Russian Mail Order Brides Cost: Everything About Pricing

 Russian Mail Order Brides Cost: Everything About Pricing

Money, whether you want it or not, is a massive part of every relationship. Regardless if it is an IRL relationship or dating online, there are expenses that you can’t avoid. Especially when you’re considering going into international dating with Russian ladies, budget is definitely one of the top things you need to consider.

Today, we’re going to make a comprehensive analysis of all costs and expenses that you can expect looking for a Russian bride. Knowing what Russian mail order brides cost usually helps to be prepared and make your spending wisely.

What makes Russian mail order brides cost?

First of all, let’s clarify the Russian mail order wife cost is not the price for a woman. Even though you meet a ‘mail order bride’ term quite often, you’re not actually ordering a bride delivered by mail. Obviously, the majority of people understand that, but still, we need to clear the air.

Usually, what you take as Russian order bride prices are all related expenses you have using an online dating site or traveling to Russia.

Main components of the final bride cost

mail order bride full price

Let’s start with the expenses that make Russian mail order brides cost.

Membership fee

Some online dating sites that you might stumble upon on the Internet will have multiple membership types. Free one gives access to the basic features, services, and other things offered on the platform. And VIP/Gold/Premium memberships open all additional services. Currently, the average cost of it is around $25 per month. Sometimes, platforms don’t have a membership fee but run on a pay-to-use service basis.

As a rule, professional dating sites are not providing their services for free. That means that you are paying for the services that you use. The majority of communication tools tend to be paid.

The average price will depend on the particular service you decide to use. For example, a minute of chat on some mail order brides sites, which is a great way to meet Russian women for marriage and dating, is two credits, with about $0,19 per credit in the biggest credit-package.

Travel expenses

If you decide to choose traveling to Russia instead of using a dating site or if you want to meet the gorgeous girl you are talking to online, you should think about travel expenses. Seeing your date IRL will add tickets, accommodation, leisure, and presents a cost to Russian mail order bride price. Those are variable, but the average round ticket from New York to Moscow costs around $600.

Documents & consulting

Creating an international family or going to another country to visit your partner requires document preparation. International and immigration laws may be quite tricky and hard to keep up with. That’s why to make the process less painful, you’ll need to pay for legal consulting. Besides, some agencies offer in-house assistance and prepare everything for you, but for an additional price.

Those for fields of expenses are the main ones. However, you can also add presents that you also spend on during the courtship period or even the price of your wedding. The final Russian mail order bride price is quite an abstract notion as a lot of the components are variable.

What influences Russian mail order brides prices?

influences Russian mail order brides influence

If you want to find cheap options for online dating, you should know that the biggest influence on the final Russian mail order wife cost is a price range of a dating site you choose to join. That’s why we recommend taking your time choosing a suitable platform. For instance, some legit Russian mail order brides sites offer credits in packages. The more credits you buy, the bigger discount you’ll have. Thus, on some websites, you can pay no more than $150 for about 750 credits. And many of them offer nice discounts on the first purchase.

What are you paying for on dating websites?

You can use the aforementioned credits to send and receive messages, exchanging mail, engaging in video or phone calls, and more. Premium features like having access to private photos and videos or VIP catalogs of girls require payment too. But everything depends on the website you decide to use.

Is it safe to buy a Russian bride with credit or debit cards?

Professional and legit Russian mail order brides sites value their reputation and strive to create a safe dating space for their members. They implement advanced anti-scam policies to ensure scam protection. Secure payment systems for safe on-site purchases. Besides, the majority of dating sites’ privacy policies state that your data will never be used by third-party websites, so you don’t need to worry about that either.

Can Russian mail order brides cost be cheap?

It all depends on what you consider to be a cheap Russian mail order wife cost. You can actually date online for free. However, we recommend staying away from free dating platforms as there is a huge chance of being scammed. To lower the final price, you can compare the costs of a couple of dating sites and choose the one that suits your budget. Always use reliable platforms that have professionally made sites and positive member feedback.

How to get the best value out of buying the Russian mail order bride?

buying the Russian mail order brid

Getting the best value of the price you spent using an online dating site is something that most members strive for. Here are some tips on spending your resources wisely and avoiding unnecessary expenses when trying to buy Russian wife:

  • Fill in questionnaires in detail, think about main preferences and desires for your future Russian girl for marriage. Going into detail will help you to get the most suitable matches.
  • Complete your profile. Don’t forget that women are choosing too. No Russian mail order bride will write to someone with no photo or any info on the profile. There are a lot of creepers online, so women can also be afraid of them.
  • Use the site regularly to see all new members or create a deeper bond with the girl you’ve already chosen.
  • Stay tuned for sales and seasonal bonuses. There are usually some welcome packages or regular sales to get credits or membership for cheap.

Those little things can help you save some money but expect the price of online dating to be free, as all quality services require payment.

5 reasons why Russian mail order wife cost is worth spending

If you’re still hesitating, here are some more reasons to think about marrying a Russian woman:

  1. Mind-blowing beauties — feminine, sexy body and natural beauty of Russian women are just irresistible.
  2. Loving mothers — a traditional quality of Russian mail order brides as they grow up learning that taking care of the loved ones and cherishing them is the most important thing in life.
  3. Supportive partners — knowing what to say, how to encourage and motivate seems to be in their blood. Russian girls for marriage have always inspired men worldwide.
  4. Positive attitude to life — even though women from Russian are not fake smiling to hide their emotions, they are very positive. They will never give up and don’t let you do so even if life gets hard.
  5. Ride-or-die for life — those beauties are very loyal. If a Russian girl chooses a partner for life, she will do her best to make the marriage work.

Final thoughts

Knowing what expenses to expect is always a good thing. It will help you to be ready and conquer the new field of your life easier. But regardless of the final Russian mail order wife cost, she is worth it, as she can make you the happiest husband and dad.