world?

Mail order brides became popular long ago, and currently, many countries don’t prohibit international marriages. A man can freely take his lover to the homeland. You can read more about mail order bride regulations. In some states, there are specific laws that regulate online dating, but, in general, it’s an entirely legal process, and there is nothing wrong with international marriage.

Do I have to find different approaches to ladies of diverse nationalities?

Well, it would be nice if you research the cultural specificities before starting the communication with girls. In some countries, men are expected to take the first step. And the next phase of the relationship has to start right a couple of dates after the previous one. In other cultures, things have to be taken slowly. Thus, try to understand what your woman is like to avoid any misunderstandings.

In what country the best wives live?

There is no specific country with the best wives. The reason is that everyone has one’s own taste and preferences. Some guys might like skinny and dark-haired girls, and others would fancy curvy and blonde beauties. Views and cultural beliefs also play a significant role in relationships. So, a man has to decide himself a woman from which country fits the image of his perfect soulmate

Will the language barrier become an issue during the communication with international women?

Different languages are no longer a problem because there are professional translators on the dating websites who will gladly assist you. If two people have similar objectives, dreams, and views, nothing will stop them from communicating with each other. A man could try learning his lady’s language, and vice versa. There are plenty of ways to understand your partner, so don’t hesitate to contact new people.